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Deadbeats: California State Athletic Commission stiffing Association of Boxing Commissions on money over MMA information access

By Zach Arnold | October 12, 2012

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When Che Guevara’s California State Athletic Commission decided to protect deadbeat promoters in Oxnard last month, no one could understand why the commission wouldn’t produce the $50,000 bondholder information so that fighters who got stiffed on money could recover their purses.

It turns out that Denise Brown, Doreathea Johnson, and Awet Kidane at the Department of Consumer Affairs in Sacramento can sympathize with the deadbeats… because they’re being accused of being deadbeats as well.

Last night, we posted this teaser online about the Association of Boxing Commissions getting fed up with Che Guevara & DCA over the athletic commission not paying fees that they owe.

On background, we talked with a source that has knowledge of a letter that ABC is sending to Sacramento regarding Che Guevara being a deadbeat to ABC in paying the bills. If you don’t pay your water bill, your water service gets cut off. If you don’t pay your electrical bill, the power gets cut off to your residence. Same deal here.

The source claims that ABC is fed up with CSAC not paying for the use of the MMA database (to check for suspensions and other sorts of information). ABC is also going after commissions who are not requiring promoters to register their events and pay the fee owed to ABC. This fits right in with everything we know about how Che Guevara & DCA operate CSAC. So, ABC is giving CSAC an ultimatum — pay your bills or get cut off from the database and have your state be considered as the wild west.

Our source claims that other athletic commissions, who are timely in paying the fees, are pissed off at Che Guevara & DCA because they are using the database without paying for access to it. Freeloaders.

“The commissions who pay their fees on a regular basis, rightfully so, are disappointed that [California] continues to use the database free while other pay for the service,” the source opined. “MMA, LLC the owners of the database, have invested many dollars to develop and maintain this database for the betterment of the sport and to be used as a tool not only to track fighters and approve fights, but protect the health, safety and welfare of each contestant.”

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3 Responses to “Deadbeats: California State Athletic Commission stiffing Association of Boxing Commissions on money over MMA information access”

  1. […] followed up with a report on the straw that broke the camel’s back for the ABC. Apparently, Che Guevara and the SAC […]

  2. Andy Foster is an experienced multi-disciplined fighter who has trained in Mixed Martial Arts since 1997. He is trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Aikido, Judo, Hapkido,Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Sambo, Kickboxing, and Boxing. Foster holds a MMA record of 17 – 2 (8-0 Amateur and 9-2 Professional – Pro- 2 KOs, 7 Submissions, 1 TKO, 1 Decision).[1] He has a 23-3 Amateur Boxing Record; 77-4-2 Sport Grappling Record; and 1-2 Amateur Kickboxing Record.

    This guy has trained in Muay Thai, MMA, Tae Kwon Do, and Kick Boxing but allows Muay Thai kids as young as five years old to strike the head. Also Tae Kwon Do/Karate fighters to kick the head with flying heel kicks and he says this sport is light contact and no need of CSAC regulation.

    He only requires Pro MMA fighters and Pro Boxers to get brain scanned. For there safety.

    Pro Kickboxers are not required to get brain scanned for there safety. They not only punch the head they Kick the head also. Way more damaging to the head.

    Amateur Kickboxers also do not get brain scanned.

    Amateur MMA fighters do not get scanned. They kick, punch, knee, elbow just as hard as a Pro MMA fighter and fight more times a year than a Pro MMA fighter. They also are subject to more knock outs than a Pro MMA fighter.

    He should know this is dangerous to continue.

    The worst thing he has ever done was put a cease and desist on Kids Pankration where no head strikes are allowed and all competitors wear protective gear. This cease and desist has been on Pankration since July 2013. He is allowing Muay Thai kids as young as 5 years old (November 9th in Sacramento) to continue, where they strike the head.

    Watch this video. This is a typical Muay Thai/Kickboxing Knockout and our State does not require a brain scan after the Knockout. This is why a Draka Kickboxer died in California at the Inglewood Forum.

    Greed before Safety in California

    This is what happens when you put an ex fighter in charge for the CSAC.


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