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Report: Kurt Angle to work on K-1 Dynamite event

By Zach Arnold | September 29, 2006

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Tokyo Sports newspaper is reporting that K-1 and Kurt Angle are in negotiations for a deal which would allow Angle to have his first MMA match on 12/31 at the Osaka Dome. The three opponent candidates listed by the newspaper for Angle’s debut match are: Brock Lesnar, Akebono, and Choi Hong-Man.

元WWE王者カート・アングル K-1参戦へ

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7 Responses to “Report: Kurt Angle to work on K-1 Dynamite event”

  1. Liger05 says:

    Choi Hong-Man could destroy Angle in standup. It would be terrible for NJPW if Angle a TNA wrestler beat a NJPW guy in Akebono.

  2. JohnathonHarvel says:

    Brock Lesnar would not be a good choice either seeing as how he has more strength, agility, endurance, and all round better training than Kurt. It loks like Akibono may be the only choice in this one.

  3. Rich says:

    Akebono could actual present some problems for Kurt as if nothing else it’s hard to take down a guy that much bigger than you. Especially with all the injuries and issues Kurt has.

    Choi might literally end Kurt’s life so lets hope that doesn’t occur.

    4-5 years ago when Kurt was in total shambles he might have been able to beat Brock Lesnar, but now with his body atrophying and his well publicized drug issues taking their toll I doubt Kurt could hang with the younger stronger guy who’s actually been training in MMA.

  4. ditch says:

    Angle handled Lesnar easily in at least one friendly backstage quasi-shoot around 2003. So, the question is whether Lesnar’s training and Angle’s physical decline have bridged the gap.

  5. HijoDelOso says:

    Since Akebono is incapable of winning, he is the natural choice if K-1 wants a relationship with Angle. If all they get is 1 fight and want to use him as a stepping stone then he faces Baba…..uh, Choi.

  6. Luke says:

    Yeah. The resemblence between Hong-Man Choi and the late Shohei Baba is startling.

  7. Sam J says:

    I don’t understand the assumption that Hong-Man Choi destroys Angle in an mma match. Kickboxing is another story, but I see Angle taking Choi down pretty easily and either pounding him or submitting him in an mma match.


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