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Friday night fights: Heat-up for Kimbo vs. Tank

By Zach Arnold | February 15, 2008

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  1. Sherdog: Cuban’s HDNet Fights enters Couture-UFC war
  2. UFC HP: Tim Boetsch vs. Matt Hamill added to UFN 4/2 card (full card line-up here)
  3. MMA California: 2008 California State Pankration Championships
  4. 15 Rounds (Gary Herman): EXC Miami event predictions
  5. Fox Sports: Kimbo, Antonio Silva expected to win at Miami event
  6. Dave Meltzer: Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott an old-school showdown
  7. Kevin Iole: Antonio Silva has XXXXL expectations
  8. Todd Martin (CBS Sports): WEC & EXC pursue different paths to success
  9. AOL (The Fanhouse): ‘Fighting Fedor’ reality series a bad idea
  10. The Springfield State Journal-Register (Illinois): Matt Hughes makes triumphant return to Assembly Hall in Champaign
  11. The Independent (Ireland): Is Setanta Sports about to be purchased by Disney? (UFC currently has a deal with Setanta)
  12. Bloody Elbow: Brock Lesnar — bigger than Kimbo Slice, bigger than Chuck Liddell
  13. Gambling 911: Kimbo Slice -450 odds across the board
  14. MMA Junkie: Frank Trigg’s fight breakdown of Tank vs. Kimbo
  15. 411 Mania: Alexandre Franca Nogueira to sign with WEC
  16. MMA HQ: Elite XC – Street Certified preview
  17. MMA Analyst: Quick and dirty preview of EXC Street Certified event
  18. Total MMA: Bob Sapp interview (talking about the issue of race in Japanese marketing)

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2 Responses to “Friday night fights: Heat-up for Kimbo vs. Tank”

  1. Chuck says:

    Great piece on Bob Sapp. If you didn’t laugh reading about the dildo made of “his likeness” and being compared to a horse, then you need your head checked.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    Tim Sylvia a little while ago complained how Brock Lesnar was getting paid more then him. He then talked about how Monte Cox was part of M-1, yada, yada, yada….

    And he has basically done two things with this interview he did.

    1. He made Monte Cox look like a fool. Because Cox had said in the past that his managing of fighters and his role as CEO of M-1 would not have a conflict of interest.

    2. Now that Dave Meltzer is reporting that UFC 81 had a preliminary estimate of 600,000 PPV Buys, it shows how much selling power that Brock Lesnar has to the general public (or at least Pro Wrestling Public). Which means he was worth every cent, if not more. And definitely more then Tim Sylvia, would couldn’t sell out a gym with his name value alone, even if he was paying for people to come….


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