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Satoshi Ishii files for divorce after nine months of marriage

By Zach Arnold | March 29, 2011

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He married a college student (age 19 at the time and now 20) and, after nine months, has divorced her. He addressed the press in Roppongi (Tokyo) and said he should have been more careful about the matter. In short, he got married last April and the divorce was filed in January, leading to where he is at today. The long-distance relationship thing did not work out for him considering that he’s been training in the States and fighting all over the world. With the divorce out of the way, he’s focusing 100% on his fight career.

Strangely, the press in Japan is still taking about him fighting Scott Lighty at the Strikeforce Challengers card in Stockton. That goes against this Sherdog report which lists the full card line-up.

Other news & notes

Yuichiro Nagashima’s pro-wrestling debut is now official for May 5th in Tokyo at Korakuen Hall for an event called “Bushiroad Pro-Wrestling.” Opponent to be announced in the near future.

Brock Lesnar will appear on ESPN2 at 4 PM EST/1 PM PST on Tuesday (Sportsnation) to promote the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. He’s been doing the media rounds yesterday and today to hype up Wednesday night’s debut on Spike. Here’s an extensive article talking about some of the comments he made to the mass media on Monday. did an interview recently with Urijah Faber talking about his thoughts coming out of the UFC 128 win over Eddie Wineland. UFC announced last Saturday that Faber and Cruz will fight for the promotion’s Bantamweight title in July in Las Vegas.

“I feel like, looking back at the fight, first off I wasn’t real happy that I didn’t get the finish. Eddie’s a really tough guy. He had a pretty good game plan. I feel like he was a little bit defensive which makes it tough especially when you’re working with another high-caliber guy, so I would have liked to have a little more action in the first round and maybe, you know, either been more successful with my takedowns in the first round or straight up just done stand-up in the first round. But looking back my head movement was incredible. I barely got hit the entire fight and I landed a lot of good punches, myself, so I was pretty happy with that. I also feel like I could have maybe opened up a little bit more on the ground and maybe let him scramble or try to look for some new positions but I felt pretty comfortable pounding him in the guard, he wasn’t doing much to get out there. So, all in all, it was a good fight but I felt like I could have done better.”

Regarding his stand-up technique and how he positions his hands:

“I’ve done a lot of sparring over the last how-ever-many years and just kind of things that have worked for me. I’ve also been a huge Roy Jones fan ever since I was a little kid so I’m sure I take some of that influence. I have a bunch of his tapes and I watch them all the time. But I feel like when I was in dangerous situations I did have my hands up and I feel like even if my hands are here they’re still kind of in my face, you know, with an inch or two. So it kind of looks like my hands are down sometimes but I’m still protecting my face. But, yeah I felt like it’s just kind of my style, head movement, foot work, and being fast.”

What surprised him or caught him off guard when he faced Eddie Wineland:

“Just kind of the clinch game, I wasn’t expecting him to want to stay in the clinch so much, you know, and it was smart on his part because I feel like I was the faster guy in there and also, you know, it was kind of unexpected for him to slow me down and so that was one thing that caught me off guard, But other than that, I felt pretty good, you know, I felt like I definitely controlled the fight. I didn’t take any damage at all and, you know, did some damage myself. So, it was a good fight.”

Whether or not he had nerves making his ‘debut’ in the UFC:

“I always feel different right when I’m coming out for a fight and I think there was a little bit of nerves in the UFC but I don’t know if it was then and there when I walked out but I think it was kind of more in the day prior, you know, with the weigh-in I’m still getting used to exactly how I refuel my body and things like that because even in college I never had 24 hours to recuperate from a (weight) cut, I would compete in an hour afterwards. So, I did feel a little bit different but I’ve been in bigger fights than that for me. I’ve been in fights with thousands of people in my home town screaming and on PPV so it was fairly similar.”

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2 Responses to “Satoshi Ishii files for divorce after nine months of marriage”

  1. edub says:

    I’ll probably never get married. Which really pisses my GF off…

    So Thiago Silva’s drug test came back “inconsistent with human urine”. I mean you can’t find anyone that you know that has clean piss. And how in the world is he substituting urine. The drugtesting bodies need to have someone in the bathroom with these guys watching the piss go into the cup. It’s actually quite easy to substitute piss when nobody is looking.

  2. […] fight got canceled. The world turned upside-down when Zuffa brought out the Strikeforce assets and Ishii ended up filing for divorce after nine months of marriage. Then, he was supposed to fight on a future Strikeforce Challengers card. That vanished after […]


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