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Update on the Bobby Ologun situation

By Zach Arnold | January 29, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

If you remember our report from a couple of days ago on the Fight Opinion site, you know what we are referring to. If not, click on this link to refresh your memory. After a few days of more Japanese media reports, some of the facts regarding the incident are being noted. I will try my best to source all of the Japanese report links and to translate as accurately as possible.

An update to the initial report. The President who was allegedly attacked by Bobby is 55-year Kazuyuki Ito of R & A Promotions office. A talent agency in Shibuya, Tokyo. The reported dispute was over money. The initial story was that Bobby wanted to have a meeting with Ito regarding payments that he felt he was owed (he was supposedly only given the minimum salary allowance for the month). When Bobby went to talk to Ito at the office, Ito was busy talking to a Japanese man (in his 60s) and John Muwete Muruaka (from Congo), the former secretary to politician Muneo Suzuki. Suzuki was a former LDP party member who left the party after party pressure due to allegations thatn Suzuki funneled Japanese aid money to Africa via Muruaka. Muruaka is a martial arts expert who K-1 boss Kazuyoshi Ishii considered bringing into the WRESTLE-1 promotion several years ago.

Mainichi Daily News article on the incident (in English).

When Bobby’s request for a meeting was refused by Ito, Bobby got very angry. According to a female office employee (giving witness deposition to the police), Bobby started swearing in Nigerian, English, and Japanese (saying phrases to the equivalent of “give me my money!”). According to the initial police report, at least three people (including a woman) along with the President were injured. Bobby told police that he did not go into a rage of anger. He stated that he wanted to talk about his end-of-the-monthy salary and that he felt he should have been paid more.

One side claims that Bobby is told about information regarding his salary payments from his manager, 43-year old Sarimura (Salimullah) “Rocky” Kajol, who is from Bangladesh. R & A Promotions claims that Rocky recently obtained money from the company for a side business project that he allegedly did not tell Bobby about. R & A Promotions claims that Rocky is involved in an embezzlement scam (of up to 20 million yen) and that Bobby may also have knowledge of it. R & A Promotions claims that they may provide evidence to the police and media next week regarding these claims.

Japanese TV star Thane Camus also used to have connections to R & A Promotions and, according to Japanese media reports, also had troubles in the past with R & A regarding issues (such as money).

Both Bobby & Rocky claim that there is no such embezzlement scam. A couple of days after the incident, Rocky told the media that he hoped that he could reach a reconciliation with R & A Promotions and put the matter to rest.

Photo credit: Oricon

An important factor to note is that when it comes to prosecuting gaijins in Japan, there is a prosecution rate of nearly 90%. If Bobby is prosecuted for assault, it could likely result in deportation from Japan and a criminal record. It would effectively end his TV career in Japan.

Photo credit: Yahoo Japan/Entertainment

On Friday night at 10 PM (1/27), Bobby Ologun and John Muwete Muruaka held a press briefing. Muruaka did the majority of the talking, with Bobby apologizing profusely to the media and crying. Muruaka stated that Bobby went to the R & A Promotions’ office to talk with President Kazuyuki Ito and tell him that he was sorry for what happened.

Photo credit: Daily Sports

A media person at the briefing pointed out Bobby’s upper lip having a cut on it. Originally, Bobby indicated that Muruaka had hit him in the initial altercation on Wednesday and that the upper lip cut was a result of it. However, Bobby stated that there was no scuffle after all and that the event was a big misunderstanding.

Photo credit: Daily Sports

In another strange twist at the press briefing, Ologun admitted that he is not 39 years old as listed, but rather he is 32 years old.

The next step in the story is whether or not the Tokyo Metropolitan police will process the police report and have charges filed with the district attorney, or if a settlement will be reached and no charges will be issued.

Reaction to the Ologun situation (and about Bobby, himself):

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One Response to “Update on the Bobby Ologun situation”

  1. HijoDelOso says:

    90% conviction rate on gaijin? Wow.

    The lip picture should be on Ologuns tee shirts for sale at his fights.


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