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Jon Fitch figures out that he doesn’t have big UFC fan support

By Zach Arnold | November 12, 2010

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I would encourage you to read this item from Loretta Hunt in The LA Times about Jon Fitch and why he’s not getting a re-match against Georges St. Pierre any time soon. I hope Jon’s game improves to the point where he is finishing off his opponents in spectacular fashion. Until that aspect of his game changes, he’ll be (proverbially) stuck in cement and not be able to move upwards.

Brett Okamoto in The Las Vegas Sun has a good article on Urijah Faber’s future and how he finished his WEC career out in style. Take note about the details regarding the finish of that fight (the scary choke). Does referee Josh Rosenthal deserve heat from the fans for allowing the choke hold to be applied too long? I did not envy the position he was in last night because of the way Faber had positioned Mizugaki against the cage and covered him up.

Regarding Faber’s future in the UFC, the question is when not if he will be a coach on The Ultimate Fighter.

I linked to a Ha’aretz article the other day about a major MMA event in Israel. Today, The Jerusalem Post has details about the show and the future of the promoters involved.

Remember MMA’s worst fight in 2010, Nik Lentz vs. Andre Winner at the UFC show in Boston? Andre Winner will do anything to avoid that from occurring again when he fights Dennis Siver at UFC 122 this weekend in Germany. Siver tells ESPN UK that he’s ready to take the fight to the ground if he has to do so.

The Toronto Star’s article about young kids in MMA classes.

Cain Velasquez’s two-sided answer to being asked about the Antonio Margarito video making fun of Freddie Roach for having Parkinson’s. Speaking of Cain, here’s an extended interview he did on Thursday for ESPN:

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4 Responses to “Jon Fitch figures out that he doesn’t have big UFC fan support”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    1) Fitch takes absolutely no chances during fights despite the fact that he is typically in control of them for 90% of the time. That will never gain him fans.

    2) Fitch plays games about whether or not he even wants to fight for the title. Combine that with his boring style, and he is stuck in no-man’s land.

    3) Faber has to be partially to blame. He had to have known he was limp for that long.

    4) TUF with Faber vs. Cruz/Jorgensen makes all the sense in the world. Typically I don’t like seeing title belts held up due to TUF, but this is one time where it makes absolute sense. The Feather & Bantam classes needed a platform in order to become more familiar to the casual fans, and this is probably the best way.

    5) Tito Ortiz vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira is being rumored. I don’t see how Ortiz wins this one. He looked so shot against Hamill that it wasn’t even funny.

    6) Dana White is saying that Lesnar/Mir is likely next. Which I think is the best matchmaking possible for those 2 guys right now. He also said Flyweight is likely to happen much sooner then people think it will. I’m sure Benevidez is happy to hear that.

    • edub says:

      I actually think Tito wins that fight if it happens. A guy with crap wrestling is always gonna be a favorable matchup for him. The only thing that will suck is if he wins everybody will start saying that “Tito’s back”!

  2. david m says:

    The loudest reactions I recall in UFC history were Couture beating Sylvia and Cain beating teh Brock. I think someone knocking out Fitch would be the most-cheered moment in the history of the Octagon.

  3. edub says:

    I was screaming at the screen when Mizugaki went unconscious. I thought Rosenthal did a terrible job when it was live, but when I went back and looked at it it’s clear it was a very tough position. I don’t think it’s as bad now, but it’s still could’ve been stopped sooner.


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