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After giving career & life advice on PBS’s Roadtrip Nation, Joe Rogan issues funny weed video

By Zach Arnold | October 8, 2011

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Over 80,000 hits on Youtube and I fully admit that I’ve watched this more than once. I love “Renato Laranja, 27 time world BJJ champion.” It starts off, appropriate enough, with Rogan coming out of the shower to show off. Within a few seconds, we get the great ‘debate’ on ‘heefer’ and ‘super heefer.’

When it comes to weed discussion, Rogan is unmatched. “Weed’s awesome for you.” When pressed on why he’s encouraging the youth of America to smoke pot, he deadpans the following:

“I don’t tell the children, I tell the adults.”

Renato brings up the argument that cars are legal but we don’t tell kids to drive before age 16.

“When I say cars are awesome, am I encouraging 10 years to go speed on the fucking highway? No.”

The issue of marijuana for medicinal purposes surfaces. “It’s a psychoactive compound, much like caffeine… nicotine… there’s a lot of legal things that are psychoactive.” The response from Renato is classic.

“You don’t hear what you say from your mouth. … They make you act like a psycho. How are you going to argue with that?”

After a deviation into California’s laws vs. the Feds law on marijuana dispensaries, Joe argues that the higher THC levels in today’s pot means you smoke less of it.

Unfortunately for Joe, news from The Emerald Triangle indicates that The War on Drugs is back in full effect in California.

Renato then talks about ‘friends’ he’s talked with on MySpace and Friendster. That people believe this is real is what makes the troll video so great. He claims that pot usage is leading to societal chaos.

“You smoke so much weed, you have glaucoma.”

To which Rogan replies, “Where’s the bodies? Where’s the disaster?”

Things devolve into a discussion about the merits of James Brown and his greatness.

“That’s ridiculous, that’s disrespectful. In my fucking country, don’t you ever shit on James Brown. I don’t go to Brazil and fuck with Pele and start shitting on Minotauro (Nogueira) or Helio Gracie. You don’t come to America and talk shit about James Brown, son.”

That’s why there’s Chael Sonnen, Joe.

In a great throwaway line that sadly has a bit of irony to it… “You want Nick Diaz and all those guys who smoke reefer and you want those guys in the UFC. You’re afraid to have a clean athlete.”

Rogan says he loves GSP but says it in the kind of way that a white person says they have black friends after cracking racist jokes. This gives Renato his opportunity to rant on GSP as being a greaser because BJ Penn said so. This is the perfect parody of a MMA message boarder.

Rogan finishes up his spiel by talking about Ronald Reagan ‘smoking mad weed,’ hanging out with a chimp and doing Bedtime for Bonzo while getting high and thinking about UFOs. Rogan leaves for his car and drives away. While following Rogan to his car, Renato goes into preacher mode.

“It’s a controlled substance. There’s statistics it can hurt your brain. I know that’s the same thing that makes you not believe the Bible. You don’t believe anything like that. … You’re going to have a lot of blood on your hands.”

It is a great 12 minutes, worthy of your time on a lazy Saturday to watch.

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6 Responses to “After giving career & life advice on PBS’s Roadtrip Nation, Joe Rogan issues funny weed video”

  1. Brendan says:

    Every few days I check to see if Eddie Bravo has put out a new 10th Planet vid, hoping for more Renato. His twitter account, is also bad-ass. Best Brazilian accent of all time.

  2. Stel says:

    WTF?! Whats up with Mr retarded, thats comedy right there. Sadly it looks like that pathetic Brazilian was not informed of his straight man role. Joe delivered the righteous beatdown on that planet of the apes reject.

    Maybe if that dude read the bible(if he could read) he would know that god gave to man the herbs to use. And its giving joe glaucoma?!!?!? Maybe he’s willfully ignorant and running for some political office, nobody could be that stupid could they? I mean how hard is it to type… marijuana glaucoma into a search engine?

    “Marijuana when smoked or eaten, reduced intraocular pressure by about 25% in several studies, a reduction as good as that obtained by most other medicines.”

    US government has supplied hundreds of pounds of pot to select patients over 3 decades
    “For the past three decades, Uncle Sam has been providing patients with some of the highest grade marijuana around as part of a little-known program that grew out of a 1976 court settlement and created the country’s first legal pot smoker. The program once provided 14 people government pot. Now, there are four left.

    Advocates for legalizing marijuana or treating it as a medicine say the program is a glaring contradiction in the nation’s 40-year war on drugs _ maintaining the federal ban on pot while at the same time supplying it.

    • Gary says:

      WWWHHHHOOOSSSSHHH!!!juse you didn’t pick up on it, Renato is not actually Brazilian, for that matter he’s not even Renato, his real name is Rhasaan Orange, best known for his acting on Day’s of Our Lives years ago. He created this character and he’s all over Eddie Bravo’s youtube page, and probably smokes the heefer himself

      Ed. — That’s why I called it a troll video. It’s brilliant comedy.

  3. Stel says:

    Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for approximately 4,000 years. Writings from ancient India confirm that its psychoactive properties were recognized, and doctors used it for a variety of illnesses and ailments. These included a whole host of gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia, headaches and as a pain reliever frequently used in childbirth.

    Read more:

    Few herbs offer a wide variety of therapeutic applications like these:

    Relief of muscle spasms

    Relief of chronic pain

    Reduction in interlobular pressure inside the eye

    Suppression of nausea

    Weight loss – increase and restore metabolism

    AIDS – Marijuana can reduce the nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting from the condition itself and the medications as well.

    Glaucoma – Marijuana relieves the internal eye pressure of glaucoma, and therefore relieving the pain and slowing or even stopping the condition.

    Cancer- Many side effects of the medication to stop cancer can be relieve with Marijuana, some studies suggest that Marijuana tends to slow down the progress of some types of cancer.

    Multiple Sclerosis – Muscle pain, spasticity, tremors and unsteadiness are some of the effects caused by the disease that can be relieved by Marijuana.

    Epilepsy – in some patients, epileptic seizures can be prevented with Marijuana use.

    Chronic pain – Marijuana helps to alleviate the pain caused from many types of injuries and disorders.

    Anxiety, Depression or Obsession – Even though mild anxiety is a common side effect in some users, cannabis can elevate your mood and expand the mind

    Read more:

  4. […] giving career & life advice on PBS’s Roadtrip Nation, Joe Rogan issues funny weed video on Fight Opinion: When it comes to weed discussion, Rogan is unmatched. “Weed’s awesome for you.” When pressed […]

  5. […] comments section will be copied into this post. Renato Laranja was not available for comment, but we know his prior comments to Joe Rogan last year: “You smoke so much weed, you have glaucoma. … They make you act like a psycho. How are you […]


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