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Rio Fight Club event tomorrow

By Zach Arnold | February 27, 2008

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Press release

buy the show @

full card @

Brazilian Top Team, Nova União, Gracie Barra Combat Team, Black House, Gracie Fusion, Renovação Fight Team and Tata Fight Team are the squads. The fighters have experience inevents like Shooto Japan and Brazil, ZST, Deep, Mo Team League, Fury FC, European VT and the polemic Rio Heroes. But who are the fighters that will battle at Rio Fight Club? A few are newcomers, but others have much more experience than you can imagine. So for details of some of them, take a look on the pre-fight video interviews for the show scheduled for February 28th.

Aloísio ‘Dado’ Barros (Gracie Barra CT/5W-5L/lightweight/ZST vet.)

Luis ‘Beição’ Ramos (Nova União/9W-4L/welterweight/Deep winner)

Danilo Moto-Serra (Gracie Fusion/10W-5L/cruiserweight/Fury FC competitor)

Julian ‘Jabá’ Soares (RFT/3W-6L-2D/lightweight/Shooto Brazil competitor)

Willian Vianna (TFT/7W-3L/lightweight/2x Rio Heroes champion)

Marcos ‘Bicudo’ Maciel (BTT/2W-1L/lightweight/Shooto Brazil vet.)

Leandro ‘Brodinho’ Issa (Gracie Fusion/3W-1L/featherweight/Fury FC vet.)

Fabio ‘Larvinha’ Oliveira (TFT/0W-1L/lightweight/Rio Heroes vet.)

Willians ‘Parrudinho’ Porfírio (BTT/1W-1L/featherweight/Shooto Brazil vet.)

More info @ –

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3 Responses to “Rio Fight Club event tomorrow”

  1. The Marduk says:

    ZST veteran Aloisio Barros against Julian Soares will rock!

  2. Zack says:

    Anyone know the rule set?

  3. Olivar Leite says:

    I’m the ring announcer of the show. The rules will be identical to UFC’s one.


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