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Archive for December, 2005

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New Year’s Eve: Blackout

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

I hope all of you (whether you are in Tokyo, Sydney, New York, London, or elsewhere) had a good New Year’s Eve. After doing 7 hours of PBP for the PRIDE Man Festival 3 show, a major storm hit the area that I live at and caused a massive power outage. 70,000 residents of approximately […]

viewing of pride otoko matsuri&dynamite from a Japanese fan

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

Hello(= Konnichiwa) everyone reading it I’m Tetsuya Sano:I’m a pro-wrestling&kakutougi(=martial arts) fan and amateur fighter(9matches 6wins 3loses:kickboxing and shootboxing) living in Shizuoka, Japan I’ll write down opinion of two new year’eve events in Japanese If you are ok,please use translator and read it. 個人的に入り込んで見ていたのは Dynamite!の須藤×KIDと五味×マッハでしょうか。 前者は須藤さん贔屓、後者はマッハ贔屓で……って二人とも負けちゃいましたね…… 須藤さん惜しかったと思うんですけどね……。 距離を大きくとって変則な動きからミドルキック打って離脱 んで、KIDさんがじれてミドルキック出すのを待って 戻しが結構遅いので引き際にタックルに入るって戦法かな? って考えてたのでその通りだったらかなりいい具合にことは運んでたんですけどね… 上にも意識を散らすための左パンチにカウンター合わされちゃいましたからね…。 でもとめるのちょっとだけ早すぎない?と。 後者の試合はスタンドに重点が置かれると思ったら マッハさんの首投げを五味さんが上手く崩して(あと場所もロープ際だったから) […]

New Year’s Eve (Preview)

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

I watched the PRIDE 12/31 Saitama Super Arena show on the Japanese feed. If you want results, go to the Puroresu Power web site. Likely, if you are reading this, you’re trying to avoid spoilers, so let me give you a personal preview of what you can expect or look forward to on the upcoming […]

PRIDE/DSE Planning To Hold Openweight Tournament For 2006!

Friday, December 30th, 2005

Last Monday (12/26) PRIDE General Manager Nobuhiko Takada revealed the idea of holding an Openweight grand prix next year, to finally determine who the best fighter in the world really is. “Next year, our goal is to host an Open-Weight GP. For a long time, everyone has wanted to see this. Just get rid of […]

Royce Gracie Declares Settlement Of Dispute With DSE

Friday, December 30th, 2005 is reporting that Royce Gracie and DSE have settled their on-going dispute over a breach of contract earlier today. Royce Gracie posted a statement regarding his contract disute with Dream Stage Entertainment on the internet this afternoon. Here is the dialogue as posted on Dear my Japanese fans, I had been in dispute […]

Memo to TNA: Some Notes for 2006

Friday, December 30th, 2005

By Sheldon Goldberg December 30, 2005 In a year of pro wrestling with not much to be happy about, perhaps the brightest story of 2005 has been TNA getting a spot on Spike TV and generating respectable ratings. As both a fan and a promoter, it is critical that TNA succeed. Pro wrestling desperately needs […]

R.I.S.E Kickboxing 1/29 Card; Amateur Tournament

Friday, December 30th, 2005

In conjunction with their R.I.S.E XXII show at the Golds Gym in Tokyo on 1/29, the promotion recently announced an amatuer tournament under the name "KAMINARIMON" to recruit potential fighters for 2006. The tournament will take place before the actual R.I.S.E XXII show at the Golds Gym in Tokyo. Entrants will need to be pay […]

Top 10 draft for pro-wrestlers

Thursday, December 29th, 2005

In an update to our post (Drafting wrestlers for a new company), Ivan Trembow has a new post today revealing what Pro Wrestling Torch readers voted on for their Top 10 draft for professional wrestlers. In my eyes, here’s a money quote from Ivan’s post: Edge is in a constant cycle of being punished by […]

PRIDE Online Vote Results; Gomi Takes MVP 2005

Thursday, December 29th, 2005

In an online vote on the official PRIDE website, "The Fireball Kid" Takanori Gomi took MVP Of The Year 2005 ahead of his PRIDE lightweight tournament final fight against Hayato Sakurai on 12/31. A ceremony was held in his honor at a Tokyo hotel on 12/28 where he was presented with a trophy. Gomi was […]

Ad Campaign

Thursday, December 29th, 2005

I want to thank some people who helped us out in setting up the new web site and giving us ideas of how to integrate tools for interactivity. First and foremost, Joe and Wiggly at Smart Wrestling Fan are tremendously smart people when it comes to technology and multimedia. Wiggly helped me try to create […]

More on MMA legislation in California

Thursday, December 29th, 2005

One day after a major Los Angeles Times article on MMA becoming legal in California, the Los Angeles Daily News has an article in their Thursday paper written by Harrison Sheppard. Sheppard’s report starts out with this interesting news item: California State Athletic Commission director Armando Garcia said mixed martial arts events technically became legal […]

Bas Rutten makes PRIDE predictions

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

Bas Rutten makes his predictions for the 2005 Man Festival. Most interesting paragraph from his predictions article: Nakamura/Kondo Nakamura is a star on the rise, but Kondo faced more opponents in MMA and fought better guys, so you would think that Kondo is going to do it. Than again, Nakamura is getting better and better […]

Match order for PRIDE show

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

Here is the likely match order for the 12/31 Saitama Super Arena show (starts at 3 PM with undercard fights taped but goes live on Fuji TV at 6 PM): Ken Kaneko vs. Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett James Thompson vs. Giant Silva Emelianenko Alexander vs. Pawel Nastula Emelianenko Fedor vs. Zulu Welterweight Tournament Finals: Dan […]

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