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Updated K-1 12/31 Osaka Dome card (as of 12/18)

By Zach Arnold | December 17, 2007

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As of today:

Topics: HERO's, Japan, M-1, Media, MMA, Zach Arnold | 13 Comments » | Permalink | Trackback |

13 Responses to “Updated K-1 12/31 Osaka Dome card (as of 12/18)”

  1. mmafan says:

    Where is Sapp vs Ologun?

    Ed. — It’s there.

  2. JThue says:

    Screw it, I *LIKE* this card. It somehow comes off as a step up from the last two NYE’s.

  3. I think this card is looking good. We are definitely in for a treat this New Years Eve with K-1 and even Yarennoka.

  4. Andrej says:

    A Joke right? I do like Hideo Tokoro vs Tamura and Kid Yamamoto vs Rani Yahiya. Everything Else is odd and Freakishly one sided fights.

  5. ttt says:

    not sure why there was such a lack of interest by members of the podcast, there are some good fights; on a UFC card they usually only show 5 fights 2/3 which will be good, i’d imagine for 8 fights, there’ll be something good. even the ultimate fighter finale didn’t exactly have the most stacked card but turned out to be great, give it a chance

  6. ilostmydog says:

    WTF? Tokoro is fighting Tamura? When did this happen? They couldn’t find opponents for those two guys that were in their weightclasses, so they decided to match up a natural FW against a MW/LHW? Nice.

  7. salvatore says:

    even though it is a couple years too late, I still look forward to Sakuraba vs. Funaki

  8. Tarantino says:

    Hero’s is a joke

  9. The Gaijin says:

    ^ So were your last 3 movies.

  10. Mike David (Euthyphro) says:

    Tarantino — you have to understand the context. The K-1 NYE card goes for mass appeal, not MMA purist appeal. It’s nationally televised on NYE, so freak shows with celebrities makes sense for the company. To satisfy MMA fans, they’ve essentially got the Yarennoka card running immediately afterwards, and they’ll be simulcasting that to fans in the Osaka Dome after the K-1 card.

    P.S. I’m here in Tokyo right now, and while there’s plenty of puro on TV, not a mention yet of HERO’S or Yarennoka on TV or in any ads I’ve seen.

  11. Paul Horton says:

    I have no problem with K-1 piutting on their shitty circus freak shows (I just don’t want them). I just wish they would NEVER EVER AGAIN sign good MMA fighters and tie them up with bullshit fights like Sergei Hansen, Kid, Rani, Tokoro, Tamura, etc.

    AND they’re responsible for Fedor vs Choi. BULLSH*T!

    They need to fuck off already.

  12. ColumbiaLou says:

    This is an entertaining card. Tamura will show the greatness of U-File!!
    How will Minowaman deal with the weight advantage of Zulu? The great Sakuraba against the Fujiwara trained Funaki. The kickboxing kids of K-1, who look like they just stopped breastfeeding.
    This type of card makes me happy that Japanese MMA developed from Prowrestling.

  13. Chuck says:

    Man, this looks like a ridiculously fun show. Sakuraba vs Masakatsu Funaki? Bob Sapp fighting? Hasn’t Funaki been retired from anything fight related for nine years or so? Didn’t Bob Sapp have a huge blow-up with K-1 last year? WHERE THE FUCK HAVE I BEEN?

    And I will second Lou’s statement. This type of card makes me happy that Japanese MMA developed from Prowrestling. God Bless MMA, pro wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, etc.


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