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A samping of feedback from UFC fans on Dana White’s YouTube rant

By Zach Arnold | April 3, 2009

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I am posting this because I have been building up our presence on social networking sites to try to expand our reach to a new set of MMA fans. In other words, broaden the base.

When the Dana White YouTube issue broke, I figured that the sentiments would be somewhat in favor of Dana for what he said or didn’t say. What I didn’t expect was that amongst most casual MMA/UFC fans, the support for Dana would be as vociferous as it was/is and how much heat is being dished towards Loretta Hunt. Out of the hundreds of comments I’ve gotten on this story, I would say the split is about 80/20 in favor of Dana — and not just in favor of him, but a real personal backlash towards Loretta Hunt, ‘the media’, and a complete dismissal of the issue she brought up in the first place (UFC allegedly not credentialing certain agents/managers backstage at events — a claim that Dave Meltzer is now publicly saying Loretta may not be so wrong about after all).

One other observational note — I’ve noticed that the most vociferous supporters of Dana on this story have been women, not men.

Here is a sampling of some of the reaction I’ve received on this story:

Shannon Martin

I personally think anyone who talks shit about Dana white after everything he has done for the ufc is a peice of SHIT!!!There would be no ufc if it wasn’t for him!!

Glenn Williamson

so dana… tell us how you really feel? wouldnt have it been great if she was actually sitting right there in the room with him?

Suzy Cooper

I love Dana with my whole heart but I don’t think the entire world needs to always know what is on his mind… I hate the media for that very matter. I hate the fact that he is always saying something to piss everyone off! I hate the fact that the media feeds off his every word like sucker fish at the bottom of a scummy lake. It goes both ways in my book. He should keep his thoughts reserved and spare all of us fighters the grief of what we do for a living and spare the MMA World ridicule from outsiders who don’t understand our sport! MMA is the center for debate all around the world, not just here in America… I once heard from a wise person that stupid people say shit and wise people keep their mouths shut! Don’t fall into snares where people lure you in and be the bigger boy and walk away!

John Gifford

While I’m normally all for White’s outspokenness, there are times he needs to think before he speaks.

Name redacted (female)

Dana is human, if someone pissed me off that bad I would “speak” on it too. I saw the video and you know what, I think he has balls of steel to fight off publicity that are false. He has the right to say what he thinks, at least he isn’t afraid to say it. Everyone has opinions, good for you Dana for saying what is on your mind. People may not agree with it, and I am sure Loretta’s feelings are hurt. Im sure it was in the heat of the moment, will he regret it later? Who knows. At least he has the balls to say what is on his mind and defend his organization. On a positive note, Loretta Hunt’s name will be in the thoughts of many for a while to come. Publicity is publicity, good or bad, she got her name out there more. ultimately it won’t damage her career, people will take notice on what she writes for a while now. As for Dana, he is a cool cat and has emotions like everyone else.

James Breazeale

Dana White is the man Loretta Hunt is the bad person here shes the one who was talkin shit, all im sayin is Loretta Hunt got what she deserved.

Ryan Valdez

gotta be honest here guys, dana did what anyone would do if someone was publicizing shit that wasnt true or mad you look like an ass when your not! i think if you want to isolate things, dana is a hot head, dana can be a dick and talk lot like a tailor trash punk… BUT he made the UFC what it is and is a AMAZING business man, he has to be a dick to push down doors and get what the company needs, thats why he is not fired lol dont you guys get that lol you ever work with a big douche who is GREAT at his job and they wont fire him cause of it? they make a show like that called “HOUSE” hahaha, if you want to shit talk a BIG company with a dick at the head of it, better put your GLOVES ON and bring the FACTS!!! DING DING! stop being pussies people.


I don’t think it’s particularly fair to attack him for what he said during a heated rant. Perhaps the rant itself may have been out of place and unnecessary but I have heard plenty of decent people have similar things come out of their mouths in the heat of the moment. Someone is taking this and running with it because in this day and age the slightest politcally incorrect comment is fuel for a media wildfire backlash because they have nothing better to do.


He said what he felt so therefore i don’t feel he need say more on the subject.

Here is Sherdog’s official media statement in response to everything that has happened in the past 72 hours.

Jason Bent has an article on this story, bringing everything home full-circle.

Dana White knows that the UFC fighters are scared of him. There are abused children who fear spilling Daddy’s bourbon less than there are fighters who are willing to even raise an eyebrow at Dana White. Jon Fitch knows all about this, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if Fitch was brought in and forced to kiss Dana’s bare ass in much the same way that Randy Marsh had to kiss Jesse Jackson’s on an episode of ‘South Park.’

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64 Responses to “A samping of feedback from UFC fans on Dana White’s YouTube rant”

  1. Ivan Trembow says:

    45 Huddle— I would say that I am the one who has the substance in our little “debate,” if one wants to call it that. If I’ve been lol’ing a bit too often, it’s because in the past few days you have been almost non-stop with the lol-worthy statements, many of which I am shocked that you have even tried to say with a straight face.

    • You are the one who said it was refreshing for the president of a major company to go on a tirade like that.
    • You are the one who said that only a gay person would be offended by the use of the other f-word.
    • You are the one who argued that the other f-word is nothing like the n-word, then added, “And the only reason why people can’t say n#gger anymore is because people like Jesse Jackson and the other racist idiots out there demand it not be used against blacks.”
    • You are the one who argued that if some gay people sometimes use the other f-word (as some black people sometimes use the n-word), that should make it okay for you as a non-gay person to use the other f-word, too.
    • You are the one who has chided other posters on Fight Opinion in the past for the occasional curse-word, only to take the position that Dana White didn’t say anything over the line when he directed dozens of curse-words at a journalist in a publicly posted tirade.
    • You are the one who apparently thinks that it’s okay to talk to women the way Dana White talked to Loretta Hunt, as you’ve argued that he didn’t say anything out of line and that she should be in a different line of work if she can’t handle being talked to like that.
    • You are the one who has continually tried to frame this issue in the same third-grader mentality that Dana White did, which was, “Well, she attacked me, so of course I attacked her,” completely oblivious to the fact that one “attack” was a journalist writing a news story (a news story Meltzer subsequently confirmed), while one “attack” was the president of a company going on an incredibly unprofessional tirade against a journalist.
    • You are the one who continues to cling to the idea of Loretta Hunt’s story being without merit, as if that would in any way justify Dana White’s tirade even if that was the case.

    So, I’m sorry for lol’ing so much, but you have made it extremely difficult for me to stop myself from doing so.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    Ivan, you got some issues man.

    1. It is refreshing. Many people think that, not just me. Not all share in that opinion, but enough do.

    2 & 3. I haven’t just said that. I have also pointed out gay’s who use that word freely in a negative fashion. And yes, if they don’t want the word used by others, they shouldn’t use it themselves. Doctor Bill Cosby has discussed this at length with the N Word. Basically, it can’t be a two way street, and it is stupid for a sub culture to pretend it can be. It’s not like I’m pull that idea out of my behind.

    4. We shouldn’t be swearing at each other. Keep it content related. But I’m never offended by it. If you notice, I typically ignore it the first few times.

    5. If Dana White called Sam Caplan an @sshole, nobody would be complaining. In fact, Dana White has sworn at a lot of guys before on the video blogs. You have never complained about that before. That is sexist of you. Why are you only complaining about it now that it’s a female reporter?

    6. I’ve never taken that stance. I’ve said she deserved it. And I’ve already proven she has left out facts from the story. Not to mention Sherdog has a history of really garbage reporting. This isn’t an isolated incident.

    7. So far it has shown to not have much merit. Pav has said things that she did not include. Monte Cox said it’s not a big deal. Sam Caplan said he didn’t think it was newsworthy.

    I’m only responding because you feel the need to attack. But seriously, get a life. I’ve backed up my statements, whether you agree with them or not. You are just coming after me now.

  3. Alan Conceicao says:

    You guys are still responding to 45 with any seriousness? Why? The only dude more blatant is that Grimes guy who’s talking about “homonazis”.

  4. 45 Huddle says:

    Once Again, Alan has nothing to add. Just to bash.

  5. Alan Conceicao says:

    LOL, well, yeah. You’re basically arguing defending the use of the n-word as a descriptor for black folk based on an intentional misinterpretation of a Bill Cosby quote, and Ivan is writing novels in response. Is there something I need to add?

  6. 45 Huddle says:

    Here is a concept for you. If you have nothing to add, then just don’t post at all.

    Crazy concept… I know. But try it sometime.

  7. Alan Conceicao says:

    If Zach wants to ban me for pointing out and laughing at the obvious, he can do that any time. I’m guessing defense of racial slurs as acceptable discourse would probably accomplish that first.

  8. 45 Huddle says:

    I defended my position. Whether you agree with it or not.

    You, as always, just like to put down others and “laugh at the obvious”.

    But hey, if your life is that sad that you need to do that online in order to feel better about yourself, then by all means go ahead. It’s obvious that is what is happening. And I would hate to get in the way of your tiny moments of self esteem building for the day.

    I will continue to post my opinions, and defend them. People won’t always agree, and I am fine with that. But at least I’m not sorry enough of a person that I need to use a website and message board to build up my self esteem by putting down others.

    And for that, I pity you. I honestly do.

    That is my last comment on this thread. I’m not coming back to it. I’ve said what I needed to say.

  9. Alan Conceicao says:

    Your opinions are awesomely obvious to be trolls. When I argue with your points, its because I’m bored. In this case, I’m complementing you. Look at all the replies! Either you are a massive bigot or you’re trolling. I have a pretty good guess which it is, based on the evidence.

  10. robthom says:

    Ivan, I’m actually referring to this post from fightsport (I wasn’t even aware or the sherdog leak), from 9/15/05:

    By Josh Grossman

    A fan’s humorous parody of the UFC reality show and what appears to be its percieved strategy of appealing to the upper class homosexual demographic.

    My sources in Vegas are telling me the following spoilers for future episodes, and the finale, of ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Season Two’:

    1.) Keith Jardine severly beats Seth Petruzilli, and Rashad Evans beats Mike Whitehead.

    2.) Luke Cummo beats Anthony Torres and Sam Morgan.

    3.) Jorge Gurgel’s knee becomes a problem, preventing him from making it to the final.

    Heavyweight final:
    Rashad Evans vs. Brad Imes

    Welterweight final:
    Joe Stevenson vs. Luke Cummo

    Discuss this at

    posted by Fightsport #3:49 AM

  11. Ivan Trembow says:

    Rob— FightSport was never a credentialed media outlet, so that would have had nothing to do with the UFC pulling the credentials of MMA web sites that did have credentials. Also, that was not a post by Josh Gross. “Josh Grossman” was just an alias that FightSport used, just as FightLinker sometimes has articles by “name that is just like Thomas Gerbasi except we changed his last name a little bit.” That doesn’t mean that Josh Gross or Thomas Gerbasi had anything to do with those articles on FightSport or FightLinker, respectively.

  12. robthom says:

    Your absolutely right Ivan about fightsport not being a legit news source, and no it was not josh gross but just more fightsport subversive pranking.
    But never the less the leak proved correct a few weeks later, and the press credentials where pulled about a week after this post spread like wildfire on MMA.TV where the fightsport members posted regularly. Which is why I always assumed that this was the actual reason for the initial media “lockdown” in ’05.

    But I wasn’t there behind the scenes, this is only the impression I got from what was available on the web. Just putting it out there to explain why I’ve been under this impression.

  13. Ivan Trembow says:

    Rob— No problem, I understand why you would think that, but “FightSport” and “the MMA media” were viewed as two separate things by Zuffa. In fact, what angered Zuffa so much was primarily the fact that the non-obedient MMA media had the gall to write after the first Ultimate Fight Night that the main event (Marquardt vs. Salaverry) turned into a complete snoozefest. As it turns out, there would be dozens more examples in recent years of the UFC reacting very, very badly to criticism. Dana White’s rant against Loretta Hunt is another example of that as well.


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