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In his own words: UFC President Dana White’s jubilant celebration over Fedor’s demise

By Zach Arnold | February 13, 2011

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From the dickhouse-shirted man’s fingers to your eyes:

wtf has [Fedor] done for the sport!? Ur fuckin nuts

M1 = M done! What did I tell you Vadummy!!

lmfao!! Quit ur cryin bitch. You don’t have to live the lie anymore. Get his nuts out of ur mouth now.

all the fedor nut huggers were so excited for 2 nites set up fight. Didn’t work out and they are BUMMED!!b

he was INCREDIBLY mismanaged!! Worst management in fight history

the media here in america has embarrassed themselves over the past couple years with the fedor BS

who the fuck has he fought in his last 5 fights that meant anything? Its OVER now so u can stop defending him

[M-1] blew it on EVERY level! Really screwed fedors career up

I honestly believe he has been done for a while but he would have at least gone out fighting the best

I fucking love it! They are in a frenzy and running here from the net cause I have been right and it KILLS the net nerds

they are in a butt hurt nut huggin frenzy!!! Lol, thanks for the support

I did, the internet has fabricated this whole fedor thing and scared the living shit out of the media and the net geeks r bummin now

my ass isn’t the one hurtin tonite pussyboy its u and ur fedor nut huggin buddies. LOL

really!? Hundreds of net nerds signed up for twitter tonite cause they are pissed he lost and all their BS came crashn down 2 nite

deal with it nuthugger. I know it hurts but reality is a bitch

I had a blast 2 nite!! Thanks to all the passionate fans out there. You guys are the best and make this shit fun. I’m tappin out. Good nite

how am I disrespectn his fans. I have opinion and others have theirs and if you come say dumb shit to me I give it back.

omfg! Quit ur cryin bitches and go to bed

Alistair Overeem on Fedor: “He’s going to fight again. 100%.” He thinks it’ll have to happen in Japan or Russia because Fedor has a hard time handling the media spotlight in the States. (A problem Alistair clearly does not have. He’s been everywhere this week and has done great.)

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79 Responses to “In his own words: UFC President Dana White’s jubilant celebration over Fedor’s demise”

  1. Kimbos Beard says:

    I called this perfectly.


  2. 45 Huddle says:

    Dana White has a right to rip apart the MMA Media. They didn’t do their job properly with Fedor.

    After fighting Cro Cop in AUGUST 2005, Fedot has had the most protected career in MMA history. He took years off from fighting anybody relevent. Then he fights Sylvia who is 1-2 in his last 3 fights.

    His next fight is against Arlovski which ends up showcasing not only a failure of the MMA Media, but a complete and disgusting bias that defies even simple logic. Arlovski “rises” to #2 in the rankings despite beating only fringe Top 10 guys at best.

    From there he goes to Strikeforce and ducks Overwem the ENTIRE time. Instead fighting hand picked opponents like Rogers and Werdum who were beat for his style.

    Yet Fedor had been so past his prime years by this point that even his hand picking was useless.

    Instead of the MMA calling these actions out they acted as fanboys who rooted for Fedor like he was sort of God. It was rather pathetic.

    What is nice about the evolution of MMA right now is how consolidated this sport is becoming. The ability for another athlete to pull a “Fedor” is virtually impossible. The nearest thing is Nick Diaz and Gilbert Melendez calling out UFC fighters and then signing long term deals with Strikeforce. And yet people still rank them in the Top 5. But even then, there are enough doubters for it to never have legs even in the poor excuse known as the MMA Media.

    Good ridenance to Fedor and to what he respeesents in this sport.

    • Party Worm says:

      You’re gonna get flamed by the rabid Fedor fanboys, but I actually couldn’t agree more.

    • This is a tired repetition of the same talking points that we’ve heard for ages. I love the idea that Gilbert Melendez shouldn’t be in the top 5 merely because he hasn’t signed with the UFC yet. LOL

      • Jeff says:

        Unfortunately, Gil is not going to rise much higher in the rankings now that he’ll only be able to fight rematches against people he’s already beaten.

      • 45 Huddle says:

        Just like Jorge Santiago should somehow be in the Top 10? The guy is a UFC fighter now. Doesn’t mean his high ranking is justified.

        Melendez made his name beating up Japanese fighters like Kawajiri and Aoki new have seen how top Japanese guys do in Zuffa and it’s not pretty. So how is his ranking justified? I’ve called him Top 5 before but after seeing how overrated JMMA is time and time again that just doesn’t jive with reality.

        What I said about Fedor is true. It hurts for the fanboys to hear it but it’s true. The problem with Fedor is that we will NEVER know when he stop being top level. It could have been in 2006. It could have been in 2010. We will just never know due to his opponents.

        • Party Worm says:

          “What I said about Fedor is true. It hurts for the fanboys to hear it but it’s true. The problem with Fedor is that we will NEVER know when he stop being top level. It could have been in 2006. It could have been in 2010. We will just never know due to his opponents.”

          This is the most frustrating part. With old greats like Chuck it was obvious straight away when they went past their prime since they were always right in the mix. You look at guys like Nog who obviously struggled to keep up as soon as they hit the UFC, and you have to wonder if the same might have happened to Fedor, and a lot sooner than it has outside it.

        • Isaiah says:

          If Fedor came to the UFC in 2006, Sylvia and Arlovski wouldn’t have left. It’s very likely that he would have fought those same guys.

        • So Melendez doesn’t deserve his ranking because fighters like Denis Kang, Kid Yamamoto, and Takanori Gomi did as poorly stateside as they were in Japan? LOL.

          If he had come to the UFC and fought Randy Couture and Andrei Arlovski in his first two fights back in 2008, would we have somehow known more than we do now? They were the top contenders the UFC had for him at the time he was a free agent. LOL

        • 45 Huddle says:

          There is a long long list of fighters looking dominant in Japan and then looking average in the states over the last 3 years. Too large of a list to ignore. Especially when we really don’t see any of them dominating.

          As for Fedor…. Anything would have been better ten Choi, Coleman, and Lindland.

          And Fedor would have been tested against Couture. See his ground game? He would have been in for anworld of hurt against Couture. And his aura would have been smashed years earlier. Not to mention that if he was in the UFC mix since Pride was gone, one of the wrestlers besides Couture would have also exposed him. Nit tonkention JDS likely and others.

          Fedor’s career will always be filled more with what should have beenthen what actually happened. Sort of like the opposite of Silva and GSP in the UFC. Or even Hughes and Liddell know exactly what they were as fighters for their entire career. Same can’t be said for Fedor who ducked even Top 10 guys for years and if you stretch it fought maybe one Top 5 guy in the last almost 6 years of his career.

      • Aside from Cro-Cop, how many of those “dominant” fighters weren’t already collecting Ls before they showed up?

        PRIDE vanished 4 years ago. Most of these guys were heading out the door about 5 years ago. Meanwhile, Shogun and Anderson Silva, two of those “PRIDE hype jobs” are champions in the UFC. Whatever.

      • Additionally, I find it hard to believe that Couture would have had as easy a time getting down Fedor as Silva did given that Couture doesn’t have a blast double and is 60lbs lighter than Bigfoot. But imagine what you will.

  3. Isaiah says:

    What is it about MMA fans that makes them love to tear legends down at the end of their careers? When at the age of 34 Ken Griffey Jr. hit .253 with 20 homers (.513 SLG), I don’t recall reading any jubilant celebrations by fans of other teams or other team owners saying, “I told you that guy was never any good and that the new generation of superplayers has passed him by.”

    • 45 Huddle says:

      KGJ played in the majors from a young age. Fedor hasn’t fought in the premier organization in MMA since 2006. And we didn’t see Griffey being subbed for when a tough pitcher was on the mound. His level of competition stayed the same his entire career

      • Isaiah says:

        Um, baseball is a team sport so the “majors” comparison is moot. Fedor fought the No. 2 HW in the world as recently as January 2009. A non-major-league team would never play major-league quality competition.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          Doing it on the biggest stage under the most pressure translates to all sports. Even seasoned veterans come to the UFC and say the pressure is a completely different ball of wax.

          And Fedor never fought the #2 guy in 2009. That was a figment of the MMA Media’s imagination. Arlovski wasn’t even Top 5 and then beat a bunch of guys who either weren’t ranked or were #10 at best and somehow he sky rocketed past a ton of guys he had no business being above. All so they could justify Fedor’s opponent as being legit enough to fight him.

        • Isaiah says:

          Meh. I don’t put any stock in “pressure.” That’s just sports talk BS, IMO.

          And no one had anyone but AA at No. 2 in 2009, and it had nothing to do with some kind of media conspiracy against the most powerful promoter. If you follow the progression of the rankings, it’s very clear what happened.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          I followed it and I saw WAMMA and Gross and Sherdog and a bunch of other guys push the idea that Arlovski was #2 in the world down everybodies throat until it started to be passed around as truth.

          Fedor’s last true Top 5 victory happened in 2005. That’s the reality of it.

        • Isaiah says:

          Amen, Alan (and nottheface). I’ve done similar research after hearing that claim repeated over and over, and found the same thing. It’s one of those zombie arguments you see in MMA. Keeps getting killed, and keeps coming back to life.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          And even that article shows what leaps of faith people were taking on moving up Arlovski when the article itself shows they weren’t even Top 10.

          Quoting bad rankings to prove more bad rankings is exactly what was done there.

          But even if I give you the beneot of the doubt…. Which I shouldn’t but it still will showcase my point.

          Even if Atlovski was Top 5…. Fedor fought exactly ONE Top 5 guy in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 combined. Why should he be talked about with any of the greats!

        • In short, the 45 Huddle argument when faced with objective facts is that all the rankings were bad and must be disregarded. Quite the rational approach.

        • 45 Huddle says:


          1) Fedor
          2) Noguiera
          3) Cro Cop
          4) Couture
          5) Barnett
          6) Sylvia

          Is how the rankings should have generally looked after Couture heat Sylvia. Sylvia was never Top 5 when he fought Fedor. Arlovski never beat any of those Top 6 guys or the guys who eventually beat them (like Gonzaga beating Cro Cop). So based on a good ranking system, Arlovski had no business in the Top 5 when he fought Fedor. Beating fringe Top 10 guys ranked under you shouldn’t make you rise in the rankings.

          Wow. See that baome real logic there as to why there rankings were bad. Far mire logical then a win over Rothwell and Nelson putting Arlovski over Gonzaga, Cro Cop, Nogueira, and others for no reason.

        • Isaiah says:

          You realize that you completely changed the subject here, right? And that you’re being incredibly ungracious after your claim was definitively refuted?

          Anyway, yes Fedor only beat two consensus top-five HWs in that period. His total record was the best of any fighter in his division in that period before last night, and the quality of his performances also suggested that he was the best fighter in his division. Everyone who is the best guy in his own division is going to be talked about with the other greats, and Fedor had accomplished enough before 2006 to be universally regarded as the GOAT to that point. I don’t think I’ve said anything surprising to you or anything that you’d even really disagree with intellectually, but you have some emotional hangup regarding non-UFC MMA. I believe your propaganda campaign would be more effective if you weren’t so predictable. Maybe pick a token non-UFC guy to pretend to like?

        • 45 Huddle says:

          What claim was refuted?

          And I’m talking about the article Alan posted. If you want to blame somebody for changing the topic it’s Alan.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          2 consensus Top 5 guys? Who were the 2? Couldn’t be Sylvia as he was behind Fedor, Nogueira, Cro Cop, Gonzaga, Barnett, and Couture.

          And he has never fought a Top 5 guy in SF. You are making this stuff up now.

          And I’ve alreadyshown how Arlovski didn’t have the wins to make being Top 5 a reality in the any non UFc haters mind.

        • Isaiah says:

          The “Fedor bump” claim was refuted.

          And, no, you started out saying that Fedor hasn’t been in the majors, and I pointed out that the team-sport analogy doesn’t work because as recently as 2009 Fedor beat the consensus No. 2 HW in the sport, while in baseball, a team could not play another team of that quality except in the major leagues. Then, you changed the subject to ask how people can consider the No. 1 HW with the No. 1 fighters in other divisions given the fact that he had promotional issues in 2006 and 2007.

        • Isaiah says:

          Yes, it could be and was Sylvia. Gonzaga? WTF?

          And I have to tell you, you sound mentally ill when you accuse everyone who had the consensus No. 2 HW in the world ranked No. 2 of “hating the UFC.” Really, take a step back and try to realize how crazy that sounds.

        • 45 is resorting to the usual strawmen – no one is arguing that Fedor faced a top 5 heavyweight in Strikeforce, for example. I love how Sylvia went from being the #6 heavyweight in the world to someone who should have been ranked below a freshly-defeated-by-Werdum Gabriel Gonzaga in the space of 3 posts too.

        • Isaiah says:

          The really interesting thing he said was (paraphrasing, of course): “Even if I’m completely wrong about this argument I’m making, it just highlights my point.” When you see something like that, you know you’re not dealing with a reasonable person. He’s just trying to push his agenda, which he already made clear in another post (he believes that his Internet propaganda campaign can help kill all non-UFC promoters).

        • He’d have a lot more success at getting Strikeforce or whomever to disappear by begging Dana to just sign these guys all up instead. Who would complain about that?

        • edub says:

          Isaiah: The Fedor bump theory was brought up by Alan when he posted the link. Had nothing to do with anything 45 said. His argument at that point was that Arlovski should have never been #2 (which he shouldn’t have been). But I like how you try to go back to the original argument when its been effectively changed by Alan 5 posts above yours.

        • Isaiah says:

          The UFC could afford to bump everyone’s salary individually, but they would have to worry about saturation if they had all the top fighters in every weight class and gave them all enough fights to keep busy. I think the best thing would be to try to lock up all the top five guys and let the good but not elite guys fight on smaller shows to keep busy. Generally try to encourage the success of regional MMA and not push exclusivity (except for with a small circle of established draws and elite fighters) or propaganda wars.

        • Isaiah says:

          edub: Learn to read.

          45 Huddle (before Alan entered this):

          “And Fedor never fought the #2 guy in 2009. That was a figment of the MMA Media’s imagination. Arlovski wasn’t even Top 5 and then beat a bunch of guys who either weren’t ranked or were #10 at best and somehow he sky rocketed past a ton of guys he had no business being above. All so they could justify Fedor’s opponent as being legit enough to fight him.”

        • Seriously, 45 Huddle brings up the Fedor Bump theory multiple times, but its irrelevant to post the refutation to it? LOL. Refresh the page or something, maybe?

        • edub says:

          Oh, my mistake.

      • Alexandre Mogue says:

        Another head scratching moment brought to us by 45.

        Good points by Alan and Isaiah. We all know at this point what 45 huddle is all about. If you are not on the same wavelength as him (ie Pro UFC or you are wrong)…prepare for a long drawn argument.

  4. klown says:

    Fedor just lost a couple of fights, it happens. Much credit is due to his opponents for their smart gameplans, toughness and performance on fight day. Werdum and Silva are 2 of the very best heavyweights in the sport today.

    Some of the criticisms against Fedor are valid: questions about his conditioning, his motivation, the quality of his training camps are legitimate. The other big one is the weight class issue. In this regard we should treat Fedor no differently than any other fighter when these issues come up. Criticize and see where he goes from there.

    I don’t see it as a cause for celebration, nor do I feel like the last 5 years of MMA history have been a big lie. I’ll leave that to the Zuffa fanboys.

    I hope Fedor goes to Holland, loses some fat and works a bit of jiu-jitsu defense, and comes back to fight. If not, that’s understandable. I’d rather see Fedor go out like this, than like Arlovski.

    • Kimbos Beard says:

      What do you mean “the last 5 years of MMA history”?

      What exactly has Fedor done in 2006-2011 that will be remembered in 10 years time?

      His best accomplishments in that period were beating Sylvia and Arlovski, and everybody seems to be doing that now. Their careers are actually most likely over.

      Fedor is still a good heavyweight, but let’s be realistic. His entire reputation was built on him being the greatest back in 2005. Nobody seemed to notice that he hadn’t been tested properly since then.

      • Kimbos Beard says:

        Last 5 years of MMA history = Fedor took a break while heavyweight MMA evolved into huge athletes who are great at everything.

      • There’s a couple “huge athletes” in MMA’s heavyweight division and most of them have remarkably large flaws. Are there really people still pretending that Brock Lesnar is a good striker?

        The UFC heavyweight division is currently topped by a 240lb fighter with love handles.

        • IceMuncher says:

          Come on now, that’s a disingenuous description of Cain. He’s a very strong and lean 245 lbs.

          To prove Kimbo’s Beard’s point, Cain is the smallest of the current elite in the HW division of the UFC, and yet he’s still bigger and stronger than the old guard of Fedor, Nog, Crocop, Couture, Arlovski, etc. Sylvia and Barnett (I think) weigh more, but not because of muscle.

        • He doesn’t have an adonis 6 pack either, nor is he a “monster”. I’m not even sure he does “everything well”. If he had, would he have kept getting hit with Kongo’s knees?

          Cain is about the same size as Arlovski, Kharitonov, or Werdum, or Herring. The idea that he represents a complete change in the size of MMA heavyweights is laughable. What he brings to the table is great athleticism and wrestling ability along with well honed technique. Guys like Lesnar and Carwin are the true “monsters” and to say that they do everything well is a laugh and a half.

  5. klown says:

    It was really painful to watch Arlovski take those last 2 or 3 shots. We all knew the knockout was coming as the Arlovski dropped and flopped onto his back with his guard down and wide open (legs and arms). It was not necessary for all of us to see Arlovski stiffened and nearly lifeless. I’m not blaming the ref, I just wish he would have spared Andrei even just one of those last shots.

    I am really concerned about his mental and emotional health. Losing is depressing, but on top of that, concussions have been shown to accelerate depression (among many other psychological disorders). I remember a few years ago reading Arlovski talk about how he had contemplated suicide after suffering some losses. I would be devastated if something happened to him and so would the MMA community.

    I hope Arlovski is surrounded by friends, family and people who love and care for him.

  6. cutch says:

    He fought 3 times in a Cage and lost twice and Strikeforce doesn’t even allow elbows, so it would have been interesting to see how he did in the UFC.

  7. Sean Dyer says:

    “lmfao!! Quit ur cryin bitch. You don’t have to live the lie anymore. Get his nuts out of ur mouth now.”

    I won’t spend a penny on UFC ever again until Dana White is out of a job.

    He’s a juvenile, arrogant, vindictive child who wields the power that was given to him by the Fertitta’s like a kid who found his father’s gun.

    As a figurehead for the UFC he’s an absolute embarrassment, and he makes me *personally* embarrassed to me an MMA fan.

    I used to hide the fact that I was a WWF fan back in the day, but I never felt like that about being a UFC fan until now.

    • Isaiah says:

      I understand him having fun with some antagonistic fans (the emoticon wink after Werdum was cool), but yeah, that was kind of embarrassing for the president of a major company.

      • He’s a promoter and, when you really break it down, he’s most interested in promoting himself. In that sense, this works well. Maybe he can put himself on the cover of his own magazine again?

    • IceMuncher says:

      There was a thread on the UG months ago, where a poster called out Dana White and challenged him to pay for the treatment of a little girl with cancer whose father was some trainer somewhere, like it was Dana’s personal responsibility or something. It was a classless move and the poster got blasted for it for like 4 pages by every single person in that thread, but then Dana’s assistant saucylv came on and said Dana would pay for the remainder of the little tyke’s treatment. If you aren’t a hardcore fan, you probably wouldn’t know about it because he didn’t make a press release about it and I don’t think many websites picked up on it.

      Is Dana immature? Absolutely. But I’ve seen him do too many nice things over the years for me to have a negative opinion of him as a person. It’s funny, because he’ll do something like that and everyone’s like “We love you Dana!”, but then he’ll say a couple of mean things about an impossible-to-deal-with fighter/management that has been a major thorn in his side for 5 years, and everyone hates him again. Boo fu**ing hoo.

    • Paradoxx says:

      I won’t spend a penny on UFC ever again until Dana White is out of a job.

      Love this typical loser response.

    • robthom says:

      Having WWF fans claiming to be MMA fans now makes me embarrassed as an MMA fan.

      • Sean Dyer says:

        I purchase MMA events on PPV and I subscribe to the SuperChannel and HDNet. I have a job and can afford things.

        I am also currently not a WWF fan. I was up until probably 2001 or 2002 at the latest. I haven’t seen a WWF(E) PPV in over a decade.

        Not sure how being embarassed by Dana White as a figurehead for a company is a “loser response”.

        If Dana doesn’t like Fedor, Strikeforce, etc. and wants to continually run them down, that’s fine. But to make assinine statements like Fedor has never done anything for MMA, he’s never beaten anyone, he’s never accomplished anything, etc. it just makes him look like an ignorant douchebag on a Sherdog forum.

        His champion (who he dubbed publicly as the “Baddest man on the planet”) was a WWE wrestler who is afraid to be hit in the face, and turtles like a schoolkid when he’s forced to strike.

        If Strikeforce had Brock as their champion, and he embarassed himself with a loss as badly as he did vs. Velazquez, could you even imagine the Tweets Dana White would be sending?!

  8. cutch says:

    Heer’s what Kogan replied lol

    “@evgenikogan: @danawhite easy to be a prick tweeting on your phone, isn’t it? Come see us and say it to Vadim’s face – we’re in ’Jersey, coward.”

  9. Nottheface says:

    It’s amazing to see how much success Zuffa’s historical revisionism has had. Sure Fedor has not consistently fought the best opposition but between 2003-2006 he ruled the roost in Pride – the best promotion with the best HWs in the world. And while he had a few joke fights (Zulu for example) he also entered the ring against a top 10 HW 8 times during his Pride days and once against a top 10 LHW. I think that speaks for itself.
    He then took a break to face Hong Man Choi and Lindland (who was actually a last minute replacement for Jeff Monson) after which he returned to serious opposition. And in 2008 Tim Sylvia was serious opposition. He had just fought for the UFC interim belt, meaning the UFC viewed him as one of their top 3 HWs (the others: Big Nog, who he had already beaten twice and Couture who was suing to fight him) and was #5 in the consensus rankings – being 7-2 in his last 9 fights with his only losses being to #2 and # 3 Nog and Couture. Who else did people want him fighting? A 1-1 Brock? A Frank Mir who was 3-2 since returning and hadn’t beaten one top 25 opponent? Maybe a Carwin, Cain, or JDS who had yet to make a ripple in the division.

    After that he faced #2 Andrei Alovski. And before the revisionism starts anew recall that Arlovski entered that fight on a 5-fight win streak, 3 of which were in the UFC where he left ranked #6 in the consensus, during which he had racked up wins over a #6, #10, and #17 HW. He was 11-2 in his last 13 (9-2 in the UFC) with only 1 fighter having his number – #5 Tim Sylvia. When the fight was announced in November of 2008 who would have been a more deserving: Arlovski or Frank Mir a fighter who was still 3-2 since returning to the UFC and even more importanly had not beaten a ranked opponent in that time. Or would people have preferred Brock? I’m sure there’d be no griping if 29-1 Fedor fight a 3-1 fighter.

    It’s also worth noting that since Arlovski left the UFC (where he had been 9-2 in his previous 11) he has gone 2-4. It’s also worth noting that the two fighters he beat were signed by the UFC while the 4 fighters that beat them are in the Grand Prix.

    Another note of interest is that since 2008 Fedor has faced 5 top 10 opponents – more than any other HW in all MMA.

    • Paradoxx says:

      AA and Barnett made the idea of rankings a complete joke

      2 guys who both were supposedly top 3 yet neither one of them had a legitimate top 10 win any time recently and both had lost their last real top 10 fights.

      Fedor was on his 3rd straight barely top 10 opponent.

      Fedor nuthuggers building up his cans in the rankings do more history rewriting than dana ever could.

      • Nottheface says:

        In January of 2009 who was more qualified than Arlovski to be #2?
        Not Randy Couture or Big Nog who had just lost. Frank Mir? He was 3-2 since his return and more importantly had beaten only 1fighter on the BE rankings (I use their rankings because it’s a consensus) top 25. Brock Lenar? He was 3-1 at that point in his career. JDS, Cain, Carwin? They were all just beginning to be blips on the radar. Arlovski was on a 5-fight win streak over a #6, #10, and #17. That was better competition than all those guys named above. He also had lost to only 1 fighter in his previous 13 fights.

        That’s the truth. If you want to say that his past opponents current troubles proves he was overrated then the same can be said about Couture and Brock. Things are not static.

        Now tell me who’s rewriting history.

        • mr. roadblock says:

          Speaking of revisionist history, I love how in the past week the excuse for the Lindland fight has been:

          “oh well he was supposed to fight Jeff Monson, so that wasn’t a can fight.”


          Jeff Monson was a can fight. Most of us bitched and moaned when he was booked to fight Tim Sylvia six months before that, a fight he lost and looked like crap in by the way.

          Fedor was my favorite fighter for a long time. I made many of the same arguments to cover for him that people are making now. I was also PRIDE fan boy #1 and thought it and its fighters were way better than the UFC guys, who I thought were protected back in 2004-2006.

          But I was wrong. It was Fedor, Nog and Cro Cop who were overhyped and protected and who benefited from fighting in a bubble. I don’t know why people can’t see this now. Look at Cop and Nog they’re middle of the pack guys in UFC at best. That’s exactly what Fedor would be. They haven’t ‘lost a step’ and this ‘he’s not into it’-line is total BS too. They’re not as good as we thought. The golden age of PRIDE was something special that all of us who saw it loved and cherished. But it’s over and just like Santa Claus wasn’t really what we thought it was when we were experiencing it.

          My big complaint with Fedor and his management is that they gyped us of seeing Fedor fight the best fighters of today and the guys that will replace Fedor going forward. Instead we see him get manhandled by Werdum and Silva who are solid fighters, but not greats.

        • Nottheface says:

          How were they overhyped? Big Nog came into the UFC and won the interim title. He was the UFC’s champ. Fedor came to the states and beat two of the UFC’s top guys – guys that were the champs while he ruled Pride. It seems obvious that Pride had the better HWs of that era.

          Nothing is static, as older fighters skills deteriorate and younger guys improve it’s natural they”ll be displaced. It seems everyone focuses on Fedor and his opponents fall from the top but let’s not forget that in 2008 Randy was the champ for having beaten Sylvia and Gozaga, two fighters no longer relevant. Do we say Randy’s title was built on a house of cards or that things change? Same with Brock who has victories over the no longer relevant Couture and Herring, and struggling to be relevant Mir and Carwin (35 and back surgery doesn’t bode well). If Cain can’t recover from his injury and struggles does that mean his reign will have been a fraud?

          And before we disparage Werdum let’s remember that he’s only lost 1 fight in his last 6 – to perhaps the best HW in the world. He also has beaten Bigfoot and Gonzaga. Now if you want to say beating Gonzaga doesn’t mean much then JDS and Carwin’s resumes are suddenly much less impressive.

        • edub says:

          “How were they overhyped? Big Nog came into the UFC and won the interim title. He was the UFC’s champ.”

          Big Nog never looked like the great fighter he was in PRIDE while competing in the UFC. He’s 3-2 with a great win over Couture, and a fun come from behind win against Sylvia. If Herring jumps on Nog after crushing him with that kick Nog probably never wins a belt in the UFC.

          “In January of 2009 who was more qualified than Arlovski to be #2?
          Not Randy Couture or Big Nog who had just lost. Frank Mir?”

          Why not either of them? They beat top ranked opposition to get those spots. Arlovski just sliding into the position without ever beating a top 5 opponent is just as bad as keeping them there (Arlovski was still ranked #2 on many sites on the internet even after losing to Fedor, so why does he keep his spot after the loss and Nog and Randy don’t?). There could also be an argument that Arlovski should have never skipped over Tim Sylvia in that time frame…

          “Jeff Monson was a can fight.”

          That’s a little tough don’t you think. Monson has beaten some great fighters before and after that fight was supposed to happen.

          “Do we say Randy’s title was built on a house of cards”

          Many people on this site state arguments like this all the time. I’m not saying you do, but Randy’s run used to get destroyed on this site as well as others.

          I don’t mean to be argumentative because I am basically agreeing with both of you. Fedor had the best run in MMA from 2003-2009 IMO. However after the last Arlovski fight he hasn’t looked good or beaten a top flight HW since (Brett Rogers is not a top HW). Knowing what we now know Arlovski and Tim were not that good of wins, but there was no way to know that at the time.

  10. bluerosekiller says:

    I’m with klown regarding Arlovski.
    He simply MUST find another line of work. And I definitely DON’T mean boxing.
    He’s got to stop competing in combat sports altogether for his own physical, mental & emotional well being.
    And if he doesn’t choose to do so, then maybe it’s time that those training, managing & promoting him do their utmost to make sure that he doesn’t get battered into unconsciousness again.
    Not that I’m trying to be an alarmist, but daamn, this is the sixth or seventh time that I’ve personally witnessed him knocked. Spark. Out.
    It’s begining to get scary looking.
    If I were him or his people, I’d be worried about my cognitive abilities & motor skills NOW.
    Ten, twenty years from now? I’d be petrified that my brain will look & function like oatmeal.
    Hopefully, Andre has the genetic make up & the good fortune to prevent that from being the case.
    But, another KO loss or two & we could bear witness to some tragic circumstances.

  11. bluerosekiller says:

    Regarding Dana’s jubilation over Fedor’s loss…
    Sure, he’s earned the right to gloat I suppose, but damn, for someone with the power that he has over a multi-MULTI-million dollar business entity, one would hope that he’d be able to be a wee bit less childish than he is.
    He’s a difficult guy to like.
    For every cool, informative interview that he gives to Ariel Halwani that makes me feel as if I’d like to sit down & have a drink with the guy, there are incidents like this in which he comes across as SUCH a tool.

    • Mark says:


      I don’t care if he gloated. If he just said “Hahahaha I was right! If Big Foot did this to Fedor, imagine what Lesnar, JDS and Velasquez would have done.” But his Twitter postings are completely interchangable with any random troll on the Underground. That is absolutely embarrassing. He’s a sports executive calling someone “nuthugger” for crying out loud.

  12. Jonathan says:


    45 Huddle is an idiot and a troll.

    And you ever notice how what he says tends to mirror what Dana White says?

  13. smoogy says:

    Between Dana and 45 Huddle, there’s a whole lotta embarrassment happening in this thread.

  14. Zack says:

    45 Huddle is such a goober. Who were the top 5 HWs at the time of Fedor’s fight with Sylvia and at the time of his fight with Arlovski?

    Dana White shows his true colors again as a vindictive, scorn, teenage girl.

    • Isaiah says:

      Amazingly, 45 claims that everyone who had Arlovski in the top five (!) “hates” the UFC. So literally every major MMA site and 95% of people who were fans of the sport in 2009! It’s just mind-boggling to me that anyone can think like that.

  15. robthom says:

    Lol, Dana can be childish and silly.

    And still his shtick isn’t as half irritating as 89% of the Shartheads on most MMA forums who are always complaining about him and the UFC no matter what he does anyway.

  16. sammy says:

    45Huddle is the reason I left this forum.

    The spread of the myth that there was an organized conspiracy to trick the MMA world and media into thinking that fedor was the greatest fighter of all time was perpetrated by none other than Dana White, and his loyal followers, such as 45huddle.

    It really wouldnt surprise me if 45huddle was an actual employee of the UFC..or maybe even dana white himself.

    • robthom says:

      “It really wouldnt surprise me if 45huddle was an actual employee of the UFC…”

      You can go back to with your bulletpoint slander tactics now.

      You’ve got a home there and we’re doing just fine without you.

  17. sammy says:

    Remember when Dana white proudly proclaimed that he had not seen the Nogueira-Sapp fight, at that time one of the most important, if not the most, important HW fight in MMA history? Thats Dana White and 45 Huddle in a nutshell. Uninformed and proudly ignorant.

    • Zack says:

      Better yet…remember when Dana “Pirates are going to jail” White said he watched a round of the PRIDE OWGP “on the internet” when there was no legal way of watching PRIDE PPVs on the internet?

  18. EJ says:

    Funniest thing about Dana’s reaction to me is the overemotional response from some fans you can almost tell how angry they are by just reading their post.

    To me I find it hillarious to see grown men get so damn emotional because god forbid Dana made fun of Fedor. These are the same people who came out of the woodwork after Brock lost to make all sorts of ridiculous claims.

    Fedor lost, Dana is rubbing it into M1’s face deal with it. I’m just happy that all the bs is finally over and all the denials can stop now we can move on to fighters who actually matter in mma.

  19. warrior says:

    To be a legend You have to beat a legend! What legend did fedor beat?Let take a look at the guys he faught.Fedor beat Mark Colemen Hes not a legend before fedor beaty him he already had 5 losses. And before fedor faught him he had a 1 fight win streak. Surely not a top level fighter! Gary Goodridge horrable fight he has lost as many fights as he won not top level fighter but fedor beat him. I will give fedor big nog as a top level fighter but he would be in the lower level of the top ten not the top. Matt lindland not a great fighter but ok deff not ranked in the top ten in my book rampage beat him before fedor faught him. Keven rendlemen not a legend but got beat by alot of legends like the ice man, conture, and rampage. Crocop I think he was pumped up to be more then he was after all he lost to rindlemen, big Nog so maybe bottom top ten but one of fedors more notable fights. Tim sylvia faught fedor coming off a loss to big nog wtf another good but not great fighter lost to conture and mir before he faught fedor. Andrei Arlovski lost to tim syvia 2, lost to pedro rizzo over all not a bad fighter but not a legend. Heath herring not a legend ok fight record but not top ten. Looks to me fedor dodged all the really good fighter and faught the guys he new he could beat! I think its insane for anyone to compare him with any of the really great fighters since he never faught any of them and if he did he would get his ass kicked

  20. sammy says:

    Fedor beat Nog the #1 HW in the world at the time..he then remained unbeaten fighting ALL of the top fighters in the world for several years…

    You obviously know nothing about rankings or legends for that matter.


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