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TUF: Season 5, Episode 1

By Erin | April 5, 2007

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By Erin Bucknell

Woo-hoo, weekly TUF, woot!

The lightweights should be fun simply because of how fast they are. Not including the in house antics, sigh. I do like the idea of the coaches fighting at the season finale, as it gives the show a big fight automatically.

I’m proud of myself for knowing at least ¼ of the fighters before the season even begins.

Corey, Allen, and Gabe get briefly introduced. Corey thinks he’s a babe, Allen deals with lobsters and Gabe likes to start shit. Dana thinks the lightweights in general might have “Little Man’s Syndrome” as they are “crazy motherfuckers”.

We get backgrounds on Pulver and Pen, who hate each other. A Lot. Seriously.

Fighter Evaluations: Jens tries to be passive and not coach during the evaluations. He is happy that everyone came to the show in shape.

Everyone looks ready to pass out by the second evaluation with BJ. They probably should have checked them at the same time. BJ suspects Jens purposely got them tired so he couldn’t evaluate them properly. I guess Jens is a schemer of Machiavellian proportions. A lot of fighters seem to want to be on BJ’s team.

Jens wins the coin toss and chooses to pick the fight instead of the first fighter. BJ asks which fighters want to be on his team and “have nothing to do with Jens”. Wow, we have our first official entrant in the “who can be a bigger dick than Matt Hughes” contest. Really lacking in cool and subtlety there, BJ.

Unfortunately 10 guys raised their hands, sigh. Jens goes along with it and Dana is pissed. BJ is not getting the concept that he gets one pick. Dana starts channeling Dr. Evil and cutting everyone off until they agree with him. Teams finally get picked:

Team Penn: Gray, Matt, Rob, Andy, Gabe, Allen, Joe and Noah.

Team Pulver: Corey, Nate, Marlon, Manny, Cole, Brian, Brandon, and Wayne.

Everyone is all enthused on the ride back and it carries back to the house. Oh, this is soooo not gonna go well. Corey, self confidence is good, but take it down a notch, its ok. No need to bark, literally.

BJ schedules his first practice for 6:00 the next morning. BJ introduces his assistant coaches and Gabe says that everyone wanted to be on BJ’s team. He’s also 20 lbs overweight and hopes the other team doesn’t pick him.

Jens introduces his assistant coaches. He reminds his guys that heart is the one thing they control. Team Pulver sits down to discuss who’s going to fight.

BJ is worried that Gabe wouldn’t be able to cut weight as 22 lbs as that is “like your whole head or something”. Gabe gets frustrated about his lack of weight loss, and my desire to randomly hug upset fighters makes a reappearance.

The fight is announced as Allen vs. Cole, which due to the editing is kinda out of nowhere. Darn you Crafty Editors!!

Cole says that he loves to fight whether he’s winning or losing and that he picked Allan as he doesn’t think that Allen is taking it seriously.

Team Penn busts out with the war paint on the morning of the fight, which due to its blue color looks like a finger painting attempt at woad.

Hmm, well either way, this does not appear that it’s going to last long as it’s already 10:51 and we’re still in pre fight commercials.

Pathfinder Commercial: Looks very dumb, but yet has shirtless Karl Urban killing people. I’m conflicted. And yes, very shallow.

Allen Berube vs. Cole Miller

Round 1. Both guys circle, feeling each other out. Miller starts throwing high kicks and Berube goes in for a takedown. Miller tries for a guillotine on the way down but Berube wiggles out and gets top control. Miller starts working his legs up and snags a triangle choke. Berube taps.

Winner: Cole Miller via triangle choke.

Good start to the new season. I normally like The Drama, but I worry that it’s really gonna get out of control this season.

Next show: Everyone freaks out at each other.

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One Response to “TUF: Season 5, Episode 1”

  1. Psygone says:

    Excellent write up as usual Erin, this season looks to be awesome.


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