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Charges of fabrication made against Fox Sports

By Zach Arnold | September 13, 2007

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By Zach Arnold

Score one for the commenters of the Fight Opinion web site.

On Thursday morning, I linked to a Fox Sports article by Ben Cohen titled Bisping’s blow-up bad for UFC. The article made claims about Michael Bisping’s beligerent behavior at the UFC 75 post-fight press conference.

However, a funny thing happened. Both Hywel Teague (of Fighters Only Magazine) and James Denton (of Fighting Spirit Magazine) supposedly caught Cohen twisting some quotes and facts around the circumstances of the Bisping media session. Read the comments by Hywel and James here and here.

Denton flat out accused Cohen of fabricating some of the quotes attributed to Bisping in the Fox Sports article.

So how did Ben Cohen and Fox Sports react to the allegations levied against them? They updated their article at 6:26 PM PST on Thursday and changed the content in their article. This was simply not a case of making slight edits for grammar or punctuation — the article was actually changed and altered without any sort of correction notice listed in italics.

Cohen was responsible for the coverage (submitting articles) of the UFC 75 event on the Fox Sports web site.

Update: Here is the audio from the UFC 75 post-fight press conference from Oliver Copp.

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18 Responses to “Charges of fabrication made against Fox Sports”

  1. […] Fox Sports has changed the article and removed the offending passages. No correction notice in the article and I dunno if any of those involved in uncovering this foul […]

  2. Jordan Breen says:

    Rep rep to FO for sure. As soon as I saw that shizzy, I made sure to talk about it on my radio show and make sure dudes got linked up. FO heads must regulate.

  3. Taking down the machine, one piece at a time.

  4. white ninja says:

    FOX as a news and media outlet is dodgy from the top down

    great to see fightopinion again working to bring out the truth and the facts!

  5. Luke says:

    This is an awesome scoop.

    So Fox Sports, what say you?

  6. Jordan Breen says:

    Also, I think it would be a solid MMA meme if after every Bisping fight, we all just posted vulgar non-sequiturs and attributed them to Bisping.

  7. ukiro says:

    This summer Rickard Nordstrand, Swedish kickboxer, was caught with steroids in his system at the K1 tournament in Vegas. Now it appears his more famous teammate Jörgen Kruth also got caught in may, and since he’s not admitting anything there will now actually be a *trial*. Article in Swedish:

    Info and fight record:

    This is a big blow to fight sport in Sweden as Jörgen is comparatively famous. He was often the colour commentator for the Swedish K1 broadcasts on Eurosport and the #1 poster boy for Swedish K1 events.

  8. white ninja says:

    k1 has the same “testing” regime as Pride had – apart from events in the US, where they are done by the ACs

  9. David says: says taking down the machine one piece at a time. I have been trying to tell people about Fox News for a while. Watch “Out Foxed” and tell me that there isn’t something fishy with that corporation, let alone the rest of corporate media.

  10. Zach Arnold says:

    Please do not try to interject politics into this discussion. I’ve had at least two past sources within the Fox family who have stressed to me that Fox Sports rarely interacts at all with Fox News, with one source claiming that the relationship is like the “Hatfields vs. McCoys.”

  11. […] of K-1 fighter Rickard Nordstrand, Jorgen Kurth, is on trial in regards to whether or not he used […]

  12. MJC_123 says:

    Would not normally post sherdog forum as a comment but supposedly UFC 80 happening in Newcastle, UK

  13. “They say Gene Roddenbery got the idea for Star Trek from listening to Bisping talk in his sleep.”

    “The Pope told him it was okay to have a mistress.”

    “He uses the Shroud of Turin as a golf towel.”

    “He sired a baseball team.. an orchestra if you count the bastards!”

    “You know, he would shoot whiskey into his neck with a syringe!”

    “He has dandruff the size of mice!”

    “Michael Bisping was a 10 foot monster who slept with all our wives! And punched us all in the face! And we loved him for it!”

    “He’s a ten foot tall beastman who showers in vodka and feeds his baby shrimp scampi.”

    “He orchestrated the merger between Unicef and Smith & Wessen.”

  14. Jordan Breen says:

    “Y’all fucking wankers need to lay off Britney”, said the enraged 28-year-old Lancashire native.

  15. Fujin says:

    Pretty sweet that there’s no mention of a retraction or edit. Good job, FoxSports!

  16. Jeff says:

    Jordan Breen:

    “Also, I think it would be a solid MMA meme if after every Bisping fight, we all just posted vulgar non-sequiturs and attributed them to Bisping.”

    I actually laughed out loud. Props to the Breen Machine.

  17. […] had charges of fabrication leveled against him by Hywel Teague of Fighters Only Magazine and James Denton of Fighting Spirit Magazine, two of the […]


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