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The end of Tito Ortiz in UFC?

By Zach Arnold | May 26, 2010

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So it was revealed that he needs neck surgery for disc issues. I thought the surgery from NuVasive was supposed to fix a lot of his problems? It would seem like a real injury as opposed to the “skull” issues he claimed he had going into the Forrest Griffin fight (and Forrest went in with a broken foot). Truthfully, Tito is physically shot and it’s time for either UFC or a major athletic commission to step in and end his career — you can’t come back from all those surgeries and expect to even compete against middle-of-the-road Light Heavyweights at this point. Meanwhile, Chuck Liddell is pissed that Tito “didn’t ever want to fight him”, but Chuck should thank Tito because this season’s TUF has been a very positive development for keeping Chuck’s career alive.

Kotaku has a report on UFC’s online use-code mishaps. At least you can be Shaq in the UFC game if you want.

Mike Russow, police officer. A surge in MMA fighters donning the badge?

Nick Diaz says Hayato Sakurai is better than Takanori Gomi and Shinya Aoki. I guess he has to try to justify that main event for DREAM’s show coming up at Saitama Super Arena. In terms of drawing power, it’s as ridiculous of a main event for a major building in Japan as I’ve seen for a long time (excluding anything Sengoku has done).

Showdown Joe Ferraro described today’s UFC press conference as an awkward atmosphere. You think? The media bandwagon of picking Rashad Evans to beat Rampage Jackson continues to grow. Rampage was all business at the presser. A serious Rampage is a winning Rampage.

I noted in an interview that Reed Harris did on Tapout radio that Reed called the Leonard Garcia/Korean Zombie fight the best fight he’s ever seen in MMA. Leonard might agree with him and also thinks he hasn’t reached the prime of his career, yet.

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9 Responses to “The end of Tito Ortiz in UFC?”

  1. Fluyid says:

    “Tito is physically shot and it’s time for either UFC or a major athletic commission to step in and end his career…”

    Didn’t he claim to have something really crazybad before his last fight, like a broken neck or something, but that he fought on anyway?

    • Phil says:

      he claimed to have a cracked skull. But he also didn’t get a medical suspension. So the doctors missed his cracked skull before and after the fight in Titoland.

      • Fluyid says:

        Yeah, Zach even referenced it in this article. I have no idea how I did’t see Zach’s very clear mention of the skull thing. I better slow down and read before I start posting.

        “So the doctors missed his cracked skull before and after the fight in Titoland.”

        This is where I wish BS would be called. I wish the commission docs who talked to and examined Tito could speak out on this.

  2. Grafdog says:

    Mach is fast and powerful at 154 but slow and weak at 170+.
    I think its a sign he hasn’t been training very hard lately. If he can’t control his body during training, controlling it during the fight will be a tall order.

  3. EJ says:

    Rampage can be as serious as he wants and he can mean mug the camera all he wants but he’s going to sleep. His head is elsewhere and combined with the long layout and an inferior camp picking against his is the smart bet. Rashad on the other hand has a fight under his wings and seems better prepared physically than he’s ever been before. Add to that his great wrestling and speed advantage and alot of people are going to be shocked to see what he does to Rampage on Saturday.

  4. Tito Ortiz needs surgery for herniated discs. This means that 100% for sure that he needs to retire. Thiago Alves has a brain bleed; but hey, welcome back in a couple months! How grand!

    This isn’t to say that Tito isn’t washed up or capable of fighting at a high level. It just looks to me like there’s a double standard where Tito should be forced into retirement regardless of what doctors may say in the future vs. Thiago Alves, who had the sort of issue that once meant you were unlicensable in the United States just 3-4 years ago, and is getting cheered on as he hopes to re-enter the ring.

    • Fluyid says:

      Is this Tito stuff verified? I really feel for anyone with disk issues. I herniated the disk between C4 and C5 (in my neck) in the 5th round of a fight and suffered GREATLY for many months. It was life-changing type pain.

      What about that cracked skull stuff? Surely that was BS.

      • kjh says:

        Dave Meltzer is reporting that Ortiz had neck fusion surgery two and a half month ago, so yeah the injury is legit and he should retire.

  5. Jonathan says:

    I guess people feel that way Alan because of the youth that Alves has compared with the relative lack of youth movement that grips Tito.

    I do think that Ortiz needs to retire and focus on something else in life.


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