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Kyokushinkan VS Sanda (San Shou)

By Green Hornet | December 24, 2005

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Results – Kyokushinkan VS Chinese Sanda on 12/23 in Guangzhou, China

December 23, 2005, The 2nd Kyokyshinkan VS Chinese Sanda was held in Guangzhou, a city in southern China. Royama, the president of Kyokushinkan (note: this is not Kyokushinkai of Matsui, neither Shinkyokushinkai) brought 5 of his top fighters who were champions of 2005 World Tournament of Kyokushinkan, interestingly, all of them are Russian. Kyokushinkan suffered a 5:0 loss with 3 by decision and 2 by KO and TKO. Sanda rules are applied, meaning throwing and takedown is allowed aside from striking, plus punching to head which is prohibited in Kyokushin competition is also legal.

Last year, Royama Kyokushinkan brought 5 of his top Japanese fighters for the first time. However, all of them were defeated, too.

Link: Kyokushinkan Russia

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2 Responses to “Kyokushinkan VS Sanda (San Shou)”

  1. Zach Arnold says:

    I recall talking with Andy Wang in our last interviews about Sanda. He said that it is similar to Muay Thai. How would you compare the two, Ding? Or anyone else with better knowledge than me can answer this. 🙂

  2. Green Hornet says:

    Actually this has been the hottest debate in China fight scene for the past few years, the impact has been tremendous, I could talk this whole day if I had enough time.

    Sanda is a modern fight sport born out of Chinese traditional martial arts, it absorbs practical combat skills from various kinds of traditional martial arts. It features striking skills and throwing skills (originated from Shuai Chiao, namely Chinese style wrestling) with the latter being the most distinctive character from other stand up combat sports. Compared with Muay Thai in terms of rules, elbow is prohibited in Sanda while throwing is allowed.

    since 2001, there were 4 Sanda Vs Muai Thai competitions in a home-away format , 2 in China and 2 in Thailand, Sanda has 3 wins and 1 loss. Sanda has learned a lot from Muay Thai and grown much stronger in striking, though controversial rules did matter with loss of Muay Thai to some extent.

    I`ll talk more on this when free.


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