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I think why did PRIDE beat K-1

By T2y-Sano | January 1, 2006

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this is news source(Japanese)

PRIDE:15.3%  K-1:14.8%



Otoko Matsuri won by a little difference! Honestly, this result was unexpected.

番組としてのまとまりはDynamite!!の方が上って書きましたし実際視聴率ではDynamite!!が上回るだろうと思っていました。(I thought Dynamite is better than PRIDE as Tv show,not as fight event
so,I thought K-1 beated PRIDE in Tv rating war…)

(Fuji tv broadcasted replay when TBS broadcasted Sudo-san vs KID-san)

(Akebono-san vs Bobby-san was very very bad and long match)

この辺の詳細は瞬間最高視聴率(:momentary rating)等を見ないと分かりませんが視聴率至上主義を例年以上に打ち出して矢沢永吉さんや清原和博さんを出してきた谷川Pはどう思っているんでしょうか?

What will be the highest momentary rating (quarter-hour)? The audience rating supremacy principle by Tanigawa producer is expected more than ordinary. Mr. Eikichi Yazawa (musician) & Kazuhiro Kiyohara (famous baseball player) made an appearance at K-1 show.


PRIDE won with Mr. (Ken) Kaneko & Kwon Sang Woo… This victory may be an opening for PRIDE fans.

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2 Responses to “I think why did PRIDE beat K-1”

  1. Adam Summers says:

    Thank you for writing this, Tetsuya. It’s great to have you on board with the site.

    I was also suprised to see that PRIDE has seemingly won the ratings war this year, even if the overall ratings for both shows were down considerably from previous years.

    They did not show the Ken Kaneko v. Crzay Horse Bennett fight here in the U.S…did Kaneko show any skill in his fight?

  2. T2y-Sano says:

    Kaneko-san showed us ju-jutu skill like triangle choke and spider guard.
    but these skill are not as great as pro-fighter.
    And Crazy-horse-san looked using 10~20% power in fight.


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