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Barry Melrose endears himself to the MMA audience

By Zach Arnold | August 31, 2008

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America’s favorite TV hockey personality tells it like it is about the state of the NHL:

I think toughness is leaving our game, and I hope that people realize it’s wrong. I hate to mention this, but the fastest growing sport in the world is ultimate fighting. We’ve got that as part of our game. To act ashamed of that has been wrong of the NHL for a lot of years. You can say you don’t like fighting or you love fighting, but it creates conversation. It creates energy and excitement.

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5 Responses to “Barry Melrose endears himself to the MMA audience”

  1. Razzle says:

    That’s cool and all, but why do so many people still call it ultimate fighting ?

  2. IceMuncher says:

    Because the UFC is the Kleenex of the MMA world. Brilliant job on their part.

  3. David says:

    It sucks, I know.. that’s why our job as educated fans is to teach people!

  4. fightopinionReader says:

    I am both an mma and nhl fan. I don’t like fighting in hockey. The sports have a different set of skills. I don’t like adding the fighting skill set to the game of hockey.

  5. Grape Knee High says:

    Oh my god, Barry Melrose is and always has been a complete moron.

    Fighting has no business in hockey. Nor does the game not being overrun with shitty muckers and grinders and goons mean that toughness is leaving the game.

    He is a dinosaur.


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