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Civil war: CSAC keeps George Dodd (against DCA wishes)

By Zach Arnold | June 26, 2012

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A few items of note from today’s tension-filled South El Monte, California CSAC hearing.

– All of the major bean counters from Department of Consumer Affairs were there. DCA wanted George Dodd out.

– The CSAC board voted to censure George Dodd and will have him continue as Executive Director under supervision.

– Attorneys were in the room not related to DCA. This caught the politicians by surprise.

– Public comment was held to three minutes per person. This didn’t go over well with a couple of people who wanted to speak. DCA officials were reportedly very upset by what took place in regards to what was discussed in public comment.

– There were various referees, judges, and other officials who spoke out in support of Dodd at today’s hearing. Whether DCA/CSAC thinks this was orchestrated by someone in the room or not, people did show up at today’s hearing to back Dodd. It caught DCA flat-footed.

– Dean Grafilo, Jerry Brown’s new appointment to the CSAC, voted during quorum on Dodd’s job status. He shouldn’t have… because he’s not been confirmed, yet, by the state Senate.

– What today’s decision means is that there are real cracks developing and people are not on the same page.

Josh Gross:

CSAC censured its EO George Dodd this afternoon for failing to inform the regulatory body of its insolvency. He retains his job, however.

CSAC retains its right to fire Dodd when it wants. Also, Dodd is instructed to work with the Dept. of Consumer Affairs to resolve the issue.

There was big outpouring of support for Dodd from officials and promoters, including @GoldenBoyBoxing and @GoossenTutor. Surely helped him.

It was nice, but that’s not what helped him necessarily… telling Dodd to work with DCA on the budget is like telling Dodd to have a fox guard a hen house. DCA is the one pulling the budget strings. The more people learn about DCA’s practices, the less juice they have in convincing outsiders that Dodd is acting as a lone wolf. Not a chance. DCA does not want to deal with a lawsuit from Dodd, considering they just got slapped with a retaliation & age discrimination lawsuit by someone of high credibility.

If you’ve followed all the inside baseball here with us for this civil war, you have a much better understanding about what is going on. DCA didn’t send their staff from Sacramento to El Monte to watch someone get a reprieve.

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18 Responses to “Civil war: CSAC keeps George Dodd (against DCA wishes)”

  1. edub says:

    Sorry to get off subject, but I figured everybody would like to discuss it: Another Conte trained athlete failed for PED’s. Marlon Byrd was suspended for tamoxifen. He, like Berto, said the product he was taking did not come from Conte.

    (Which makes me wonder; where the fuck did it come from?)

    • Weezy02 says:

      There are two options.

      1. Conte has continued his historical behavior (the type that made him extremely wealthy).

      2. You believe that he is a convicted felon that once made deception a habit but has stopped. He has also fallen on a recent bit of bad luck with two high profile athletes he advises being popped for illegal substances. This is merely a zany coincidence, though.

      I’ll leave it to the reader to determine which is more likely.

      • edub says:

        Obviously #1 is the most likely option, but both of his clients denied the products came from him. I see no real reason that they would protect him either, as it’s a built in excuse for both of them if he were to blame for their supplements (like shooting fish in a barrel). Their defense would be simple, “Conte tricked me into believing he was a clean trainer, and I did not know the supplements were enhanced”. They didn’t do that though which leaves the most logical explanation to be he didn’t give them the products. Which then leads down the road of why in the world did they take products not assigned by him?

        • Weezy02 says:

          Unless Conte knows information about them and their past that they would rather not be leaked to the public. The threat of that could certainly affect behavior. In that scenario it would be easier just to blame it on some unseen third party or “tainted supplement” from elsewhere.

        • edub says:

          Some information that is going to be worse than the tainted supplement defense? When it would be their word against the threat of a man (which is extremely hypothetical in the first place) who was the head of Balco, and countless other connections (including the downfall of basically an entire era of baseball to some)?

          That doesn’t pass the smell test either.

          Also I will also point out that Conte’s history is with drugs not being detected. I’m in no way saying he’s definitely not opposed to altering products, but as much as he knows about PED’s and testing you can bet that Nandrolone wouldn’t be a part of anything he used.

      • Weezy02 says:

        Fair enough. Agree to disagree. Conte’s job of evading detection would be more difficult now without the tools he once owned and the resources he once had(services of Patrick Arnold, etc..). Again, one is left to speculate whether Mr. Conte either:

        – just has continued terrible luck in regard to fate continuously tying him in with cheaters (while he remains above reproach)


        – There’s a bit of fire where there is smoke.

        I’m definitely not trying to convince you or anything. Well meaning people can disagree, as we do here. The whole thing basically boils down to whether his guilt or innoncence is more probable. The court of public opinion will have its say.

        • edub says:

          We will definitely have to agree to disagree, but those aren’t the only two possibilities. There’s also the option that people don’t want to pay him money anymore and are skirting around his high prices for supplements (essentially trying to get the same thing from people/companies under less of a watch). There are a few other possibilities as well.

          “The whole thing basically boils down to whether his guilt or innoncence is more probable. The court of public opinion will have its say.”

          But that’s part of the problem wouldn’t you say? It is guilty until proven innocent in his case because of his past (in the court of public opinion). No matter if most recent evidence points to other options being possible.

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