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K-1 World MAX 2008 Final 16

By Zach Arnold | February 27, 2008

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4/9 Hiroshima Prefectural Gym card line-up:

  1. Masato vs. Virgil Kalakoda
  2. Buakaw Por Pramuk vs. Albert Kraus
  3. Andy Souwer vs. Mike Zambidis
  4. Yoshihiro Sato vs. Murat Direkci
  5. Drago vs. GORI
  6. Artur Kyshenko vs. Jordan Tai
  7. Rosario Presti vs. Warren Stevelmans
  8. Chi Bin-Lim vs. Yasuhiro Kido


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3 Responses to “K-1 World MAX 2008 Final 16”

  1. ttt says:

    the first three fights on the list should be great. K-1 MAX might be some rigged concotion of FEG, but the righters still put on good fights. Yodsaenklai will be fighting Andy Souwer on March 2nd too, many people are looking forward to that event to see how good Yods really stacks up

    why is K-1 pushing HIROYA so much … they even setup that tournament for him on NYE and he couldn’t win

  2. ilostmydog says:

    They are pushing Hiroya so that they have a replacement for Masato when he retires.

  3. tine says:

    but take a look at fight videos of hiroya…for his age, he has gd potential ya…
    ya…look forward to the first 3 fights…but i wonder how buakaw will fight a punching specialist like Kraus..kraus was the first guy who knock him down in his career..


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