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The obligatory Dana White ‘apology’ video

By Zach Arnold | April 3, 2009

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Update: The apology video has now been yanked, but USA Today transcribed what White said in the video clip. Someone has put the Dana White apology video on Sendspace (download link here).

He chose the “if I offended anyone” route. The fact that I merely point this out will guarantee me 50 hate comments and message board heat all over the Internet. This video message was also kept at a minimum in terms of who White apologized to — nothing about Loretta Hunt, who was the target of Dana’s wrath in the first place. Give him points for consistency, at least. Ivan Trembow points out the obvious:

(White) even offers a justification of sorts for his words against (Loretta) Hunt by saying, “Anybody who knows me knows that I would never, ever maliciously attack someone who wasn’t attacking me.” So if he perceives that someone is attacking him, then it’s okay for him to say all of those things that he said about Hunt?

Since ESPN is covering this story on their news ticker and Around the Horn host Tony Reali is an MMA fan, the chance that this story pops up on either ATH or Pardon the Interruption on Friday is probably a good bet to make. Plus, it should be noted that even though ESPN outsources most of their MMA coverage to Sherdog, the fact is that an attack on a Sherdog writer now will get the attention of ESPN — which is not a good thing for UFC.

Dana’s new video has been combined with a video message from Nashville:

Dave Meltzer is reporting the following tonight:

*White will be doing no more video blogs

*White has pulled out of doing a reality show based on his life that was scheduled to start filming

*He is going to cut back greatly on dealing with the media and greatly reduce his public role in the company

I expect that all of these bullet points will have an expiration date. A short one, likely.

One other salient point to make about the development of media coverage on this story — if it wasn’t for GLAAD and their organized set-up of contacting media outlets and getting the message out, this story would have never been picked up by the mainstream media. Perhaps Alex Marvez would have discussed it on Fox Sports without GLAAD talking about it, but once GLAAD started zeroing on this then everything else started to fall into place.

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52 Responses to “The obligatory Dana White ‘apology’ video”

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