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14-15 match card planned for 2010 K-1 Dynamite event

By Zach Arnold | December 27, 2010

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If you recall Mr. Tanigawa’s comments a couple of months ago, the plan was to trim to fight card down to 12-13 matches. in the end, we’ll get a voluminous card.

December 27th: The momentum for the Dynamite show on NYE for K-1 on TBS is… strange. One of the strange fights on the card, of course, is Shinya Aoki vs. the okama Yuichiro Nagashima. Mr. Aoki says he will be ‘Killer Aoki’ for the fight. Here he is slapping around an unfortunately shirtless Mr. Saeki. Aoki is slapping him in honor of Antonio Inoki’s famous slap to the face. If that picture doesn’t haunt you, we got video!

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16 Responses to “14-15 match card planned for 2010 K-1 Dynamite event”

  1. Safari_Punch says:

    Other than Inoki, who is going to represent IGF on this fight card? Barnett? Inoki’s protege, Ishii?

    And of course, what are the betting odds for Overeem opponents?

  2. Coyote says:

    For Overeem i hear a possible (impossible) oponents list:

    Satoshi Ishii
    Todd Dufee
    Aleks Emelianenko
    Bobby Lashley
    Semmy Schilt

    • Tomer says:

      That’s… a pretty damn awful list. If I had a gun to my head, I’d probably pick Aleksander Emelianenko just to set up a ‘revenge’ angle for a possible Fedor fight in the future (and that he’s got a decent win streak going, even if it’s against nobodies). Duffee and Lashley are coming off Ls, Schilt is a stablemate and hasn’t fought MMA for 2 years and Ishii is completely inexperienced (although he’s probably the best chance for a draw in an Overeem fight for the show).

      • Nicholai says:

        Aleksander Emelianko dosen’t look much better after a loss to 3-5 Peter Graham. Maybe bring in Peter Graham to fight Allistar Overeem. Battle of the Strikers!

  3. edub says:

    Duffe is by far the best one for MMA IMO.

    If they were just to have a K1 HW title match between Schilt and Overeem (and change Kyotaro’s title to LHW or Cruiserweight) it would be the best one.

    • Tomer says:

      I agree with a Schilt-Overeem K1 HW title fight, although I doubt they’d want to fight each other on such short notice. With the above list, then, that would pretty much leave Ishii as the only guy not coming off an L off his record, but as I mentioned before, he’s too inexperienced. I need to see the Aleksander loss, but I guess Duffee is probably the most qualified of the guys with Ls in their last fight from the 3, as you’ve mentioned.

  4. Stel says:

    Boy one dream match after the other, 3 great heavy weight fights and a Sapp vs sumo slap fight with a surly pot smoking yakuza! I can hardly wait. Bobby Olugun’s eyes are off the hook!

  5. Bryan says:

    As someone once said, Dynamite isn’t for the hardcore MMA fan, it’s for your grandmother who thinks Bob Sapp’s antics are funny.

  6. Stel says:

    Some very unpredictable matches on this surprisingly awesome line up.
    Interested to see Saku vs marius at 170 lbs, its the 50/50 match I like to see.
    They really have a lot going on considering they were said to be scaling down the event. maybe they were able to book more fighters with the money saved by not having a Gracie on the card.

  7. liger05 says:

    Are HD Net showing it live this year? If so I wonder if they will show the Sapp match considering it will be pro-wrestling. It will be an awful match considering Sapp is a rubbish pro-wrestler and the other guy is sumo.

  8. I guess this is where we give predictions?

    -Ishii over Lebanner with a lousy decision. When in doubt, make sure the judges fix the fight. All he has to do is survive.

    -Mizuno for the upset special over a beaten up and possibly spent Kharitonov.

    -You know, Duffee might actually be a better fighter than Rogers. Record nonwithstanding, of course, I tend to think that way. He should lose of course because Duffee was always a super overrated guy who appealed to the sorts of people who beat off to muscle mags and don’t seem to rate things like “grappling background” as a primary skill for MMA. I think we see the return of Alistar’s guillotine in the second.

    -Uno should win, but he might be totally spent too. And when you’re old and cutting to a new weight class, history says in boxing and MMA that you lose. I think this is a 145lb fight for him against Miyata and I expect sadness and lots of Uno being laid on.

    -People act like Thomson is so great. Interestingly, he has like no relevant wins in the last 24 months. Really. Look it up. Meanwhile, Kawajiri is actually still a good fighter and a strong grappler. You know, that thing Thomson isn’t good at. I go Crusher here. Might set up a rematch with Melendez which I’d be pretty happy with.

    -Izumi by being big and laying on Minowaman/Minowaman possibly being on the take.

    -Sakuraba dies again.

    -Sakurai looks finished. I expect him to get worked over by High. Either way I expect him to retire very soon.

    -Kyotaro has no excuses to not beat Mousasi. Bigger, better credentials. Should be exciting since I’m sure Mousasi brings it.

    -Bibiano is good. Takaya is good. Neither is great. And Bibiano’s snuck past a couple guys, but I’m guessing the wars and the layoff together will conspire against him with no tuneup. Takaya wins and everyone talks badly about Japanese featherweights afterwards.

    Tokoro and Wicky maybe win because I recognize their names more readily. I don’t know for sure. Don’t really care.

    Sumo wins on rope breaks? Or by pinfall. Dunno.

    • Thus far, the show has been mildly entertaining. Kyotaro looked completely horrible. How much of that was Mousasi and how much of that was Kyotaro being a couple weeks removed from a tough fight? Not sure. Aoki getting lit up is probably the MMA upset of the year, especially since it happened in the MMA round. The reach of Mizuno winning didn’t turn out, not shockingly.

      Uno should probably think about retirement. Looked pretty mediocre out there.

      • 45 huddle says:

        Takaya is the best DREAM Featherweight? Yikes! That guy is at the level of Cub Swanson.

        When I saw Uno vs. Fisher in the UFC a year or so ago, I was shovcked at how bad he looked.

        Should aoki get a loss on his record due to the outcome happening MMA? Either way thatt loss along with being completely dominated by Melendez should drop him out of anyones consideration for being one of the best in the world.

        Hatsu Hioki came out looking the best of the 2 main shows. At least in terms of the pure sport perspective.

        And hopefully this is the last time anybody calls Thomson a top fighter from now on. He couldn’t beat Melendez or Kawajiri and has no major victories to go along with those loses.

        Overall some decent fights.

      • Takaya is the best DREAM Featherweight? Yikes! That guy is at the level of Cub Swanson.

        What did I say above? Hey, its predictable. Seriously though, I have no idea what to think of Takeya. He beat a Zuffa era WEC champ with ease as well as beating Hansen, Bibiano now (officially), and Maeda. But he’s fighting at 139, which isn’t a weight class anywhere but DREAM. Maybe he’d be a contender in the WEC’s 135lb division given how much weaker the talent is there? I dunno. Who knows if he can even make 135? DREAM makes a mess of it and hopefully they do something to fix this bullshit about the Kid Yamamoto weight now that Kid isn’t gonna be with them.


        -Sakuraba didn’t die because his body started shedding parts before his heart could be stopped. Embarassing.

        -Like I said: Thomson was overrated and Kawajiri put another name on his ledger. I’d love to see Kawajiri/Melendez. 2nd best non UFC lightweight fight possible.

        -Wicky’s kickboxing match was gawdawful to watch IMO.

        -Jason High constantly reversing position on Mach would be sad if Mach hadn’t been so inconsistent and generally mediocre the last few years.

        • 45 huddle says:

          Despite Kawajiri not being able to beat Aoki…. his style translates so much better to the American style of fighting. Aoki would either look great (alvarezz) or horrible (Melendez) on any given night. Kawajiri would be far more consistent…..

          I think Takaya’s success shows how weak Japanese MMA has become. And personally I thought at least the lower weight classes were stronger then that.


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