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Esquire magazine profile article on Fedor

By Zach Arnold | December 18, 2007

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The publication has a new article out today called The Red Menace. It may very well be the most significant media piece on Fedor in terms of broad exposure to the general public in America.

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9 Responses to “Esquire magazine profile article on Fedor”

  1. So, does this article actually appear in the printed magazine as well?

    Esquire isn’t the place most guys would look for it, but they have a strong record on in depth articles and commentary. Well worth picking up on occasion.

  2. The New York Times piece on him probably had more reach, but less impact.

  3. salvatore says:

    I like reading MMA articles in mainstream publications/websites that DON’T have the words “The Ultimate Figter” or “Human Cockfighting” in them.

    It’s truly refreshing

  4. Jeremy says:

    I love Fedor’s comments on Mirko.
    “He has to regenerate psychologically. After my fight with him, he just broke down. In his soul, something just broke down, cracked…There are some psychological problems when you have all the time fight, fight, fight, without rest.”

    Interesting since they fought in August of 2005. Mirko had six more fights in Pride after than, going 5-1.

    Did Fedor have some sort of delayed impact on Mriko’s soul??????

  5. doem says:

    I think Maxim magazine or another of those sorts did talked about fedor as well. Those Magazines kind of try to give you an a modestly accurate perspective on a subject in the two or three pages they are allowed (including pictures), and inverebly, when the writers do their research, Fedor’s name will come up as who knowledgeable fans consider the best heavyweight in the world.

  6. Esquire and Maxim are two totally different animals.

    Esquire will run legitimate thousand plus word pieces or even longer exposes on occasion…

    Either one OUGHT to have more space than any newspaper to dedicate to a chosen topic though.

  7. doem says:

    my point being is that as the mainstream becomes more interested in the nuts and bolts story of MMA outside of Dana White, it is natural that Fedor, who is arguably the best HW in the world, will receive exposure regardless of if he fights for the UFC or not–that is why I am not all that surprised that esquire picked up the story. Of course his continued exposure will depend on how often his name is mentioned positively by MMA pundits.

  8. He’s an interesting choice. I wonder how many fighters outside the UFC organization at this point are really recognizable to the general public (say, more than 5% of people on the street could see a picture and tell you who it was without prompting). I’d argue not many. Maybe none. In fact, it could well be none for UFC as well.

    Any exposure against that kind of non-recognition has to be good.

  9. Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock are probably the only two


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