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Ruben Guerrero really wants you to look at Floyd Mayweather Jr. as a woman beater

By Zach Arnold | May 2, 2013

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What a way to promote a fight in a devoutly Christian manner.

There’s a reason the rhetoric can’t hide Robert Guerrero remaining an 8-to-1 underdog against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Did he decide to watch the anti-MMA forces in New York last week accuse UFC of promoting fighters who encourage rape and sexist insults? And why aren’t these forces out in Las Vegas this week to protest the Mayweather/Guerrero fight?

Here’s a pro-Mayweather puff piece from Tim Smith in the New York Daily News about Mayweather being a changed man.

He’s Ruben Guerrero, father of Robert Guerrero, praising Roger Mayweather and dumping on Floyd Mayweather Sr. & Jr.

“Oh, I respect him, he’s one of the best, man! Him, he’s a clown! He’s a clown. Roger’s the best trainer, baby! Roger should be the main guy. I want to fight a real guy that knows what he’s doing, not a loser.”

“He started this shit, he started his crap, he ran his mouth, talking shit, he’s going to do this to me, he’s going to do that. Hey, I’m for real, I don’t hide behind nobody. I go to the death, that’s what we do, we go down to the wire, to the death, baby. They’re going to have to kill us in this fight because we’re going to win, baby.”

“I’m a nice guy right now, before I was worse. I would have dragged his ass right away if I wanted to. I’m calm now, I would have dragged him right away. I would have knocked his ass out, whatever.”

“Look at the way he’s talking about my son, he’s a hypocrite. He don’t talk about his story, right? Hitting his woman, his kids, in front of his wife. Hitting his wife in front of his kids, all this bullshit, you know. I read all that bullshit on the Internet, man, you know, that’s not right when you hit a woman in front your kids, you know? Hey, that’s why man, you know, hey… we’re going to find out when he gets in the ring because he’s going to fight a real man.”

“I’m letting it out with my heart. This is not to get under his skin. We’re ready to go, baby, we’re ready to go.”

Robert may be getting ready to go to Rikers after the fight when New York throws the book at him over gun charges.

In response to Ruben, Floyd Sr. was busy showing off his hand speed to anyone who cared to watch and claimed Ruben wouldn’t last more than a round or two with him in the ring if they had a charity boxing match.

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6 Responses to “Ruben Guerrero really wants you to look at Floyd Mayweather Jr. as a woman beater”

  1. Chris says:

    Floyd Sr. vs Ruben Guerrero might be more competitive than what we see on Saturday night.

  2. RST says:

    “And why aren’t these forces out in Las Vegas this week to protest the Mayweather/Guerrero fight?”

    1. We already know that new york is a boxing town and MMA is a rival to boxing.

    Like wallstreet, it has imbedded tentacles and a vested interest in continuing the dysfunctional environment of professional boxing.

    (Yes I know that Boxing makes some impressive paydays so how can it be dysfunctional?! Murika is a dysfunctional place. In no small part due to new yorks influence over popular news media.)

    2. The ole race card.

    It would be racist to call out a successful black fellow like maywheather for insulting asians or for beating his wife.

    But trashing MMA is a progressive thing to do.
    Especially in new york.

    Because there are a lot of white guys in MMA.

    (Remember when arum called MMA porn for nazi’s or something along those lines.)

    White guys are well represented in MMA compared to boxing because there is a lot of wrestling involved.

    While (murikan) white guys remain almost non-existant in any display of modern professional boxing.

    • RST says:

      it seems almost obvious that those womens groups in ny where brought in by whatever powerful local interest to do what they did.

      Why else would they show up with absolutely no logical argument or evidence except a membership card and “they claim”.

      Screeching mercenaries if you will.

      (Which doesn’t say much for the legitimacy of these womens groups or the feminist rhetoric they represent IMO.)

      Apparently there is no equivalent political interest in LV who wants to hire these ladies to direct their talents onto mayweather.

  3. liger05 says:

    Is Floyd going to get less PPV buys on showtime?

  4. Fluyid says:

    Guerrero’s dad was 0 and 7 as a pro boxer and got stopped 6 times:

    That surely doesn’t translate to street fights or whatever, but just saying.

  5. Steve says:

    That’s NOT his dad’s record on Boxrec. Wrong hometown and wrong time frame. Hometown is and always has been Gilroy, CA.


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