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Fight Opinion Radio: Episode 4

By Zach Arnold | January 27, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

The fourth edition of Fight Opinion Radio is now online and available to download. Here are your options for listening to the show:

Broadband (MP3) | Dial-up/Streaming | YouSendIt (Download MP3 file)

Or you can use the great flash player to listen to it streaming (without having to use an external program). Check it out (down below).

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The streaming and direct download links mean that you can access the audio file from this server. The YouSendIt link is a temporary 7-day link that you can use if you want to download the show and save our server with bandwidth. Either option you choose is perfectly fine with me. This site is growing, so every inch of bandwidth we can save is important to us. If you would like to donate to us and help us pay for our server costs, you can donate to our web hosting – A Small Orange.

A quick preview of Episode 4 of FOR:

  1. Adam Summers, Mike Sempervive, and Zach Arnold open the show talking about the upcoming PRIDE 31 (2/26 Saitama Super Arena) card line-up. Plus we describe the story about Josh Barnett stretching pro-wrestler Jack Evans into positions that man has never seen before.
  2. Adam, Mike, and Zach come back for segment two with our special guest, Andy Wang, talking about the Rumble on the Rock show that took place on 1/20 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Andy was a cornerman for fighters Frank Trigg & Kengo Ura. He gives us his review of the event, along with thoughts on the press conferences leading into the show, and what it was like to see Butterbean vs. Cabbage Correira. As Mike said, “That’s a whole lot of man.” Also, Andy gives us his thoughts on the upcoming Royce Gracie vs. Matt Hughes fight in the UFC cage in May.
  3. Segment three is our MMA Roundtable segment with Adam, Mike, and Zach doing a quick preview of the UFC 57 (Liddell vs. Couture) card line-up. Next week’s Fight Opinion radio show will feature our predictions. This week, we focus on UFC’s short-term and long-term booking. Plus other issues are raised, including comparing how UFC books Brazilian fighters versus how PRIDE books the Brazilians. Adam also discusses the upcoming Frank Shamrock vs. Cesar Gracie fight in March (HP Pavilion in San Jose), along with Mike discussing the potential ramifications of UFC’s first California show (4/15 at the Anaheim Pond with Forrest Griffin vs. Tito Ortiz). How will the California State Athletic Commission act differently than the Nevada State Athletic Comission? What will medical suspensions be like in California? We break it all down for you.
  4. We close this week’s show out by discussing the latest on the Bobby Ologun situation, Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Jab Zudah booked for April 8th, Bas Rutten’s return to PRIDE as an announcer, and a preview of next week’s radio show.

Please post all of your feedback to the show here in the comments section on this posting. If you need to e-mail me with a special request or you want to book a fighter on our radio show, contact me at

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2 Responses to “Fight Opinion Radio: Episode 4”

  1. Tomer says:

    Virgil Hill was a solid B level opponent in his peak years who was a good gatekeeper and could beat some solid opposition. However, when he faced the best of his era (Jones & Michalczewski) at LHW, he was pretty much outclassed (in the case of the Jones fight, horribly stopped with a brutal right hand to the ribs that caused Hill to scream ‘MAH BACK!’ as he collapsed). Now, considering his last fight was a rematch against Jean Marc Mormeck on 5/22/04 and considering he ‘retired’ right after losing to Mormeck again, I seriously question his heart in Boxing. At 42, he’s not exactly a spring chicken. And short of a Archie Moore-esque (or even George Foreman-esque) upset by an old veteran over a much younger opponent (and Hill had some of those moments in the Mormeck rematch, to be fair, from what I remember), I see Brudov cleanly outpointing or even stopping Hill in the mid to late rounds. Hill probably should stay retired at this point.

    Joe Calzaghe is a solid fighter, although age is playing against him (he’s 32, almost 33 to Jeff Lacy’s 28), as well as relative inactivity recently. His chronic hand injuries and reluctant attitude in getting in the ring with Lacy doesn’t help his perception, either. I can see Joe being able to outclass the younger (and less experienced) Lacy later in the fight, although there’s also a good chance that Lacy may swarm Calzaghe and beat the ever living crap out of him earlier in the fight. Lacy has been known to have moments where his chin has seriously come into question (such as the beginning of the Sheika fight where he was swarmed and bombed by Sheika heavily), so if Calzaghe presses the fight, he might have an ok chance to stop Lacy. However, if I have to choose, I see Lacy stopping Calzaghe late in the fight, getting hurt and maybe dropped earlier on but rallying and taking the battle to Calzaghe later on (like in the Sheika fight). But, if it goes the distance, Lacy will need to deck Calzaghe multiple times to force a decision for him as he’s on Calzaghe’s home turf.

    As for Mayweather vs. Judah, I think Zab will be much, much more motivated now that he’s making virtually nothing in terms of purse and has almost no leverage entering this fight, pretty much a big underdog due to his upset loss to Carlos Manuel Baldomir. However, I seriously question Judah’s heart and chin entering this fight, and wonder what will happen if Mayweather tags him with hard power shots (as the relatively feather fisted Baldomir wobbled him badly in the 7th round of their fight, if I remember correctly). It seems that nearly every time he’s faced a pressure fighter, he’s lost or nearly been upset. I’m thinking that while Judah may get the first 2 or 3 rounds, Mayweather will put the pressure on Judah and eventually deck him and maybe stop him late into the fight, as he always comes in ready for a fight and I think has the ring intellect to outclass Judah in the end. Judah has an OK shot of maybe scoring a (T)KO level shot and he is pretty fast, but overall, I think Mayweather has the more complete package and is deservingly the clear favorite entering this fight.

    Anyway, good show. I liked it. đŸ˜€

  2. Tomer says:

    Guess I was wrong on Hill. He gave one of his best performances, and outpointed Brudov cleanly and fairly to win that fight. Good job by him, although I think if he steps up against someone like Glen Johnson or Antonio Tarver, he’ll probably get beaten up badly, it’s nice to see some older fighters get a last moment to shine.


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