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UFC Fight Night

By Zach Arnold | April 5, 2007

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Everything UFC-related on Thursday night goes here. Multi-purpose post.

Results from the UFC Fight Night event. No real surprises. Except that internet hardcores are buzzing about Kenny Florian faking the process of drinking from a Xyience can.

FWIW, there is one surprise. Our iTunes feed for the radio show is magically working now. If you are subscribed to it, it is finally updating.

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10 Responses to “UFC Fight Night”

  1. JThue says:

    Half decent show. Drags out so much it’s ridioculous, so even though just one fight was dull, it was enough to just about kill things. But then Guillard’s mouth was choked shut and all was well.

    TUF’ers looked good here though, which has increased my interest in UFC 69.

    A hidden positive here was that one year ago McCully would have been a contender after this fight, but now he’s not even guaranteed to be on the air in his next fight. Thank goodness.

  2. David says:

    Joe Rogan says everyone in the UFC has GREAT standup and GREAT wrestling and comes from a GREAT camp and is a GREAT wrestler. He is starting to annoy me with it. I did appreciate him criticizing Hardonk’s absolutely awful performance, but him and Goldberg wouldn’t admit a fight was anything other than amazing even if it were Shamrock-Severn (the terrible one, I forget if that was their first fight or second fight).

  3. 45 Huddle says:

    I thought UFC Fight Night was a bad show. I was bored.

    TUF 5 was entertaining for a first show. As with every season, I really only care about the end results. Which means 3 to 5 fighters that out of the show who can actually contend with fighters in the UFC.

  4. Zach Arnold says:

    45 – I’m watching this show and it’s obvious that the Vegas crowds for UFC’s ‘minor’ shows have no energy at all. Part of that is due to the taping time (they started this thing at 3 PM local time I think) and part of it is just these fans. The only building for a ‘minor’ Vegas show for UFC that did real well was Red Rock (which the Fertittas actually own).

  5. Jonathan says:

    I think Stevenson and Guillard are in two different leagues of fighting, and I believe that that is why Melvin was talking alot of trash before the fight. I think that he was scared of losing, and he proved his fears correct tonight. Also, I saw a little bit of Pequeno in Stevenson’s guillotine choke tonight…

  6. Mr. Roadblock says:

    Zach, you raise a good point about the crowd. I think the early time 3pm on a weekday has as much to do with the subdued crowd as the quality of the fights.

    To be honest, I don’t need to see Melvin Guillard/Joe Stevenson live. In fact I tape UFN specials and fastforward through the commercials. I think they’d do better to tape these on Wednesday night and show them on Thursday. Tape them in a place like the Blue Horizon in Philadelphia or another smaller venue where you can get a hot crowd.


    Hilarious point. I can just hear Goldie and Rogan in my head if they were in a time machine.

    About 15 minutes in as they stand and look at each other.

    Goldie: You know, Joe, I think they’re both gearing up to do something awesome.

    Joe: Absolutely. Shamrock is an animal. He’s going to do Hollywood movies after he’s done fighting. I mean he stands and stares at guys like Vernon White and his adopted brother Frank. He can literally stare at you for ages.

    Goldie: I think Severn moved forward. Wow. Action packed. Dan’s going near Ken. Ken’s gotta look out for that moustache.

    Joe: I was near that mustache yesterday. There’s soup from 8 months ago stuck in that thing. It smells like Eddie Bravos nutsack.

    Goldie: This is the Super Bowl of MMA.

    At least the announcers weren’t shouting about promos every 5 seconds back then. Grindhouse. The Shooter. Mickey’s Fine Malt liquor. Grindhouse. The Shooter starring Marky Mark. Hey look, there’s the Transporter. He only does stunts on Toyo tires.

  7. xx2000xx says:

    My god, from seeing pride #1 to the last, I knew that Mishima was fine……. instead of snoopy though, he now needs to bring a can, because that is what he is.

  8. David says:

    Roadblock that was fucking hilarious. They also need to stop the ridiculous promo shots of the fighters shadow boxing incredibly slowly while a rain machine drizzles on them. What the fuck does that prove? Why don’t they get some clips from fights from other fight leagues? It pisses me off.

  9. I watched the show with some beers and some friends, had a great time. Lots of exciting bits.

  10. JThue says:

    “but him and Goldberg wouldn’t admit a fight was anything other than amazing even if it were Shamrock-Severn (the terrible one, I forget if that was their first fight or second fight).”


    Excuse me, but we only had Rogan RIDICULE Goldberg on air for trying to avoid talking about how bad the fight was afterwards. Loosely quoted: “Goldberg’s selling the fight!”. One can say many things about Rogan, but an undisputable positive is that he will tell it like it is, be it bad fights, bad reffing, bad booking or bad fighters.


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