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House Cleaning Notes

By Zach Arnold | January 28, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

If you have not seen the announcement yet, the Fight Opinion radio show is now available to download on iTunes. Thanks to superstar code monkey Rob Sayers, we now have a feed on this web site that automatically updates when new shows are made available to the public. If you use iTunes, you can automatically subscribe to our radio show and download a new edition whenever it is posted on the server. Use this link to subscribe via iTunes.

Secondly, I want to thank someone (I won’t list their name because I didn’t ask for permission) who made a donation yesterday to our web hosting provider. If you would like to help defray the web hosting costs for this web site, please use this link to make a donation. We can use all of the support we can get.

Third, there is a hilarious post about the now famous “Fedor eats dog meat in South Korea” story. Not only is the post funny, but the header image of Sakuraba is even funnier. Three cheers for whoever the person is that runs this web site.

Also, there is an interesting Canadian MMA blog site called 42 that has some interesting news items on George St. Pierre. Check it out.

Fourth, we are on the hunt to recruit new guests for the weekly Fight Opinion radio show. If you are a fighter or know fighters personally and want us to have someone specific on, e-mail me your request and I will do my very best to make it happen.

Fifth, Jason Adams is working on a preview of the upcoming UFC 57 show. I think Luke Nicholson is also working on a preview of the upcoming Cage Rage show on 2/4 in England. The 2/3 ~ 2/5 weekend is going to be insane for MMA shows. If you are attending any of the major MMA events (the Valor Fighting show at Cache Creek Casino near Sacramento, UFC 57 in Las Vegas, Cage Rage in Wembley, MARS at Ariake Colosseum, K-1 at Saitama Super Arena, DEEP at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, etc.), please post something in the comments section of this article. If you attend one of these shows live and in person, write me and we can work something out. Whether it’s a show report on this site or an appearance on the Fight Opinion radio show, let’s make a deal.

Sixth, Jason Adams is working on a Fight Opinion power rankings list for MMA fighters. I know that Jason’s project is limited to the writers on the site, but if you would like to help Jason out in any way with the project, please e-mail him. Help him out.

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