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What’s missing on the job application for Executive Officer slot at CSAC

By Zach Arnold | August 14, 2012

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This was posted online yesterday and the Department of Consumer Affairs is using a 10-day application process time frame.

At the end of the application notice, I’ll note something of importance.

$6,922-$7,485 (per month)

The Executive Officer is hired by the Board and serves at its pleasure. The Executive Officer is responsible for carrying out the policies of the 7-member CSAC and for planning, organization and directing the activities of the CSAC in the areas of Administration, Examinations, enforcement, and Education. The Executive Officer maintains and enforces the overall policies established by the CSAC relating to CSAC programs, under the authority of Business and Professions Code Sections 18600-18618. The position is exempt from civil service and is located in Sacramento, California.

All applicants should possess the following desirable qualifications:

  • Administrative experience; e.g., ability to prepare, understand and work with a government budget, development of regulations, policy development and implementation, etc.
  • Demonstrated supervisory experience, including the ability to organize and control the flow of work and manage professional and clerical staff within an office.
  • Regulatory and/or enforcement experience such as processing complaints, monitoring investigations, keeping abreast of hearings on disciplinary matters, etc.
  • Legislative or lobbying experience/coordination, including appearing before legislative committees.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Knowledge of current issues facing the CSAC.
  • Knowledge of current consumer issues in the licensed profession.
  • Working knowledge of athletic events regulated by the CSAC.
  • Experience working with and/or in taking direction from a board or committee.
  • A baccalaureate degree from a WASC comparable accredited school and preferably an advanced or professional degree.

Interested persons should submit a resume/CV by 5 PM, August 24, 2012 to:

Department of Consumer Affairs
Office of Human Resources
1625 North Market Street, Suite N-321
Sacramento, CA 95834
Attn: Sheila Braverman
Or via email: [email protected]

All applications will be screened and only the most qualified candidates will be scheduled for a preliminary interview. It is anticipated that interviews will be held during September and October, 2012. Travel expenses for these interviews are the responsibility of each candidate. For further information, please contact Jeffrey Sears, DCA Personnel Officer, at (916) 574-8300.

The Department of Consumer Affairs provides equal employment opportunities to all regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, marital status, disability, religious or political affiliation, age or sexual orientation.

A couple of points that should be focused on regarding this application:

  1. DCA claims that the Executive Officer is ‘hired by the Board and serves at its pleasure.’ And, yet, what they don’t say in the application is that when the CSAC board does pick a candidate, there’s recent history indicating that DCA officials will come in and either tell the Board to accept or reject a candidate. See: E.O. candidate Pat Russell, who then-DCA boss Brian Stiger told the CSAC Board was not an acceptable candidate for the job.
  2. DCA wants an E.O. with a degree from a WASC comparable accredited school and an advanced or professional degree. Really? That didn’t stop them from promoting Che Guevara to the slot of Chief Athletic Inspector, which is the top job for CSAC in terms of duties out in the field running regulation for events.
  3. DCA claims that they will screen the applicants and that ‘only the most qualified candidates will be scheduled for a preliminary interview.’ Does that sound like the CSAC Board is able to pick who they want to be a finalist or does that sound like the Department of Consumer Affairs is making sure that they ensure that only people they think they can control are allowed to be hired for CSAC?

One other interesting factor to keep in mind — the two CSAC members who are now part of the Board’s ‘hiring committee’ are not John Frierson and Eugene Hernandez, the CSAC Chair & Vice Chair. Instead, it’s now Dr. Van Buren Ross Lemons and … Governor Jerry Brown’s latest appointee, Dean Grafilo, the former SEIU representative. The new guy is now in charge of the ‘hiring committee’ on CSAC after DCA filters out who they want to get hired for the job?

Powerful political leaders in both the state Senate and the Assembly are preparing to delve into what is going on with CSAC and how DCA has messed things up. Can’t wait to see Denise Brown, Awet Kidane, and members of DCA’s legal department face the music at the Capitol about what has been going on — especially with the neurological fund.

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5 Responses to “What’s missing on the job application for Executive Officer slot at CSAC”

  1. rabies says:

    With all due respect, all this now over a job posting over details such as position “requirements” just comes off as nitpicking. The DCA will ultimately decide on whomever they want as EO whether they follow their own hiring criteria or not.

  2. RST says:

    “…and try to change the system.”


    One thing that california got right is the recognition that YOU HAVE TO GET INVOLVED to expect any change of things!

    If you have the capability,
    and you just CHOOSE not to do anything aboot it,
    then you dont really have a right to complain aboot it.

    (And then they got everything else wrong…)

  3. Dave says:

    So, you are applying, right Zach?

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