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WWE talent boss shows up at M-1 Russian event

By Zach Arnold | August 22, 2010

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Stas Kharlamov at reports that Ty Bailey, who is a top boss for WWE in their talent relations department, showed up for M-1’s “Battle on the Neva” tournament show last Thursday.

Here’s a summary of what was reportedly discussed:

“I’m looking at the M-1 tournament, we want to make sure that we have a connection. WWE represents the same sphere, it’s sports entertainment. We’re a global company, so Russia is obviously in our plans. Could we organize WWE shows in Moscow? I can say, it’s very possible.”

About the possible signing of Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev to WWE:

“Nothing to my knowledge has happened, yet. If we had plans, everybody would know. We would definitely promote it (though Valuev appeared as a guest on the tournament).

“But I think if he was in WWE, he would be loved by everybody, he’s got a name recognition, he’s talented, and he has potential to do something.”

Also Ty said that maybe some of the young M-1 fighters can be interesting for WWE. And after the show, he spoke through a translator with Red Devil team member and participant of M-1 reality show “M-1 Fighter” Viktor Nemkov (9-2).

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8 Responses to “WWE talent boss shows up at M-1 Russian event”

  1. Mark says:

    Valuev versus Great Khali versus Big Show 3 way dance at Wrestlemania~! Work rate ++

    I’ll bet Johnny Ace went too, but he got sidetracked by all those beautiful Russian women who seem to be at hotels Americans frequent just sitting around. He promised all of them Divas title runs.

  2. robthom says:

    Devil meet Satan.

    Satan, I’d like you to meet the lord of hoary nether wrasslin, Vince McMahon.

  3. Mark says:

    Here’s a question, thinking about Valuev:

    Who would you rather work for: Don King or Vince McMahon? You have to choose one.

    • Brad Wharton says:

      Well, one of them would degrade you, work you to the bone until you’re a shell of your former self, probably picking up a serious drug habit along the way, not to mention making you kiss his ass in public to remind you that although your talented, the act in question is the only reason that you have a job….

      …but then the other option in Vince McMahon…

  4. David M says:

    I didn’t know M1 actually put on shows anymore, I thought that was like a joke to try to convince people the company is anything more than Fedor’s mouthpiece.

    • robthom says:

      I’m under the impression that they put them on in the boons fairly regularly.

      Judging from all the extensive footage they have (had) to screen on HDnet for no good reason.

      I think its a matter of they’re usually to insignificant for the MMA sites to report on.

      Like a hundred other midwest and probably worldwide feeder shows.

      • Brad Wharton says:

        M-1 have been around and promoting shows loooong before Fedor was a big deal, or any kind of deal for that matter. They did tons of events at tourny’s in Russia from the late 90’s (97-98 I *think*) and did some great co-promoted shows with 2Hot 2Handle in Holland in the last decade. The M-1 and 2H2H shows were the cream of European MMA back then, and some of the best nights of MMA I’ve seen over the years.

        ‘Global’ only came about when they needed to sepparate Fedor from Russian Top Team so that they could work around his Pride contract for one of Inoki’s NYE events if I remember rightly, but Zach would probably be the man to ask about that.

    • robthom says:

      I suppose I could verify this or not on the fightfinder,

      But what for?!


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