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Joe Rogan says Lloyd Irvin is mad about marketing sales rant

By Zach Arnold | May 2, 2013

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For his Monday radio show (4/29/2013), Joe Rogan had some words to say about the now-infamous Lloyd Irvin. For those trying to find articles on why Irvin is a newsworthy subject, Brent Brookhouse at Bloody Elbow gives you all the ammunition you need to know.

After Lloyd Irvin previously apologized for purchasing, calling the move “in poor taste,” similar websites were purchased again last month and, again, are now marketing sites for Irvin’s gym and endeavors.

According to Rogan on his Tuesday radio show, Irvin called him up and was pissed about what Rogan had to say.

Here is what Rogan had to say about Irvin’s alleged phone call to him on Tuesday:

JOE ROGAN: “So I got to talk about something because on the podcast yesterday we talked about this web site, um… where, uh… this guy Lloyd Irvin has this, uh, marketing web site and we were making fun of it and so he called up me today. He was upset that we made fun of it, but I told him I said, listen, we can’t make fun of something that’s not stupid. And if something looks ridiculous, I mean like you insult people’s intelligence and that then there becomes humor, you know? And his attitude is very interesting because he’s a very successful marketer and one thing I got to say is like is I don’t know, LIKE the guy’s had some issues I know but I don’t know both sides of the story, I just know all the bullshit and the rumors that you hear on the Internet. But as far as like what he’s been able to do, he’s a phenomenal marketer. Like this guy figured out how to get like way bigger schools than anybody else has ever to do and then teaches people how to do it and it’s super effective.”

STUDIO: “He’s the Whitney of jiu-jitsu.”

JOE ROGAN: “The Whitney Cummings?”

STUDIO: “Yeah.”

JOE ROGAN: “Yeah, you love her, dude, you like bring her up all the time. She’s your example of like a hard worker.”

STUDIO: “Yeah.”

JOE ROGAN: “Well, the dude’s definitely a hard worker. But I think in that style of marketing, it leaves you so open to be criticized and I’m aware of that personally myself because of my involvement with Onnit because there’s been times where the people at Onnit have made like an ad or something or said something that I thought was ridiculous so I made fun of it on the show.”

[discussion about a guy kissing his biceps in ad]

JOE ROGAN: “My point is I make, look, I make fun of myself. I think the only reason why someone would not want to be made fun of is first of all you think it would effect your business which is valid but also because you don’t want to look at the fact that what you’re doing is fucking ridiculous.”

STUDIO: “You don’t want to look foolish, that’s most of it.”

JOE ROGAN: “Yeah.”

STUDIO: “You’re making fun of me. It’s like, well…”

JOE ROGAN: “This is what I told him, this is the other thing I told Lloyd because I like Lloyd, you know, my interactions with him have always been cool even though I think the marketing shit’s insulting. I said you need to do this, if you’re going to do these things, and then give them to somebody to look at, somebody who’s like a critical person, who’s going to go no, no, no, no, no. Send them to me, I’ll tell you what the fuck’s wrong with it. You can’t make people think that you think they’re stupid, you can’t because then you’re funny. Because then you become funny, you become a silly person. When you know you write drafts to yourself, he wrote an e-mail to himself and got busted like writing an e-mail and pretending that it was this expert that was e-mailing him.”

STUDIO: “Uhuh.”

JOE ROGAN: “And the way he looked at it was very different.”

STUDIO: “Yeah but who does he hang out with, like Mr. T?”

JOE ROGAN: “This is how he looked at it, it was very fascinating. He was like, if you saw an ad on TV and a celebrity is endorsing something, do you think they really say those words? Like, they’re reading something that someone wrote.”

STUDIO: “Oh, yeah.”

JOE ROGAN: “So, I thought it was interesting. Like, that’s how he looked at it. So, he looked at it like he’s creating a bit of fiction but ultimately his product is legitimate, that’s how he looked at it. Which is, I kind of, I see that.”

STUDIO: “Kind of a leap, though. Celebrities endorse something…”

JOE ROGAN: “Not really, if the product wasn’t legitimate I would say, yes. But since the product… I know for a fact that that guy has made a lot of people a lot of money with his techniques, like his marketing techniques. He’s made them a lot of fucking money, so it does work. So, it’s interesting that he’s saying. So, what he’s saying is like…”

STUDIO: “That’s like what Disney had. Disney had that with people coming out of a movie and everyone was saying, ‘oh, it was great, it was amazing!’ and then you found out later that they’re all Disney employees. I mean, it’s like…. it’s like you’re making people believe that this person is not this person, you’re misleading them.”

JOE ROGAN: “It’s dishonest. You treat them like they’re fools and then it becomes funny.”

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17 Responses to “Joe Rogan says Lloyd Irvin is mad about marketing sales rant”

  1. bluerosekiller says:

    IMO, Lloyd Irvin is a lowly scam artist that rips people off by selling them the same regurgitated nonsense over & over again, which he then sends out in the form of shoddily produced packages of bootleg quality garbage that he somehow manages to get people to pay him thousands upon thousands of dollars for. It’s CRAZY!
    And then there’s his being the Jim Jones/David Koresh of BJJ, the sexual harassment/exploitation of his female students/team members & rape business…
    No, to my knowledge, he hasn’t been brought up on any charges yet, but I think it’s only a matter of time.
    When one takes into account what so many former students & former franchisees are now saying, the mass exodus of most of his competition team etc., the guy is seriously bad news.
    I’m actually a bit ashamed of Rogan for not being harsher on him.

  2. mitch says:

    I am not mad at Joe for showing some class and respect even if “MASTA” Lloyd irvin doesnt really seem to deserve much these days. But as a long time joe rogan experience podcast fan i must politely correct the translation you made of that podcast- okay here it is- The guest of the podcast was Ari Shaffir who is a comedian and friend of Joe’s. He was the the one who used Whitney Cummings as an example not Redban. Ari appearantly brings her name up alot as Joe said and he made me laugh so hard when he said ” you like use her as an example of a hard worker??? The podcast the day before this was just Joe and Redban and they talked about a nameless person who has this website that is GOOFY to say the least and appears to be praying on the weak IDIOTS who would want to be serious players or ballers! Then Redban accidentally showed Irvins face on that website and Joe got mad so he had to admit he was talking about Irvin but at first he didnt mention any names. I understand alot of people are mad at irving and they should be probably? but Joe has to see these people and interact with them and isnt like some of us who just see Irvin on the internet and never hafta see him in person and talk to him

  3. RST says:

    Lloyd Irvin?

    (I’m feeling so less then hip right now.)

    I dont know anything about BJJ.

    But after looking into this Loyd Irvin phenomena and reading an article on BE I’m almost immediately confronted with this icey little gem:

    “Everyone on the team follows the principle of the Android. An Android does what they are commanded with no question and no hesitation.”

    these cult deals often dont work out the way they’re telling you it will.

    Unless you’re at the TOP of the pyramid with Tom Cruise and Loyd Irvin.

  4. 45 Huddle says:

    Do people take anything Joe Rogan says seriously?

    The man is a fantastic commentator, but anytime he goes into his opinions about anything…. He comes across as an idi#t.

    From the conspiracy theories to his BJJ Nuthuggery…. The man is slightly crazy….

  5. 45 Huddle says:

    Alvarez vs. Bellator is going to trial according to both sides. This isn’t going to end good for either side.

    Alvarez, whether he wins or loses, will be paying a lot of lawyer fees and probably won’t be fighting for about 18 months. That is a huge layoff for a guy in his prime years and without an injury. If he loses the court case, it will be special kinds of funny watching him either sitting out for 40 months or fighting for Bellator again….

    For Bellator…. This is a ton of bad press…. And they are scaring away any sort of decent prospects. This is probably why they have guys like Doug Marshall winning their tournaments now. Fighters are afraid to sign with them.

    • Manapua says:

      UFC Huddle rants about Bellator on a story that has NOTHING to do with them? Shocking!!!

      Doug Marshall would knock you out quick BTW.

      • The Gaijin says:

        Dude – give it a rest, you sound like a crazy stalker!

        This site doesn’t really have “threads” so everyone, not just 45, post on different topics in the latest story if they’re news. Like Bellator or not, he’s right…this is terrible for everyone involved, especially Alvarez who could be making BIG paydays in the UFC…and Doug Marshall is a journeyman slugger and if he’s winning your tournaments, they’re one step above regional mma. He washed out of the WEC LHW division before it folded up b/c it was so low talent.

        Just a note – you sound like a total toolbox saying a trained pro fighter could “knock [you] out quick” to someone commenting on something as if that’s supposed to make a point.

        • Manapua says:

          No a stalker would be the one commenting on every story about the same thing like a broken record of negativity. He doesn’t like Bellator or Doug Marshall we get it already from the past 1,000 times he has said it.

        • Manapua says:

          Are you saying fighters can never improve unless they do it in the UFC? Doug Marshall dropped down a weight and is easily one of the hardest punchers in MMA PFP. People can come back after a down slide and he’s proof of that. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he knocked out Schlemenko.

        • Manapua says:

          The UFC took Randy Couture, BJ Penn, Ken Shamrock and Frank Shamrock to court and it didn’t stop fighters from signing with them.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          Hmmmm….. I talked bad about a UFC Commentator and a fighter who signed a UFC Contract here…. Yes, I am really just bashing Bellator here….

          Sure guys can improve…. But Doug Marshall is 36…. He was 1-3 in his last 4 fights before going 4-0 in Bellator. One of those losses was to Zelg Galesic…. The same guy who has losses to Alexander Schlemenko, Ronaldo Souza, & Kazushi Sakuraba.

          When Bellator first started, it was signing good solid prospects like Eddie Alvarez, Cole Konrad, & Ben Askren. Now they are getting tournament winners out of guys like Doug Marshall.

          And it is a direct result of the way they are treating fighters. All of the major camps are afraid to sign their biggest prospects to them because of the legal issues surrounding trying to free yourself from their contracts. When the UFC lets people go, they let them go. When Bellator lets a fighter go, then then claim dibs on them when anybody else tries to sign them.

          It is no accident that the WSOF (which has its own issues) is getting the fighters Bellator should be cleaning up with.

          They are hurting their future business for the sake of the now…. It is bad…

        • 45 Huddle says:

          I always laugh when people try to compare Couture situation to the Alvarez one. Couture still had FIGHTS LEFT ON HIS CONTRACT. Alvarez has no fights left and Bellator is making a dubious claim that they are making a true match. Just based on what Jones/Sonnen is being rumored to pull in for PPV Buys (a card Alvarez should have been on), they have cost Alvarez a lot of money in his career that they could never give him.

          Ken Shamrock sued them and lost.

          When did Zuffa ever sue Frank Shamrock?

          As for the Penn suit…. It was more an issue of Penn’s ego….

          “4) BJ Penn v. Zuffa: Hawaiian superstar BJ Penn was sick of the UFC paying him in pineapples, so after choking out welterweight champ Matt Hughes at UFC 46, he demanded better compensation or he was hitting the road. Zuffa suggested he hit the road. But Penn, with lawsuit and UFC belt in hand, felt that possession was nine/tenths of the law and that there could be no welterweight championship bout unless he was one half of it. The judge disagreed on certain aspects of Penn’s argument. However, when it became clear that the case was going to drag on into the later rounds and cardio was going to be a factor, Penn opted to settle. He was tired, you know.”

          Bellator on the other hand…. They let fighters go, and then hold up their careers when they try to sign with anybody else. It is a horrible practice that has effected more then 5 fighters and hurt their careers. And now they are saying they matched Alvarez, but when it comes to real dollars, Alvarez would make much less in Bellator.

          As of right now, they are bad for the sport more then good….

        • Manapua says:

          UFC Huddle nothing is good for Bellator that comes out your mouth. It’s all negative predictions that you have completely wrong on to this point and it’s left you bitter. The broken record continues……

        • 45 Huddle says:

          And you didn’t refute one of the things I said.

          The bottom line is that Bellator is purposely screwing up fighters careers just to get vengeance on them.

          And you can dispute me on this all you want, but the proof is out there. They are unable to sign any decent prospects because of their antics and now they are getting the leftovers of the UFC, WSOF, and even some of the smaller organizations.

        • Manapua says:

          I can refute all day but much like on the UG you won’t listen. Thankfully everyone there already knows you’re an idiot. Alvarez could’ve waited 9 months and been free to sign the UFC but he tried to start a bidding war and it blew up in his face. He will lose in court and is losing his marbles on twitter right now because of it.

  6. Manapua says:

    Eddie agreed in writing to stay with Bellator if they matched the dollars in the UFC’s best offer and they did period.

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