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Tim Kennedy does the media rounds

By Zach Arnold | September 24, 2009

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He’s fighting tomorrow in Oklahoma for Strikeforce on Showtime. has a really good interview with him. Kennedy, who is in the military, has a very busy schedule outside of fighting:

Strikeforce was very accommodating with the fact that I’m still going to be part of the military, being able to continue to wear the uniform. My fight’s on the 25th. The 26thand 27th I’m coming home, packing my bags, grabbing my uniform and flying to the Soldier of the Year competition to help the troops there. These are things that they’re very understanding of. They’re very flexible with recognizing that I still have responsibilities as a soldier to take care of those things.

It’s difficult. Imagine you being a promotion owner and you wanting me to fight for you. You would have a difficult time saying “Well, I actually don’t own you, I can’t tell you where to go because the military still owns you.” Certain promotion owners don’t want to give that away. As it is right now, Scott (Coker) is just being a very accommodating boss, very flexible, and very understanding of my obligations which are all over the place.

Also on Friday’s card is Tyron Woodley, who will be facing Zach Light. Light is on a three-fight losing streak and is being served up on a platter here for Woodley.

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3 Responses to “Tim Kennedy does the media rounds”

  1. Joseph says:

    This show will have a good amount of Strikeforce prospects on display.

    You didn’t even mention former USA Olympic wrestlers Daniel Cormier, undefeated Zak Cummings, or TUF participant Paul Bradley.

    On the same site, Faber and Torres upset at WEC and contracts.

    As the WEC Turns

    Urijah Faber has one fight remaining on his WEC contract. He and Zuffa are far apart on contract terms. The WEC’s other superstar, Miguel Torres is also unhappy with his current contract. Superstar disatisfaction is the main reason that Zuffa is considering merging the WEC into the UFC. It would give Faber and Torres bigger potential paydays on PPV.

    The Versus network, home to the WEC, was so worried that the promotion was leaving that they opened up tentative talks with Bellator, the Latino friendly group looking for a home after leaving ESPN Deportes earlier this year. As unhappy as WEC fighters are, it’s nothing compared to Bellator’s woebegone warriors. The promotion will be in a holding pattern through March at the earliest and in the meantime many fighters are desperate to make ends meet.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    The Faber thing is interesting. They are not going to want to lose him to Strikeforce. And there are only two ways to do that:

    1) Overpay him and have the WEC lose money. That also means they have to overpay Torres, Brown, & Bowles.

    2) Bring them over to the UFC.

    Really, #2 is the only option at this point. It makes the most sense. I have wanted to see it so some of the Lightweights can move down to Featherweight and make it even more stacked.

    As for the Strikeforce card…. It is good and bad. Kennedy & Woodley are good prospects. Cormier is a complete unknown, but he is pretty heavy for this fight (250ish). The rest isn’t very good.

  3. Zack says:

    How much longer is the WEC/Versus deal?


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