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UFC Fight Night Live 4/5/07

By Erin | April 5, 2007

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By Erin Bucknell

Joe and Melvin have a disagreement as to who’s the main event. Getting a touch catty are we boys?

The Pearl is actually a very nice looking mini-arena. I’m sure they purposely built it for such events as it is at The Palms, but still, they did a good job.

Commercial for “The Condemned”, which looks like someone decided to make “Mortal Combat” more realistic and failed badly. It also lacks the fabulously cheesy techno sound track.

Kenny Florian vs. Dokonjonosuke Mishima

Yes, I did have to pause the Tivo to make sure that I spelled Mishima’s name correctly.

Round 1. Both guys start out with standup for a few moments before Mishima decides to change it up and tie up Florian against the fence. The fight goes down with Mishima in Florian’s full guard. After some scuffling, Florian manages to switch their positions. Florian works to move to full mount while Mishima uses some up-kicks to fend Florian off. The fight returns to standing with both guys throwing knees and kicks. Mishima goes for a takedown but Florian manages to hold him off until the round ends.

Round 2. Florian busting out with some nice low kicks to start round 2 and Mishima is doing a lot of backing up. Mishima goes for a high kick and ends up on his back. Florian goes into Mishima’s half guard and drops a few short elbows. They go back to standing with Florian sticking to low kicks and Mishima going for a takedown. Florian gets the mount but Mishima manages to work his leg back into the way. Florian stands and backs off to let Mishima do the same. Florian again working the low kicks and Mishima is looking rather tired. Mishima goes for a kinda half-hearted cartwheel kick and an attempt at a spinning back fist.

Round 3. Florian gets a knee shot as Mishima goes for a takedown. Mishima is trying a lot to get back up but not much seems to be working. Florian moves to side control followed by a full mount. Florian lets Mishima up and Florian is right back to the kicks. On the ground Mishima grabs Florian’s leg and almost gets a couple different submissions. Florian works out and gets Mishima’s back followed by a Rear Naked Choke. Mishima taps.

Winner: Kenny Florian via Rear Naked Choke

Line of the night for Florian: “I was gonna wait for my knee to touch my ass, then I would tap”. Heee.

Pimping of UFC 69: Two fights I will be into for completely different reasons. I want to see GSP win ‘cause I love him, and I want to see Diego lose because I dislike him.

Antoni Hardonk vs. Justin McCully

“The Insane One”? You’re kidding, right? Someone please tell me he’s kidding. Sigh, I guess not.

Round 1. McCully goes for a takedown quickly as Hardonk goes for a high kick. They end up clinched against the fence. They kind of end up stalemated here with McCully working to take the fight down and Hardonk trying to keep it up. McCully succeeds with the take down. Hardonk has his legs positioned rather high while McCully drops some punches and elbows. Hardonk snags an arm for an arm bar, but McCully slips out as the round ends.

Round 2. Round 2 starts pretty much exactly the same as round 1. Hardonk with a high kick and McCully ties them up against the fence before getting the fight to the ground. McCully gets Hardonk a bit bloody and neither guy is looking very spectacular at the moment.

Round 3. The fighters clinch against the fence as McCully tries for another takedown. Hardonk gets a couple knees as he works to separate himself from McCully. McCully gets another takedown and works to side control. Hardonk gets it back to full guard and the fight stays there until the end of the round.

Oh for fuck’s sake, not only does “The Condemned” not have the “Mortal Combat” music, it has a horrific cyber-billy rip off of “Black Betty”. Yikes. Is this really what you are reduced to these days Austin?

Winner: Justin McCully via unanimous decision.

Apparently the censors are not quick on the trigger as they only get half the “fucks” in McCully’s post fight speech. Even on my timed-delayed broadcast.

Why is there a Dodge Charger in the middle of Ghost Recon? That doesn’t seem like a very incognito car.

Pulver and Penn pimp their hatred of each other. I half expected them to start catfighting over the top of poor Rogan. Jens says he wants to do TUF again, BJ emphatically disagrees.

Kurt Pellegrino vs. Nate Mohr

Too bad Roommate Jen isn’t here, she’s a huge Batman fan, so she’d either love Pellegrino or hate him for co-opting the nickname.

She definitely wouldn’t approve of the neon-pink hair though. That’s not so good for hunting vigilantes through dark allies there buddy.

Round 1. Both guys are fairly quick with the stand up. Mohr tries to grab an arm as Pellegrino gets the takedown. Pellegrino moves to side control and then into full mount. Mohr moves them back to full guard and Pellegrino grabs an ankle lock. Mohr taps out followed by Pellegrino doing some less than talented dancing in celebration.

Winner: Kurt Pellegrino via ankle lock.

Umm Dana vs. Tito? Didn’t this not happen? What are they airing and why?

Joe Stevenson vs. Melvin Guillard

Melvin is entirely too confident for his own good.

Too many fighters come down to such serious music. Can’t someone just come down to something fun and stupid like “Rock Me Amadeus” or “I’m Too Sexy”? They’d automatically get my love.

Round 1. Melvin refused to tap hands and the Ref makes him come back to do it. Stevenson gets a straight right to Guillard’s chin followed by a take takedown. Stevenson scrambles and grabs a guillotine after trying for a leg. Guillard taps. Whoa, that was quick. Melvin is understandably upset.

Winner: Joe Stevenson via Guillotine Choke.

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2 Responses to “UFC Fight Night Live 4/5/07”

  1. Canson says:

    this is why im hot, this is why im hot, this is why, this is why,this is why, im hot this is why im hot, this is why im hot, this is why, this is why, this is why im hot, im hot cuz im fly, you aint cuz u not, this is why, this is why, this is why im hot im hot cuz im fly, you aint cuz u not this is this is why, this is why, this is why im hot

    ^Those actual lyrics from Melvin’s song aren’t silly enough for you?

  2. Erin says:

    Ha, ya know, I didn’t actually pay attention to the words. But yes, those lyrics are silly enough for me, the only problem is that I don’t Melvin finds them silly.


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