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Bring on Anthony Pettis vs. Jose Aldo, title vs. title?

By Zach Arnold | August 31, 2013

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Events: UFC 164 (Saturday, August 31st at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
TV: Fox Sports 1/PPV

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19 Responses to “Bring on Anthony Pettis vs. Jose Aldo, title vs. title?”

  1. RST says:

    Mir stop was quick, but Mir was blowing it. He looked like he gassed 60 seconds in like Mir at his worst. barnett did look dominant, but I have to take away a little bit away from that because Mir didn’t look like he wanted to be in there bad enough. Kind of like Shogun, its starting to look like he’s just hung around too long and doesn’t have the fire anymore.

    Wow @ Pettis. Didn’t see that coming. I agree Pettis/Aldo looks good right now. Aldo is gonna have to bring the trying very hard all Aldo fort the first time in awhile.

    Vera needs to go away. He growing old waiting for himself to reinvent himself. Its about that time for him to consider nursing school or the post office.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    Milwaukee did not have a good showing. The judges were horrible. The refs were horrible. The UFC should never go back there until they get there act together.

    That stoppage in the Mir/Barnett fight was terrible. Mir never went out and wasn’t even wobbled when he got up 2 seconds later.

    Here is what the UFC should do…Aldo vs. Mendes…. Pettis vs. Grant. If Pettis & Aldo win… Do the superfight. I’m sure Pettis/Grant will be the next FOX main event in December….

  3. edub says:

    Vera is the most disappointing fighter in MMA history.

  4. klown says:

    I thought the stoppage was good. Mir appears to go limp after being dropped. I don’t see Mir getting out of that position. The ref should have probably allowed one or two more punches, which would have spared us this whole debate, but it have come at Mir’s brain’s expense. I can live with this outcome.

  5. rbk says:

    The same ones bitching about a short Mir stoppage would be the same ones raising hell today if the ref let Barnett deliver a couple more shots to Mir’s brain.

  6. The Gaijin says:

    What a bunch of ridiculous complainers – the Mir stoppage was fine. It was a flash KO and it was obvious in the replay. So what if he “popped” back up? He was still sea-legged. If the ref actually let Barnett “make sure” the ref would have been drawing a chalk outline around Mir like they did in the Carwin fight. Mir got dominated because he is way too content to absorb punishment against the wrong kind of guys to find an opening that’s never coming.

    (I dont mean people here are ridiculous complainers – just “mma fans” generally)*

  7. The Gaijin says:

    Who does Barnett get next?

    My guess would be either Browne or Werdum given they’re both coming off wins and are top 10. That said, Browne is lower ranked than Mir (who Barnett just beat) and a I think the UFC wants to build him up a bit more now that he’s beat Overeem. So I am guessing we’ll see Barnett vs. Werdum for the next shot at the HW belt…I guess this all hinges on what Cormier decides to do after the Nelson fight, but I have to say I like the idea of a Werdum vs. Barnett fight.


    • Nottheface says:

      Maybe Mir wasn’t out but I’m not going to 2nd guess a ref who stops it when he sees this

      I think everything hinges on Cain-JDS 3. If JDS wins I could see them giving Cormier the next shot and make Werdum-Brown a number 1 contenders. Otherwise I think it’s Cain-Werdum and Barnett gets Browne. If Mir doesn’t retire I’m guessing it’s Overeem so they can at least wright one of those ships.

      • The Gaijin says:

        I did like the response that Josh gave about the finish. I think it sums up all sides pretty tidily and is an intelligent response given the “controversy”:

        “The potential was there for it to be (an) early (stoppage),” Barnett said. “I understood the ref just saw him drop and so he figured he was out. But I come from the old school. I remember watching guys getting mounted and the crap just pounded out of them, where they easily would have been stopped, and then watch the guy on top gas, get reversed and get finished.

        ” … I understand Frank’s frustration. But I feel like there was no getting out of that, personally. I feel it was the beginning of the end, but that’s what I’m supposed to feel.”

        Also, look at John’s GIF and see Mir’s reaction in the post-fight presser and it’s not hard to realize why everyone hates this dickwad. He’s so full of shit he even works himself:

        “…actually, I took the knee, and I remember going, ‘S–t, I’m in a bad position.’ So that’s why I dropped my other knee from out under me, so I could drop to the ground to make sure I didn’t take a second one. I didn’t belly out. I didn’t flatten out. I actually tried to re-dig my underhook so that I could get a single(-leg takedown).”

        Sure, Frank. That’s exactly it.

  8. The Gaijin says:

    Also, why on earth would you immediately go to Aldo vs. Pettis? They finally have a fresh champ at LW, their deepest division, and they’re going to burn up 6+ months and tie up the belt for a fight with the champ in another weightclass? Just stupid. Let’s watch him defend a couple times maybe.

    • Steve4192 says:

      I agree.

      Aldo-Pettis sounds awesome, but Showtime needs to handle his business at LW first. At the very least, let’s see Pettis-Grant and Aldo-Lamas first.

  9. david m says:

    I called Pettis and Barnett–feels good to be right.

    Barnett IMO is #4 hw in the world after JDS/Cain/Cormier.

    Mir should retire; he is totally shot and has taken far too many hellacious beatings. Stoppage was fine in my opinion; Mir collapsed in a heap and was only going to take more brain trauma.

    I was impressed by Mendes; he made Clay Guida look like a club-level fighter.

    • Chuck says:

      “Barnett IMO is #4 hw in the world after JDS/Cain/Cormier.”

      What about Werdum? Werdum is probably number three or four.

      • david m says:

        Werdum is up there. I always forget about him. I think Werdum vs Barnett would be a great fight; two ground wizards whose striking games have really improved. I think I would favor Josh because he is a better wrestler and probably a more natural striker.

    • RST says:

      Could be.
      I’d like to see barnett against a more reliable measuring stick.
      A win over Bigfoot would impress me more for instance.
      Or as Chuck says Verdum.

      I’d also like to see him tested until his arm looks like a courtney love arm.

  10. RST says:

    I just read that Rothwell is on TRT too now.
    So whats the point of having an athletic commissions again?
    To collect fee’s for okaying your steroids?

    This is becoming so gross its making me consider just not watching MMA anymore until they do something about it.

    I dont want to watch Vitor fights, or chael fights, or barnett fights, or hendo fights anymore.
    I have no interest in watching a bunch of cheaters blatantly cheating.

    • Steve4192 says:

      They aren’t cheating.

      I’m all for banning TRT TUEs, but until that happens, you can’t blame the athletes for taking advantage of a shitty loophole in the rules. It’s up to the commissions/promoters to close that loophole, not the athletes.

      • edub says:

        Tell that to Barry Bonds.

      • RST says:

        Its pretty much established that Barnett has been popped repeatedly over the last ten years, and has avoided being tested for the last ten years, I think its my prerogative,
        like Bobby Brown, to razz josh barnett for the 10 years that he bullshitted! If he is still clean, 10 years from now, then we’ll call it even!


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