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Friday news & notes: Nick Diaz and dirty urine samples

By Zach Arnold | September 13, 2007

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Mark Cuban said he would have a surprise name for his ‘Inside MMA’ HDNet debut show (hosted by Bas Rutten & Kenny Rice w/ Kevin James). The surprise name is Chuck Liddell.

Quietly, the IFL stock is remaining under $0.50/share. Both the IFL and Pro Elite have new SEC filings. Anything of note from the filings?

CBC News in Canada is reporting that Vancouver is about to make a determination as to whether or not they should continue to sanction MMA. Vancouver is also Canadian headquarters for BodogFight, which ran TV tapings in late August in the area. More on the story here and here.

Alabama attorney general Troy King is about to determine if ‘cage fighting’ is legal or illegal.

The Fightlinker special – MMA and sex offenders.

Steve Sievert reports that Frankie Edgar has signed a three-fight extension with UFC.

More fun with Nick Diaz. Adam Morgan takes note of Diaz’s claim that he gave “dirty piss tests” all the time. Is that so?…

Teammate of K-1 fighter Rickard Nordstrand, Jorgen Kurth, is on trial in regards to whether or not he used steroids.

Kevin Iole talks about Mark Cuban’s entry into MMA.

The IFL and Shawn Tompkins part ways.

Jordan Breen has more on MMA coming to Mongolia.

The Edmonton Oilers and BJJ.

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. MMA Analyst: UFC marketing – Dan Henderson? PRIDE? Who or What is that?
  2. Bloody Elbow: UFC 76 & UFC Fight Night conference call notes
  3. Sam Caplan: Pro Elite officially announces acquisition of King of the Cage
  4. MMA California: Mike Kyle returns to MMA in California
  5. Crave Online: Pound for pound – Fedor
  6. The Dayton Daily News (OH): Rich Franklin debuts ‘American Fighter’
  7. Sportsnet (Canada): Momentum building for UFC in Canada
  8. The Eugene Register-Guard (OR): MMA fighter Gerald Strebendt pursues goals to return to professional competition and have ‘the best gym around’
  9. The Chicago Daily Herald (IL): Meet Mr. Nice – Bret Collier
  10. The Prince George Citizen (Canada): Kodie Bird in flight as he readies for MMA debut
  11. The Glacier Reporter: Coty “Ox” Wheeler the one to watch
  12. The Vancouver Sun: You wanna know what tough is? Tough is MMA champion Tara LaRosa
  13. The Pacific Daily News (Guam): Team Melchor Manibusan trained long, hard
  14. The Honolulu Advertiser: Gino Carano proving she’s not just a pretty face
  15. The New York Post: Renzo Gracie proud as Pitbulls go for IFL crown
  16. MMA Weekly: Rich Clementi added to UFC 76 card

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26 Responses to “Friday news & notes: Nick Diaz and dirty urine samples”

  1. Manos says:

    IFL releasing Tompkins seems so strange. The Anacondas are one of their most successful/most recognized teams.

    I wonder who will succeed him.

  2. Iain Liddle says:

    I don’t follow IFL but it does seem a strange move in the sense that wouldn’t it be ever so slightly more tempting for guys that train with Tompkins to leave the organisation now that they have one less tie with it.

  3. Randy Rowles says:

    I believe Bas Rutten is taking back control of the team. Tompkins originally stepped in for Rutten who was too busy. Now it seems Tompkins is too busy.

  4. Tomer Chen says:

    Looks like Kelly Perdew executed his options in the Pro Elite filing and the IFL filing discussed the structure of the group that acquired the 6 million shares (which % was owned by which company, which company is the manager of the fund, etc.)

  5. It’s also worth noting that I can’t not laugh whenever reading bits from the NY Post.

  6. THE HUNTER says:

    The filing in regards to the IFL is a Schedule 13G, something required by the SEC for anyone who buys ownership in a public company. Kind of a ‘short form’, for buyers who have less than 20%. It would appear that a couple of groups purchased around 7 million some shares.

    a which must be filed by anyone who acquires beneficial ownership in a public company

  7. Tomer Chen says:

    It would appear that a couple of groups purchased around 7 million some shares.

    Actually, it looks like an institutional investor (asset management firm) called Balyasny Asset Management bought the 7 million shares on behalf of its client, which seems to have registered all of its trade business divisions based on the Atlas first name (Atlas Master Fund, Atlas Global, Atlas Global Investments, Atlas Institutional Fund) with AMF being the parent entity and BAM being listed as the investment manager for the subsidiary entities.

  8. ilostmydog says:

    It’s cool that my Oilers are training BJJ. I will be happy to see them choke out their opposition next season, as unfortunately that will probably be one of the only ways that they can be successful. 🙁 But who the heck is this Mr. Nono guy? Has anyone even heard of him before?

  9. Grape Knee High says:

    Come on, didn’t you read the article?

    Mr. Nono is “the jiu-jitsu master of 1,000 takedowns” Also: “Not much is known about Nono (even his last name remains an enigma wrapped in sketchy spellings). According to various websites, Nono was once a member of the French Foreign Legion and is trained in the techniques of karate and Muay Thai, a form of Thai boxing.”

    LOL. Sounds more like Mr. Miyagi than Rickson.

  10. Preach says:

    ESPN reports on MLB eying on implementing a new test for HGH which should be available for mass use in the coming months. Definetely something the UFC should implement too, should the SAC’s opt not to…

  11. Rolo the Cat says:

    Steve Sievert doesn’t mention the terms of Frank Edgar’s extension. Is suspect Dana got the best of those negotiations and now has one of the top LWs locked up at a bargain price.

  12. Zack says:

    Tompkins posted on the UG and said it wasn’t a big deal and there were no hard feelings. He moved to Vegas to work at Extreme Couture.

  13. Sheldon says:

    Speaking of upstart MMA promotions anyone have news on that BET trainwreck waiting to happen “Iron Ring”? you know the one with various rappers having MMA teams and kimbo slice being involved….did it ever air?

  14. DarthMolen says:

    “Nick Diaz: I do triathlons. I’ve done f—— 112-mile bike rides and 26-mile runs all in the same event. You can do it high, it feels great loaded.

    Q: Wait, you compete in triathlons when you’re high?

    ND: Hey, you know, it’s not going to be a problem. If I was going to go and try to win first place and become the most competitive triathlete in the world then, maybe I wouldn’t go out and try to compete high. But if you’re just going on a big, long relaxing workout event day then yeah, do a triathlon as completely loaded as you can get because you’re only going to be able to get high probably — you get out of the car and next thing you know go up and transition. Everything is going to take an hour to set up your transition and you can get high during that time. So you can get high and then for about an hour set up your transition and then go do a triathlon and you’re still going to be loaded. It’s going to go about a couple hours into the event, I guess. But why not do a triathlon high? “

    Nick Diaz is a genius. I’m tellin ya.

  15. Dru Down says:

    “According to various websites, Nono was once a member of the French Foreign Legion and is trained in the techniques of karate and Muay Thai, a form of Thai boxing.”

    I wonder what some of the other forms are…

  16. Matthew Watt says:

    Good to hear the Oilers (the team I grew up watching and still love to this day) is learning some BJJ to come into camp physically prepared. Now if they had only gotten Kevin Lowe (Oilers GM) down there with them and kicked the shit out of him for awhile for the moronic Penner signing.

    But here is the real question I want answered. Jordan Breen, who is your favorite hockey team?

  17. Jordan Breen says:


    I don’t really root for a team. However, I will tell you that I think Peter Forsberg, Michael Nylander and Cam Neely are the greatest things since slicest bread.

  18. Jeff says:

    Winnipeg Jets never die!

  19. Zack says:

    Hell yea…the Oilers. Go Warren Moon.

  20. The Gaijiin says:

    “Mark Cuban said he would have a surprise name for his ‘Inside MMA’ HDNet debut show (hosted by Bas Rutten & Kenny Rice w/ Kevin James). The surprise name is Chuck Liddell.”

    Please tell me this doesn’t mean UFC doesn’t have Liddell under contract to fight Silva…I can’t take this fight not happening AGAIN!

  21. 45 Huddle says:

    It’s a talk show, not a fight.

  22. The Gaijiin says:

    Haha…thank god. I should really actually click on the links first before I pop a vein.

    How is Zuffa allowing one of their marquee guys appear on a potential (very deep pocketed) competitor’s show (albeit a talk show). I guess all press is good press…

  23. Jordan Breen says:

    From Sherdog:

    “Carano, who came it at 141.1 pounds, appeared weak while doing a one-leg balancing act on the scale. With promoters briefly discussing whether the Las Vegan would need to drop the weight, Carano’s opponent Tonya Evinger (Pictures) looked on, surprised to learn that there was a one-pound weight allowance.

    Carano, shaky and on weak legs, rushed to take a seat, where she gulped down Pedialite before Evinger finally conceded and the fight was made official. As the two squared off for the traditional staredown, Carano barely had the energy to keep her arms raised, eventually opting to fold them across her chest. ”

    I don’t care how hot she may be, rules are rules. This bullshit has gone on long enough.

  24. 45 Huddle says:

    As I have said before, I don’t mind some competition for the UFC, but Gary Shaw and EliteXC just give me a bad feeling. First, Shaw just comes off like a sleezy.

    From the weigh-ins, it reeks of boxing. The Diaz fight is at 160 lbs. The Shields fight is at 175 lbs. Can’t they just use the current weight class system? This is one of the things that boxing fans can’t stand. Too many weight classes. Shaw has already talked about having a 160 lbs. champion, which i figure would be a Junior Welterweight or Super Lightweight. Either way, it is something the sport of MMA does not need.

  25. […] an article at Fox Sports profiling Gina Carano. One of the things about her that writers such as Jordan Breen have been commenting on regarding Carano is her trouble making weight for fights. Well, Sherdog has a report from the Elite […]

  26. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Muay Thai is more of a catch-all name. It’s synonymous with Thai Boxing, but I suppose they might be attempting to differentiate between Muay Thai and other South East Asian forms similar to/under the umbrella of Thai Boxing.

    Pradal Serey, Tomoi, Muay Lao, Lethwei, Lerdrit. That stuff.


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