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Josh Thomson: After I fight Kawajiri at Dynamite, he should fight me in Strikeforce

By Zach Arnold | December 20, 2010

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(Why did you want to fight Crusher Kawajiri?)

“It’s him. It’s his fighting style. It’s his heart, his spirit, like everything about him, he’s a great fighter. Always respected him. I can’t say enough about him. I think he’s a great person. I had an opportunity to meet him a couple of times, really quiet, seems very humble. What a great fighter, you know, and he brings it every time he fights and those are the type of guys that I think everybody wants to fight and if you don’t want to fight those guys then you’re in the wrong sport or in it for all the wrong reasons and this opportunity was given to me and there’s a lot of talk of him coming to Strikeforce, you know, some time next year. So, I figured I might as well fight him now in his hometown, in his backyard, in his promotion, and in front of all the Japanese fans and all of everybody and when he comes here hopefully I get an opportunity to fight him here in a cage in my hometown and on a big stage here, so I think it goes both ways. Like I said, it all comes down to just keeping a relationship with DREAM and with the other promotions as well as just trying to bond a relationship with them to make sure we can interchange fighters and make sure that it benefits both promotions.”

(Your thoughts on how you are perceived and where you want to go in your fighting career?)

“Yeah, you know, I think I spent too much energy and too many [thinking about] the rankings and stuff. I’m over it now. I mean, really, like, you’re really just speaking into deaf ears and it’s kind of stupid so… I think you’ve noticed that I’ve kind of just taken a step back from doing the media stuff and really focus on my training and my fighting and, you know, I think anything a fighter can do is just really just focus on themselves and focus on the team that they’re with and try to make everybody around them better and, uh… you know, and just do that, you know. Let you your fighting do your talking and like I said I’m pretty much over it. So, I’m ready to step up my game and, you know, a fight like this is just something that you couldn’t pass up and whether it’s two week notice or whatever, three weeks notice, whatever it is, you know… I’m coming to that point of like, hey, I’ve fought all the best guys I possibly can that are available to me and, you know, once this fight’s done and hopefully I come out on top and when I come out on top that, you know, there’ll be another Gilbert (Melendez) fight possibly or, you know, potentially another fighter, you know, that is at the top so like I said before, I only want to fight the best guys and fighting the best guys is whoever is available to fight at the time, so right now Kawajiri was available to fight. I have to make myself available because these opportunities don’t come very often and so I’m just stepping up to capitalize on this opportunity, you know. That’s what you have to do as a fighter. Josh Koscheck spoke some words of wisdom me one time and it stuck with me ever since and that was probably about a year ago is that, you know, you’re a fighter, you know? You can’t make any money unless you fight. So, for those people who don’t want to fight or don’t want to take fights then you just keep nickel-and-diming it through your life. Well, as long as you’re training constantly and you’re fighting constantly, you’re only going to get better and a mental thing for you is just to stay busy and if you’re always fighting, you’re always training which means that you are getting better, so and in the process you’re making money. You can’t make any money unless you fight, so that was something that always stuck with me in the last year so I’m looking for every possible fight I can possibly find. There was no way that I was going to let this opportunity pass.”

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One Response to “Josh Thomson: After I fight Kawajiri at Dynamite, he should fight me in Strikeforce”

  1. grafdog says:

    If Kawa prevails against the punk at dream, he should fight Gil in strikeforce. Their last fight was a dead heat


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