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Who scored that fight 29-28 for Tyson Griffin? UFC 115 – 6/12 Vancouver, British Columbia (GM Place)

By Zach Arnold | June 12, 2010

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42 Responses to “Who scored that fight 29-28 for Tyson Griffin? UFC 115 – 6/12 Vancouver, British Columbia (GM Place)”

  1. Claude says:

    Dana White thinks Liddell is washed-up, but he’ll sure put him in the Main Event slot. The cards keep getting weaker and weaker.
    What does Thiago gain from fighting a over-rated Kampmann?

    White used to point out how boxing only has one good fight with a bunch of no name on the under card. It looks like the UFC is heading in the same direction.

    • edub says:

      This does not like a boxing card at all for the simple fact that the main event isnt even the best fight.

      -Dunham vs Griffin is a great battle of prostpec/contenders.
      -Pat Barry vs. Crocop should be fun to watch unless one thinks he’s a wrestler over night.
      – Thiago vs. Kampan is a battle between two guys on the lower end of the top 10.
      -Condit vs. Macdonald shoudl be a great fight also. It’ll be fun to see if Rory can continue his win streak. WHich is pretty impressive IMO.

      Now what I will say is THIS SHOULD BE A FREE CARD. Specifically because we just paid for a PPV a week ago. It lends to the argument Zach makes about the oversaturation in MMA.

  2. The Gaijin says:

    The best fight on this card is going to be on Spike TV – maybe hoping to pull a Garcia-KZ trojan horse to pull in last minute buys?

    I hope people don’t get it in their head that “maybe we’ll see the old Cro Cop” for the umpteenth time…even if he does take Barry out.

    I hope Franklin wins, because if Liddell wins I have no clue what they’ll do with either of these guys…Liddell vs. Anderson Silva?

  3. EJ says:

    Looks like a solid card to me, while I wasn’t in love with Franklin vs. Liddell when it was first announced the fight has actually grown on me alot. Both guys are at a point where they need a win and whoever gets the W will get a bump in the rankings. Plus as far as style match ups go it has the makings of a great fight this could be very much like Wand vs. Franklin at UFC 99.

  4. Mark says:

    Danzig-Wiman and Kampmann-Thiago sound great. The rest of the card doesn’t excite me in the least bit. But I’ll still end up ordering it because I am an MMA addict who would watch two chimps face off in the Octagon if it was on television. Actually that would be better than most of this show looks.

  5. 45 Huddle says:

    A product of putting too many PPV’s on in too short of a period of time. Some of the undercard fights interest me…. but not enough to order the PPV. I might check it out at my local theater.

    Think about this…. If they took out Rothwell/Yvel…. And then had a real main event instead…. Which would push Liddell/Franklin into the co-main event status…. This would actually be a really solid card.

    But it’s not…

  6. Mr. Roadblock says:

    This card is happening 45 minutes from my house and I’m not going to go watch it for free. That pretty much sums up my opinion on this.

    UFC 115 wouldn’t be a good card on Spike.

    • Steve says:

      “UFC 115 wouldn’t be a good card on Spike.”

      I’ll be the first to admit that 115 is weak PPV card, but let’s keep it real. It would be a ridiculously good Spike card.

      You’ve got two long-time champions fighting each other (Liddell-Franklin), a sweet kickboxing matchup with a dynamic young stud versus one of the old lions (Barry-Cro Cop), an important WW contender matchup (Thiago-Kampmann), an important LW contender matchup (Griffin-Dunham), and a huge test for a young uberprospect (Condit-MacDonald). That would be one of the best UFN lienups of all-time.

      • Mr. Roadblock says:

        Griffin-Dunham isn’t on UFC 115, it’s on Spike. That’s the best fight on the card imo.

        I think Barry-Cro Cop is going to suck. Lots of staring at each other and some leg kicks.

        Liddell-Franklin has about the appeal to me as Hopkins-Jones. Maybe a little bit more because at least they should engage each other and have a slugfest.

        That fight belongs on Spike (or as co-main or 3rd feature bout). So I guess you’re right that would be good on Spike.

      • An uberprospect in MacDonald? Jesus, are we supposed to pretend that all these guys are world champions in the making until they lose to a gatekeeper?

        I mean, honestly – the best fight is free on TV. Not on the PPV, free on TV. You can’t sit here and argue that UFC 115 is a great PPV card when that’s the case. The second best fight? Also on free TV. So here’s your PPV card – IE what they are actually selling you for $45/55:

        -Rothwell/Yvel: People would have laughed this out if it was a fight Affliction made. UFC does it, and its smart matchmaking. Neither guy is relevant at heavyweight.

        -Condit/MacDonald: Is it a development fight or a glorified squash? Is it neither and just an excuse to get Condit off the payroll should he lose? Probably that.

        -Thiago/Kampmann: Kampmann wins and he’s still not a contender at welterweight. Thiago is highly ranked there because of his wins and so its all what he can lose, not what he wins.

        -Barry/Cro-Cop: Washed up vs. never was. Who wins? Who cares?

        -Liddell/Franklin: The winner does what at 205? The loser does what at 205? Exactly.

        So that’s the stunningly great PPV card we’ve got. As far as free UFC cards have been on Spike, its not even at the top of that list.

        • Steve says:

          You need to brush up on your reading comprehension

          My first sentence made it pretty clear that I believe this is a weak PPV card.

        • The Gaijin says:

          Other than the fact that he may or may not have mistaken your take on the strength of the card (I don’t think he called it “stunningly great” in direct reference to you), he basically eviscerated your take on the fights…that should be your take home point.

  7. The best fights are being given away for free. Kampmann/Thiago is the only other relevant fight, and its a one way street there (Kampmann winning doesn’t make him suddenly really interesting).

  8. Fluyid says:

    When are they going to “make it up” to us for Anderson Silva’s last fight?

    • They’re making it up to us by making sure that Anderson Silva doesn’t fight someone like Shogun or Rashad Evans. Instead, we will get to pay to have him fight an overmatched career gatekeeper. At least he’s doing a good job posting smack tweets, otherwise we’d have nothing to say about it!

      • 45 Huddle says:

        You’ll have something to say…. And it will be…

        “Wow, Chael Sonnen is now the UFC World Middleweight Champion. I cannot believe it.”

  9. EJ says:

    Anderson has no one to blame but himself for not getting bigger fights, he decided to stop fighting Maia and dance around like an idiot. He gets what he sows, funny thing about is that the career gatekeeper is going to be the one that makes people care about him again.

  10. david m says:

    I am not excited about any of the fights on this card, honestly. I’m not going to pay to watch it or watch it for free. I don’t even want to see Chuck fight at this point; I am worried he is going to end up talking like James Toney.

  11. Fluyid says:

    Way off topic here, but have you guys seen this?

    Freaking incredible.

  12. Jeremy (Not that Jeremy) says:

    Not a buy. Maybe not even a watch during the world cup except that the WC games will be early due to being in South Africa.

    Maybe I’ll go over to some bar to watch it. There aren’t really any particularly good places here for that. Unless you consider Hooters good.

  13. […] Card line-up for UFC 115 in Vancouver, British Columbia on Saturday, June 12th […]

  14. Mac says:

    you guys are a bunch of fucking whiners! Grow up this card is fucking sick!

    • Claude says:

      sick, as in you want to vomit because it is so weak? C’mon not a single fight on this card has any relevance past this saturday. Thiago gains nothing from beating Kampmann, and Griffin is a least one-two years out before he is a legit contender. What’s sick about it? No ones whiny just making observations.

  15. rainrider says:

    ?Lightweights: Tyson Griffin vs. Evan Dunham

    is the only match in the card that I think is important and relavant. The rest is to entertain the uneducated crowds of British Columbia who do not know yet the difference between MMA and K-1.

  16. edub says:

    Plenty of interesting fights on this card. I still don’t understand how people give the Kampman-Thiago fight no respect when both are top 10 caliber WWs:

    -Jesse Lennox/Mike Pyle- If it goes to the ground I see Pyle finding a submission. I think he struggles with pressure though, and Lennox has the type of strength to give him problems. This is 50/50 to me so… Pyle by Sub3

    -Funch/Patrick- Funch is huge for WW. Patrick has a good streak of finishes, although against mediocre talent. I think Patrick has some success early on but gets worn down my the size of Funch as the fight goes deeper….
    Funch by UD

    -Wilks/Sobotta- I could be wrong here-(obviously), but I think this a cakewalk for Wilks…. Wilks by Sub2

    -Loiseau/Miranda- I hope I am wrong because David is a really nice guy, and I think he’s got tons of heart.But ever since the beating Franklin gave him he’s not the same fighter. He seems a step slower in every aspect of his game. Miranda by UD

    -Griffin/Dunham- Two training partners battling it out with each other. I think Griffin is poised for a title run, and Dunham has showed a suspect chin so…
    Griffin by TKO1

    -Danzig/Wiman- Good fight between mid tier 155 guys. I think Wiman has the wrestling to control the fight early, but the gas tank to lose late…. Danzig sub3

    -Macdonald/Condit- A fight where Condit(26) is the old man. Condit has the better striking, but Macdonald really is something special. To me he is the start of the next evolution of fighter-IE. training in wrestling, BJJ, Muy Thai, and boxing from the time he was 10 or 11 years old. The only thing that is a question mark to me is if Rory will have the gas tank to hold on…. Macdonald by UD.

    -Yvel/Rothwell- There’s been a lot of talk about Yvel being way over the hill from the JDS fight. I simply don’t see it. He got caught by a guy who hits really hard. I think this is a taylor made fight for Yvel…
    Yvel by KO2

    -Thiago/Kampman- Thiago has got great bjj, powerful hands, and a great chin. The problem I see him having is wrestling in this fight. I think Kampman can control the stand up and even sink in a guillotine at some point, by this is another fight I am 50/50 on… Kampman by UD

    -Cro Cop/Barry- The old vs. The new. Barry has got great great power, but can he check his admiration for Mirko at the door. Is there any relevance to the talk Mirko has made about his recent bad performances stemming from the Knee injury? Could there be another Shogun situation? Probably not. I think we see Barry put the nail in the coffin of Mirko’s career here… Barry by tko3(body kicks)

    -Rich/Chuck- A fight straight out of 2006. To me, this comes down to “Can Chuck catch Rich on the chin?”. I don’t think he will… Rich by SD

  17. EJ says:

    Welterweights: Mike Pyle vs. Jesse Lennox-Pyle decision

    Welterweights: Ricardo Funch vs. Claude Patrick-Funch Sub

    Welterweights: James Wilks vs. Peter Sobotta-Wilks KO

    Middleweights: David Loiseau vs. Mario Miranda-Loiseau TKO

    Spike TV matches

    Lightweights: Tyson Griffin vs. Evan Dunham-Griffin decision

    Lightweights: Mac Danzig vs. Matt Wiman-Danzig Sub

    Main card
    Welterweights: Carlos Condit vs. Rory MacDonald-Condit sub

    Heavyweights: Ben Rothwell vs. Gilbert Yvel-Rothwell decision

    Welterweights: Paulo Thiago vs. Martin Kampmann-Kampman decision

    Heavyweights: Mirko Cro Cop vs. Pat Barry-Barry KO

    Light Heavyweights: Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin-Franklin decision

  18. 45 Huddle says:

    Rich Franklin, Pat Barry, Paulo Thiago, Ben Rothwell, Rory MacDonald, Matt Wiman, & Tyson Griffin.

  19. Zack says:

    Chuck & Cro Cop are both going to shock the world by shooting takedowns.

  20. klown says:

    Franklin – decision
    Barry – TKO
    Thiago – TKO
    Yvel – TKO
    Macdonald – decision

  21. The Gaijin says:

    Talk about lucking out…was out for some drink this afternoon with some friends and their acquaintances – scored box seats to the fights tonight.

  22. Fluyid says:

    I fully expected 30-27 X 3 in favor of Dunham. Very surprised.

  23. smoogy says:

    Tony Weeks was the one with the Griffin scorecard allegedly.

    Will that ugly, scary KO of Chuck have an effect on UFC’s drive for regulation in Canada?

  24. rainrider says:

    Rory McD x Condit stoppage was a robbery.

    • Mark says:

      Robbery is too strong to call it since he was losing the decision no matter what happened. He still would have gotten a 10-8 score for the round if they let him continue being punched in the face for 5 more seconds, so that’s 29-27 by the way most people had it scored.

    • Steve says:

      Robbery my ass.

      If anything, it was a late stoppage.

      Had the ref stopped it a minute or two earlier, no one would be bitching right now.


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