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Carlos Condit can’t fight GSP & Nick Diaz can’t live in a good neighborhood

By Zach Arnold | November 1, 2011

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Agent Malki Kawa released a statement to Inside MMA regarding UFC pushing Carlos Condit to the side in order to book Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz for their Super Bowl weekend PPV event in Las Vegas. The message is delivered to you courtesy of Kenny Rice as Superman, Bas Rutten as Captain America, Ben Askren as a golden pimp, Tyron Woodley tripping out, and Don Frye as… Don Frye.

We are obviously disappointed in the UFC’s decision to cancel its commitment with Carlos Condit to give another fighter an opportunity at the Welterweight title based on emotional reactions from UFC 137. Contrary to what has been stated, Carlos did not step aside to allow this to happen, and would not just hand over an opportunity for him to achieve his greatest career goal, one that he has earned through his strong performances in the Octagon. No option was given to him.

For the second time in less than two weeks, Carlos has had an opportunity swept out from beneath his feet. He has shown nothing but pure class in his drive to the title, and will continue to do so. Carlos does not need motivation to fight for the title, he already has it. This situation will only motivate Carlos more. He will move forward and continue to train at the level that has made him the legitimate number one contender for the UFC Welterweight championship, and he is looking forward to the opportunity to earn that title.

I guess there won’t be main event butt patch ad negotiations any time soon. Ben Askren is not down with the way UFC has handled the situation.

“Yeah, if the UFC guarantees you a fight they should follow through on the guarantee even if that means making (Nick) Diaz wait. So, I could see where he’s real upset.”

Mr. Woodley doesn’t find the situation cool, either.

“I don’t think any fighter should step to the side. If you’re in this sport not to be in the #1 guy in the world and to be a champion, I mean it’s too grueling of a sport and too hard for you to be training just for you to be sitting around, you know, for giggles. So, I think, you know, any fighter in their right mind would never step to the side. And I don’t believe in a line. If you can jump the line, jump the line. Because on any day, any fighter can beat anybody. You get that chance, you take it. I can see his frustration. I definitely would be frustrated.”

Meanwhile, Nick Diaz wants you to know that he’s getting no sympathy from anyone about his struggles in life.

“I go running all the time around my neighborhood, you know, out of the bad neighborhood and into a good neighborhood where I like to run. I run by these nice, huge houses with these big yards and fountains everywhere and they have these people have like their, you know, little picnic patio, little side yard, pool, all this stuff, right? Then I take the circle around and go back into my neighborhood where my car gets robbed, you know, (people) out in front of my house looking for cigarette butts or something or some friends might have left some or its, you know…. It’s ridiculous.

“My brother moved and it’s like… it’s a long story, man. I don’t go buying a house in the middle of all this training. I didn’t go to school for that, you know? I started training jiu-jitsu when I was 16 years old. I went at it 100% because I already knew I could beat all these guys. So… If I had a half of a second to kind of situate something, then you know that’d be that. Everyone wants to make their little jokes and laugh and Dana says something and all you guys laugh at me. That’s not funny, all right? A fighter just backed out of the fight like Georges did, I could have gotten my life together. Yeah, I could have thrown some money on something, right? And I wouldn’t have nothing to complain about. But, unfortunately, that’s not the situation I’ve been in and nobody knows what it is, you know. But it is what it is and it’s not a good time.”

Don Frye has decided to step in and bring us some life wisdom:

“I saw some gal so beautiful, man, I’ll tell you… I’d drag my pecker in a mile of shattered glass just to stand in the shadow and…”

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50 Responses to “Carlos Condit can’t fight GSP & Nick Diaz can’t live in a good neighborhood”

  1. Aunt Jemima says:

    Wnat’s White gonna do in a situation like this? Here he sits with a white hot match that’s gonna do way north of a million ppv,he’s got Diaz performing like a madman on the mic at the presser he strikes while the irons’ hot. The little talk with Condit’s people is just a formality.

  2. Kalle says:

    Dana White did the right business move, sure, but going back on an unconditional promise that Condit would get the next title fight makes him look bad. I’m sure he can survive the minor hit to his reputation but I wonder if Zuffa is compensating Condit for the fact that he lost out on both this main event pay and his guaranteed title shot.

  3. Mr.roadblock says:

    Condit didn’t earn a title shot. He was working his way towards one. But he was given a shot when UFC got upset with Nick Diaz. GSP took away Condits shot and payday when whatever “tweak” he had popped up.

    Condit is right where he was going into last week. One fight away from a title shot.

    Diaz deserves the shot. Condit should fight a top guy. If he wins he gets a crack at the champ.

    • Tomer says:

      Except that Dana White retained the title shot for Condit after GSP pulled out, which led to Condit not fighting on UFC 137. I would say the equitable thing to do, given that he forfeited a fight on the card and a payday on the belief he would still get the GSP shot, would be to give Condit his base pay as ‘step aside’ money in lieu of not fighting on UFC 137 and let Diaz-GSP happen; problem solved.

      • Alan Conceicao says:

        You know what’s wrong with the MMA fan base? Its the only one, best I can tell, that will vociferously defend to the death having guys who don’t deserve title shots get them over people who do based on ridiculous criteria like “but the promoter promised!”

        • Tomer says:

          Given that I was talking about the equitable nature of messing around with Condit by guaranteeing his fight with GSP after GSP pulled out, leading to him not fighting at UFC 137 and then backing out of the guarantee in order to push Diaz (whom I never denied was more deserving of the shot) to the shot. Just because a guy isn’t deserving of a shot doesn’t mean he can’t get screwed around by the promoter and that there should be an equitable resolution. Thanks for the ad hom troll, though, much appreciated.

        • Tomer says:

          Plus, a legal argument could potentially be made that there was promissory estoppel in the situation given that Condit forbear from taking an alternative fight on UFC 137 following White’s guarantee, if we’re going to get into legalese and try to differentiate a mere promise from an arguably binding action.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          Alan is correct.

        • Tomer says:

          If you say so.

        • nottheface says:

          Huh? I don’t see where you found evidence that the MMA fan base “will vociferously defend to the death having guys who don’t deserve title shots” from Tomer’s comments. He only suggested that Condit be paid the money he will be missing out on because he did not take fight at UFC 137 and is also missing out on a headlining bout, because – and this is important – he was promised that they would hold the title shot for him.

        • Tomer says:

          Glad to see someone isn’t just completely ignoring what I’m saying and ad homming/straw manning me. Thanks, nottheface.

        • Alan Conceicao says:

          If Condit is taking Dana’s word of a guarantee as being a binding verbal contract that he has a fight and his manager agrees, then he’s an idiot. The UFC doesn’t owe him a damn thing.

        • Tomer says:

          Too bad promissory estoppel and the law don’t work in the manner by which you describe. If White publicly announced that Condit was still next in line (which he did, as seen here: and then revokes the public promise after Condit gave up his chance to make money at UFC 137 with an alternative opponent, the court would (more than likely) side with Condit in that there was a clear promise made which led to his forbearance in signing a make-up fight at UFC 137 in return for the shot later and either White would have to compensate him for the lost fight opportunity or give him the shot anyway. Of course, the legal fees would probably make such legal action untenable (plus the inevitable backlash), but if I was White, I would pay off Condit to appease him, given the circumstances.

          That’s why it’s foolish to ever make a public promise on anything and to only allow agreements in writing rather than verbal promises, since they can bite you in the ass.

        • Alan Conceicao says:

          Oh lord, a chance for someone to flex imaginary lawyer muscle. Yeah, the law could definitely protect Condit from one thing but it would only demolish his relationship with the UFC and lead to his inevitable cutting and disappearance into obscurity. This based on a bunch of assumptions being made off of what people who lie for a living have said.

        • Tomer says:

          And all I’m saying is that White isn’t in the clear here and the equitable solution would be to pay off Condit and move on. You disagree?

        • Tomer says:

          Honestly, this tangent has gone on forever and it looks like we’re going to not come to any consensus, so I’ll call it a draw and move on.

        • Alan Conceicao says:

          In a perfect world, Condit had a contract to fight GSP and was paid step aside money. In the world in which we exist, the UFC iced Condit in case Penn won, he didn’t, and now he will be offered a fight with someone else. That is what it is. I don’t think Pettis or Condit have serious legal cases in not getting their “promised” title fight and I really don’t care that they don’t either.

        • mr. roadblock says:

          I would be surprised if Condit wasn’t given at least his show money for the 10/29 fight. That has been the UFC practice in the past when an opponent dropped out. In some case with undercard guys they were given show plus win money. Condit’s win bonus may have been a lot though for stepping up on late notice to take on GSP.

          Condit should fight Anthony Johnson on the Super Bowl show. I’d like to see him fight the Fitch/Hendricks winner but that would be too short of a turnaround for that guy.

        • Alan Conceicao says:

          Johnson is booked already to fight Vitor Belfort (of all people) at middleweight in Brazil. How about Jake Ellenberger in a rematch? Its not like Ellenberger didn’t give Condit all he could handle or hasn’t won against a marquee elite fighter. I’m sure his team will want him protected, but that’s up to Dana to see happen or not happen. I’d hate to see the UFC start protecting the Carlos Condit’s of the world. Ugh.

    • free agent says:

      How can someone say Condit has not earned a title shot. In his last few fights he has put on amazing shows. He took out Hardy in far less time than it took GSP and in my opinion is far more entertaining to watch fight. Diaz is also a great fighter, but because someone talks shit, shouldn’t get them a title shot.
      Condit deserves this fight. Diaz could not even finish a badly beaten BJ Penn. I can tell you many true MMA fans will not be watching this match between a wet blanket and a shit talker. BOOO GSP vs. Diaz

  4. 45 Huddle says:

    No matter what people would be hating on Dana White for this one. Either he keeps Condit and people say he is being foolish. Or he uses Diaz and people say he screwed Condit. Some people are never happy.

    Askren better stay as far away from anything UFC at this point. After his fight with Hieron, we all know how a stint in the UFC would go. The guy talks bigger then his game is.

    • Ben! says:

      It’s not “some people are never happy,” actually. This is a hard concept to grasp for a lot of folks on the internet, it seems, but there are different groups of people with different opinions. Some people would be happy if Condit got the shot that was initially given to him. Others are happy that Diaz got the opportunity instead.

      • 45 Huddle says:

        Sure, some people have different view points. But most online just want to complain. Dana White was in a no win situation here for some people.

        Hemade the right decision…. And people should get over it.

        • nottheface says:

          We wouldn’t even be discussing this if Dana White had not made the statement that Condit was going to get the next title fight no matter the outcome of Penn/Diaz. He made it a no win situation for himself all on his own.

        • edub says:

          He needs a censor for situations just like this. If he never would have made that comment nobody would be having this conversation. It’s not a big deal, because people will get over it in a week but it was an avoidable chain of events.

          If he hadn’t promised the shot to Condit, Carlos might have actually taken a short notice Ellenberger or Koscheck too.

          In hindsight, the best thing to do probably was just move Penn from the event and have Condit vs. Diaz for the true #1 contender spot.

      • Aunt Jemima says:

        The thing is, nobody actually wants to see Condit fight St.Pierre, save for Condits’ camp and immediate family.Alternatively,we now have the first real megafight since 2010 to look forward to.White meanwhile has a fight org to run and a fanbase to serve.It’s a decision that makes itself.

        • Tradition Rules says:

          I wouldn’t say that at all: I was really looking forward to this match up and was disappointed when GSP was injured.

          Personally, I think Condit is deserving of a title shot and really don’t think anyone is AGAINST his getting one.

  5. Chris says:

    I think Nick Diaz needs a translator.

  6. Michael Rome says:

    Just when you thought Malki couldn’t be any stupider, he goes and blows his client’s chance to get a nice fat bonus and a new contract for playing Dana’s game.

    • Jonathan Snowden says:

      He’s going to mess around and get one of his clients Sherked.

      • 45 Huddle says:

        I think if Cesar Gracie doesn’t watch out, he is going to talk Nick Diaz into a fight with Jon Fitch next….

        • Jonathan Snowden says:

          Cesar is promoting a fight. The other guy is calling the promoter a liar. It’s, perhaps, a different situation.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          I agree…. But Gracie is certainly walking a fine line with the money talk and some of his other comments.

  7. edub says:

    Why is anybody surprised or pissed off at this?

    IMO Condit was more deserving of a title shot, because of the better record against tougher competition recently. However, Diaz won emphatically against big name. He sells the fight well being the bad guy, and he has supposedly “enraged” GSP. On top of that he has a damn good win streak going.

    Funny how we’re arguing talking about two guys getting/not getting title shots when they’d probably lose to over half of the WW top ten. I’d take Ellenberger, Shields, Fitch, Koscheck, or Johnson ahead of either in a fight.

    • edub says:

      Diaz’s opinions on his own situation monetarily are kinda out there, but you gotta wonder if the continued speak will get any media with a broader reach interested in Zuffa’s payout policies.

      • Jason Harris says:

        What’s bizarre is when you get stuff like….”well yeah, I could buy a nicer house, but uhh I didn’t go to school for that or anything…”

        WTF? The guy complains that he’s not making enough money then turns around and complains that he doesn’t have time to spend all his money and move to a nicer house, like his brother (who makes much less than him) has done already.

        • edub says:


          In a way it reminds me of the Mayweather-Pacman drug testing fiasco. Mayweather was obviously an idiot the way he went about it (especially after Manny agreed to the demands, and PBF still didn’t sign), but the all the drama now has many more people in boxing undergoing Olympic style drug testing.

          It has set that precedent in the public eye that Olympic style testing is 100% better than the way athletic commissions do things.

          I could see something similar happening here. Somebody in the news community picking up Diaz’s remarks, and running with them.

    • Jason Harris says:

      I pretty much agree with this post 100%

  8. 45 Huddle says:

    Random thought of the day….

    If Strikeforce is to stick around on Showtime, it should feature:

    1) 3 Female Women’s Weight Classes
    2) Bantamweight Division
    3) Flyweight Division

    I think that’s how Zuffa can make this work. I think it is becoming painfully obvious that the UFC fanbase doesn’t really care too much for Bantamweight right now. And the UFC can certainly use the space on their cards to push the bigger weight classes.

    i wonder if that is what they are pitching to Showtime….

    • mr. roadblock says:

      I think UFC needs to keep SF around as a feeder brand.

      Where guys like Ramsey Nijem and Daniel Downes and Caros Fodor can put on fun fights and develop. On one hand it lesses the UFC brand to have green fighters in it. On the other hand those guys have super fun fights and they should get air time, rather than being stuck on Facebook prelims. So it would be a win/win. Protect the brand and build up the guys.

      Although maybe things are just fine the way they are now. Because there is a distinction between being a main card and prelim guy. I don’t know.

      • Alan Conceicao says:

        Do you think Showtime wants to pay $750K a show for women’s fights and Ramsey Nijen? I can see them paying like $100K a show for that, but I’m not sure the UFC can really make money that way.

        • mr. roadblock says:

          Probably not. But they could keep it pretty much as is right now. I’d keep all the weights in SF. Have it be for new guys and guys rebuilding their name.

          Personally, I would be happy if I never saw another women’s, bantamweight or flyweight fight again. I’m not much of a featherweight fan either. They can lose those fights too as far as I’m concerned.

          I like 155-205 and a good heavyweight fight. Yes to me seeing a washed up Cro Cop and fat Roy Nelson is more exciting than watching two little jockeys fly around the ring and Joe Rogan yell “they’re so fast, they’re so technical.” That’s just code for we’re headed to the judges. At least the HW’s can end the fight at any point in time with a KO.

        • Alan Conceicao says:

          I got no problems with the little guys, but like the UFC, I don’t have any faith in the depth of the weight classes or any real vested interest in watching those guys fight right now. Plus, with 15 minute fights, they aren’t going to finish each other. They’re built for exciting fights that go 25 minutes. Everything else is a “who cares” to me. Still, I don’t know why they would waste their time with another crappy fake promotion with crappy belts for another 2 years when they have a new TV deal. Just release guys more often. Have more turnover. What, is Bellator going to sign 300 fighters?

        • mr. roadblock says:

          I was thinking of it from a branding perspective. And not wanting to have a ton of guys who fought one or two undercard fights running around the indy shows being billed as “UFC vet so and so”.

          But in thinking about that for the past five minutes or so, I guess that doesn’t really matter all that much. It doesn’t take anything away from the NFL when a guy who had a cup of coffee in the game like Mittrione or Bill Goldberg goes and does something else and says he played NFL football.

          Being an NFL or UFC star is still a big time, super respectable thing.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          I agree Alan…. Showtime isn’t wanting to get the leftovers.

          Which is why I think the only solution is to give them the best of the lower weight divisions.

          I don’t think the WEC merger has really been effective, so the weight classes should be cultivated more without the UFC Brand name behind it before they move them to the big stage.

        • Alan Conceicao says:

          The little guys can make money and draw. It can happen. They just don’t have people interesting enough to make it a reality. People wanted to see Faber fight because he was out there doing crazy amazing things and completely dominating his weight class (at least, that was the perception they sold). Aldo and Cruz really aren’t doing that. They win, but they haven’t looked like merciless uber-fighters since entering the UFC and seeing their level of competition increase. They may not have those kinds of fighters for awhile. Putting them on Showtime will only make people more upset and bothered and basically says “We give up”. Plus – why would Showtime want to pay premium money for something that’s a reject/got .3s with Versus?

          As far as “UFC vets” go – how many are there out there right now? Probably 100-150. Doubling that number doesn’t change a single thing. If guys lose their debut, cut them, move on. Lots of guys fought on ESPN2, Telefutura, or Showtime and never came back to US network TV in boxing, and no one complained about “continuity” or whatever. Besides, no one cares about the unaired undercards of these shows. No one bitches if they are terrible. That’s why they’re unaired or not part of PPV broadcasts.

    • Aunt Jemima says:

      Or how about this.With k1 out of business how about reverting it back to a big time kickboxing event with Scott Coker back in charge doing what he loves.I For one would love to see Zuffa take a stab at kickboxing promotion and the timing could’nt be better.

  9. EJ says:

    Anyone who knows me knows that i’m a big fan of Dana White and the way the UFC does business. But as of late i’ve felt a different tone and shift in the way they book fights and treat fighters that I don’t like. To me this was the last straw to pass over a much more deserving and loyal guy like Condit and give an untrustworthy piece of trash like Diaz a title shot is a joke.

    I can’t support something like that at all, so i’ll do the only thing I can do when I vastly disagree with a decision i’m going to boycott GSP vs. Diaz. That will be the first ppv I miss in years from Zuffa, to me Dana seems way too busy and way too reactionary as of late and this has led to several big mistakes on his part this being the biggest.

    For his and the companies sake I hope it doesn’t blow up in his face but if it does then it’ll be on him. I sure as hell hope that at the very least Condit got a big ass check for compensation that’s the least the UFC could do after pulling this bs.

    I really have to say i’m starting to waver alot on my trust of Dana and company, another decision like this and I might have to re-evaluate my support of that company. I love mma, but I can’t support anything that I don’t have full faith in.

  10. RST says:

    Just read that Condit may get blanket next.

    If thats true then dana/js is twisting the blade in Condits back now.

    And I guess Condit agreeing to fight his own teamy to help save danas show didn’t earn him any good grace.

    At all.


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