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K-1 9/26 Seoul, South Korea

By Zach Arnold | September 26, 2009

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Event reports: K-1 Legend | Bloody Elbow | AOL Fanhouse

9/26 Seoul, Olympic Stadium Gym #1 (3:30 PM start)

The official match order on the card:

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41 Responses to “K-1 9/26 Seoul, South Korea”

  1. BM2 says:

    Scanning through this list, I was suddenly shocked and thought “WHAT! Since when did Morosanu’s opponent get switched to Kai En Tai? How is this possible??”

    Then I realised that Morosanu’s “original” opponent was Taiei Kin. Oops. <.<

  2. urbanraida says:

    Putting Hari over Aerts-Overeem and Bonjaski-Manhoef as the main event? Yeah, that’ll teach him.

  3. Alan Conceicao says:

    Kyotaro/Karaev is, to me, mind blowing. They have guts to make that match. Or they are stupid.

  4. Alan Conceicao says:

    Putting Hari over Aerts-Overeem and Bonjaski-Manhoef as the main event? Yeah, that’ll teach him.

    A) I doubt they’re trying to “teach” Hari anything right now.

    B) Samedov is really, really good. I can’t wait to see that fight.

  5. urbanraida says:

    A) “I doubt they’re trying to “teach” Hari anything right now”……Yeah, you’re right mate. Stamp on a guy’s head and get treated like a returning hero.

    I know K-1 need ratings but the Final 16 is stacked enough that anyone of about 3-4 fights could get away with being in the main event slot.

    I have seen Samedov fight many times and I’ve seen enough to be reasonably sure he’s not the reason this fight is main event….It’s all about temper-boy.

  6. Ultimo Santa says:

    OMG dude, they disqualified him (which is as far as it should have gone), and then took 100% of his purse, and THEN took his Heavyweight Title!

    It was probably the biggest overreaction in the history of combat sports as far as penalizing a competitor goes.

    The second K-1 officials saw the instant replay of Bonjanski obviously faking the injury (the commentators were LAUGHING at him) the logical thing to do would have been to declare the fight a no-contest, and had a rematch for the Title and the GP Crown.

    Of course that would have made sense, and this is Japan we’re talking about here.

    Hari has been OVER-punished, he’s come back, it’s over.

    He’s the main event, plain and simple. Deal with it.

  7. urbanraida says:

    If Badr would have stood and fought rather than “snapped” (code for cowardice) then he may have won the whole GP (No contest???? For a head stamp.WTF?) and their would be no argument. And Remy would never have recieved his Golden Globe and ultimately been the one laughing. Or should that be LAUGHING.

    Hari is an unstable ass. plain and simple.

  8. Ultimo Santa says:

    No excusing Hari’s outburst. It was unprofessional, and he acted foolishly.

    Yes he tried to stomp Remy, and it partially connected. But along with many fans, and the commentators (experienced K-1 fighters), I felt that Bonjanski was putting on a silly performance that was a complete embarrassment to himself and K-1.

    Unsportsmanlike conduct deserves repercussions, no doubt. Not ANYWHERE near the degree Hari got, but definitely a reprimand.

    But clearly faking an injury is even worse for a sport IMO, and it’s the reason why Bonjanski lost so much credibility in many people’s eyes.

  9. Part-time k-1 fan says:

    What’s funny about Zabit is that he tested positive for tons of narcotics on one of K-1’s USA shows and promptly fought overseas on another K-1 show 2 months later. I haven’t heard anyone mention this since it happened.

  10. Zack says:

    Maaan…no need for another Manhoef/Bonjansky fight.

  11. Dave says:

    They obviously want to push Hari.

    They had that HDNet special on him on Friday (which was pretty damned good, if not a bit exaggerated) and are having him main event this show. I bet you anything they are hoping for a rematch with Overeem in the semis and a rematch with Remy in the finals where he kicks Remy into oblivion.

  12. Ultimo Santa says:

    Manhoef has lost to Remy twice already? At his height that’s no surprise. I see a threepeat coming.

    Either way I’m cool with it…I’ve never seen a boring Melvin Manhoef fight.

  13. 45 Huddle says:

    What’s the best way to watch full K-1 events?

    I will typically find a fight here or there but not the entire events….

  14. ttt says:

    live stream

  15. Ultimo Santa says:

    Subscribe to HDNet. Nothing like K-1 in high definition, mofo.

  16. Dave says:

    Sadly if you are like me and your cable provider doesn’t do HDNet, there is always *that place* where somebody will post a rip of it.

  17. dangerousdan says:

    Quick Results:
    Chi Bin Lim defeats Tahir Menxhiqi via unanimous decision.
    Kin Taiei defeats Catalin Morosanu via DQ (late punch).
    Remy Bonjasky defeats Melvin Manhoef via unanimous decision.
    Errol Zimmerman defeats Glaube Feitosa via unanimous decision.
    Ruslan Karaev defeats Kyotaro via unanimous decision.
    Ewerton Teixeira defeats Singh Jaideep via unanimous decision.
    Semmy Schilt defeats Daniel Ghita via unanimous decision.
    Jerome Le Banner defeats Musashi via unanimous decision.
    Alistair Overeem defeats Peter Aerts via unanimous decision.
    Badr Hari defeats Zabit Samedov via KO, Round 1.

  18. white ninja says:

    Remy brutalised Peter Aerts for 3 rounds

    awesome display of power; and no gassing

    he’s the most dangerous fighter in the world today

  19. white ninja says:

    sorry… Ubereem it was

  20. white ninja says:

    Gita was also very impressive for his debut and gave Semmy all he could handle

    he’s the real deal

  21. 45 Huddle says:

    I can’t see Overeem going back to MMa for a while now. I think he is better suited for K-1 anyways.

  22. white ninja says:

    he keeps a mma style in his fights

    so i dont see problems for crossovers

    he would ask major questions of both lesnar and fedor

  23. matthew says:

    Hari’s antics are annoying as hell, but he is an absolute terror. He is easily one of the top 3 fighters in K-1. Who’s better? Maybe Remy, who is the best of the best? Maybe Semmy?

  24. 45 Huddle says:

    I wasn’t talking about style. Just the amount of success he is having likely means there is less motivation to earn a living in MMA now.

    And Overeem would get wrecked by Lesnar and Fedor. He was a failed LHW. Lesnar would take him down at will. It wouldn’t even be close.

  25. white ninja says:

    lesnar hasnt faced any of the challenges that overeem presents and despite his title is still a mma newb

    overeem represents a serious threat to fedor; his major weakness is his chin, but his guard is tight and fedor’s looping punches may not be effective

    overeem is a different, better, stronger fights to the gasser he was at LHW

  26. Dave says:

    I feel like Overeem beat Remy earlier this year and was just a victim of bad judging. Overeem’s size, strength and his style (using a lot of muay thai trips) seems to be a great foil for most of the heayvweights.

    I agree with 45, in MMA he is a guy with shitty grappling, in K-1 he is a terror. Why give that up?

  27. MK says:

    All credit to Overeem, he has had a hell of a run in kickboxing the past year. He looked sharp and used skills and not just brawn, though it seems that the constant takedown technique is working well for the MMA crossovers. Cheap but effective in tiring out your opponent. Sad about Aerts, I was sure that he was going to win but oh well. They should give him a reserve fight

    The fights themselves were disappointing with most of the winners not looking so convincing.

    But the final 8 should be quality, I want to see Hari vs Overeem/Bonjasky. Hari should win the GP, but with his chin you never know.

  28. 45 Huddle says:

    A few pieces of news:

    1. Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort at UFC 108 (Jan 2nd) is being talked about as if it’s a done deal.

    2. Roy Jones Jr. vs. Bernard Hopkins 2 in early 2010 on HBO PPV.

  29. Dave says:

    From what I’ve heard A. Silva/Belfort is a done deal.

    How do people feel about Catalin Morosanu’s bad behavior last night? Post-fight interview he admits he is a moron and thought the 10-second warning meant the round was over, then he got pissed off and KO’d Kin after the bell because he was mad.

  30. Dave says:

    Also, as this is the only place that would appreciate this; imagine if pro wrestling was still big in Japan how big Overeem could be?

    Giant dude from the Netherlands wielding a mallet? Pfffft.

  31. MK says:

    I re-watched Aerts/Overeem with a clear state of mind and not taking anything away from Overeem, but I think Aerts might be done as a fighter.

    He has had a great resurgence the past three years and beaten some big names but he looked slow, flat and old in the fight. When you are his age, and especially with all his new hardcore training/diet, things can just fall apart and you can get old overnight.

    I think that by next year the old guard will be gone completely. No more Aerts, Le Banner, Sefo etc.

  32. I don’t think that Aerts is done just because he got beaten by Overeem the way it happened. He just had no good game plan coming into the fight and just exchanging punches with a powerhouse like Overeem is probably not the best idea.

    Of course Aerts isn’t the same fighter he was a few years ago or in the 90s but he is still one of the best and very dangerous.

    Actually I thought he would handle Overeem the same way he took care of Mighty Mo a few years ago when he low kicked Mo until he could no longer stand on his feet. This way he avoided the powerful fists of his opponent and just made him look harmless. To just stay there and trade punches with a guy of Overeems caliber is not a good game plan…

  33. Alan Conceicao says:

    Schilt is going to win the tourney again. No one out there is capable of stopping him at this stage, IMO. I feel bad for Ghita being matched with him. If he had been matched with Texieria or Zimmerman, we’d be seeing him in the final 8, no problem.

  34. d says:

    Aerts’ low kick game wasn’t working on Overeem, he checked them all in the blink of an eye. It was impressive.

    “I agree with 45, in MMA he is a guy with shitty grappling, in K-1 he is a terror. Why give that up?”

    Overeem has legitimately great clinch takedowns, a fantastic guillotine, and a good all round grappling game with some amazing agility for a man of his size. Further to this, he’s the only man to submit Vitor Belfort (this includes ADCC performances) and qualified for ADCC several years ago submitting all of his opponents.

    Overeem is basically the complete opposite of the prototypical Dutch fighter. Frankly, in MMA he’s primarily a grappler. Yes, Werdum submitted him by essentially twisting his arm behind his back when he was too gassed to do anything, but if you look at his fights in aggregate the man is a very good grappler and easily has the most diverse skillset at heavyweight.

  35. Steve4192 says:

    I agree that Overeem’s grappling game is very under-rated.

    However, the one concern I have about him bouncing back & forth between K-1 and MMA is that he isn’t training his grappling game anymore. It is obvious he putting a ton of work into his kickboxing game, and all that time and effort has to be coming from somewhere. Logic dictates that it’s coming from training time that used to be dedicated to grappling.

    If he decides to sneak an MMA fight in here and there between his K-1 fights, I question how sharp his grappling will be.

  36. Dave says:

    Overeem’s striking is way better than his grappling. I agree it is underrated, but at the same time, compared to higher end guys who know how to use it in MMA, he sucks.

    Qualifying for grappling tournaments means nothing. Vinny M. submitted Pe de Pano, who cares? Neither guy can transition those skills into a MMA game on a high level. Overeem has problems piecing it together.

    I think the only guy who could stop Schilt in this tournament is Badr Hari.

    Here are the draws for the tournament;

    Ruslan Karaev v. Badr Hari
    Alistair Overeem v. Ewerton Teixeira
    Jerome Le Banner v. Semmy Schilt
    Errol Zimmerman v. Remy Bonjasky

    Semis will most likely be Badr/Overeem and Schilt/Bonjasky.

    I look forward to either a Badr/Schilt final or Overeem/Schilt.

  37. Ultimo Santa says:

    @ Alan Conceicao

    You do know that Hari annihilated Schilt in 45 seconds this year, right?


    Hari wins a tough fight vs. Karaev

    Overeem steamrolls Teixeira (I bet Ewerton’s dreads stood on end when he heard the news he’s be fighting Overeem in the next round)

    Schilt unfortunately beats LeBanner, but not before absorbing some big shots

    Bonjanski pulls another Hoost and wins a boring decision over Zimmerman

    …from there it depends on how battered the fighters are from the previous round. Overeem, IMO, will theoretically be in MUCH better shape when he would fight Hari. But if Hari shows up in the same shape he did this weekend, I don’t know who can stop him.

  38. Ultimo Santa says:

    Best part of the event: Bonjanski coming out to a nice ovation, and then getting booed after his lackluster win.

  39. Alan Conceicao says:

    I don’t see Hari being able to duplicate it. I think he got Schilt at the right time in a tiny ring that prevented Semmy from moving around. I don’t think he gets those luxuries at the WGP, and Semmy wins for the 5th time with relative ease.

  40. Dave says:

    Hari caught Semmy offguard earlier this year. I’m not saying it is luck, I’m saying Hari saw his opening and went for it. If Schilt doesn’t leave that opening, its going to be a slow, plodding fight.

  41. Wolverine says:

    Alistair is a great grappler, but he always had major problems with his gas tank.

    If he could go over 10 minutes in a MMA fight, he would be an elite heavyweight. I hope he will do what he promised and will concentrate on MMA next year. Heavyweight division is always in need of talented and well-rounded fighters.


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