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Red meat Saturday: More angry media writers

By Zach Arnold | May 4, 2007

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By Zach Arnold

Let’s focus on good things, first. Charles Jay has an excellent must-read article on MSN about the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight and how it ties in with what is happening with MMA. Read this article and make sure to listen to CJ’s interview on this week’s edition of Fight Opinion Radio.

Here’s the latest edition of Fox News’s Fight Game. Always fun to watch. Plus, ESPN Radio host Dan Patrick on boxing & MMA (starts at 10 minute mark). He continues here (starting at the 9 minute mark). Also, here is ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd from Thursday on boxing and MMA (27:15-32:25). He claims that Shaquille O’Neal’s agent (Perry Rodgers) was instrumental in getting UFC on Spike TV.

The latest blog entry from Gabe Ruediger talking about Thursday’s night edition of The Ultimate Fighter.

TUF 5 cast member Wayne Weems moonlighting as a pro-wrestler? (hat tip: Rollo the cat)

A quick note to those who read the Komikazee MMA site: here are their site RSS feeds (they should advertise them more!) — news, radio show, and reviews.

Onto today’s headlines!

  1. The Big Lead: QuickList – What boxing can learn from the UFC
  2. Hall of Fame Magazine: Bashing the UFC for no good reason
  3. CNBC (Darren Rovell): Boxing vs. Ultimate Fighting
  4. The West Central Tribune (Minnesota): Letter – Control of ‘Ultimate Fighting’
  5. The Ledger: Megafight won’t save boxing
  6. The Austin American-Statesman (Texas): De La Hoya, Mayweather can give boxing a much-needed knockout
  7. PR Newswire: Dynamite!! USA tickets available to fans this week for 6/2 LA Coliseum show
  8. The Shreveport Times (Louisiana): MMA event set for May 18th in Bossier City
  9. Radio (MMA Torch): Shawn Ennis & Mike Jarsulic discuss the week in MMA
  10. UFC HP: Keith Jardine and Chris Leben back in action as UFC 71 card is completed
  11. Yahoo Sports (Kevin Iole): Sean Sherk to be at ringside for Mayweather-De La Hoya fight
  12. World Golf (Arizona): Kentucky Derby & De La Hoya v. Mayweather – at least golf hasn’t become this irrelevant
  13. Mike Freeman (CBS Sportsline): Who was better than Oscar and Floyd? Let the countdown begin (he trolls MMA fans again)
  14. Mike Freeman (CBS Sportsline): Mike’s Malicious Mail – MMA Mia! This is ridiculous (what’s ridiculous is you falsifying your resumeallegedly… and then being fired from the Indianapolis Star before you even wrote a column for them…)
  15. Kamloops This Week (Canada): Conan carlick King of the Cage
  16. The Boston Herald (Joe Lauzon): TUF Week Five – Gabe can’t cut it
  17. UFC Mania: Timfoolery – Tim Sylvia and the $40 fiasco
  18. UFC Junkie: Full-Time Fighter – Sean Salmon’s UFC 71 Grab Bag
  19. The Savannah Morning News (Georgia): Main event gets scratched in MMA event
  20. The Wilmington News Journal (Delaware): Is boxing’s future on line with mega-fight?
  21. The Seattle Times: De La Hoya-Mayweather Bout generates hype, big money
  22. The Arizona Republic: Boxing’s future relies on this fight (De La Hoya vs. Mayweather)

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4 Responses to “Red meat Saturday: More angry media writers”

  1. 1000 Cent says:

    Well, there’s always going to be negative articles, that’s the nature of sports columnists. The sad thing is that I know relatives that believe those articles. The even sadder thing is that these same relatives will believe that UFC is “family friendly” if someone like ESPN wanted their writers and TV shows to put the UFC product over.

    It’s how sports reporters work, IMO, money talks, and urban myths walk.

  2. Matt Boone says:

    Jon Fitch and Sokoudjou new interviews up at RSS feed is (i think)

  3. Jeff says:

    I was listening to the Dan Patrick show over my lunch hour. Imagine my surprise when he was talking about how lousy boxing is. His thesis was that ‘boxing’ killed boxing; primarily the promoters. Hard to argue.

    But what genuinely surprised me was how he had nothing but good things to say about UFC. His main point was that it takes years for the best boxers to fight one another. In the UFC, a title fight takes place about every month. Furthermore, there are fewer weight classes in the UFC, so that makes each title fight more dramatic.

    He talked a bit about how fun and charming Chuck Liddell was (they spent some time together when Dan Patrick interviewed him for the magazine article).

    All-in-all, a glowing commentary from arguably the biggest sports personality in the U. S.

    How about that!

  4. Dude. Don’t give that CBS guy credit. He’s an actor. Actors belong on Variety.

    Or getting choked out by Minoru Suzuki.


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