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Law professor needs your research help

By Zach Arnold | September 24, 2009

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This message was left on our site:

My name is Brendan Maher, and Iā€™m a law professor at Oklahoma City University.

Iā€™m currently writing an academic piece (for publication in fairly dry legal journals) about the history, legitimacy and regulation of MMA. One aim of the piece is to address certain misperceptions about MMA that continue to exist in academia.

During the course of my research, I have been unable to locate online the releases of the NSAC concerning fighter payouts. Can anyone here ā€” I know this site is visited by most if not all of the leading MMA journalists ā€” tell me if such NSAC paperwork is online? I know many MMA sites report the info, but it would be nice to see the primary source.


Brendan Maher

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5 Responses to “Law professor needs your research help”

  1. Fightlinker says:

    All major MMA events have commission payouts listed on their wikipedia pages. If you need ‘originals’, I bet one of the sites like MMA Junkie that actually gets their numbers direct from the commission would be willing to forward you the appropriate emails and / or attachments.

  2. Detective Roadblock says: get the number and call. The women who answer the phone are very helpful, Sandy in particular. Keith Kizer isn’t that hard to ge a hold of. I’m sure he would make himself available for an interview.

  3. Brendan Maher says:

    I appreciate the help!

    I actually had called the NSAC prior to my post and they told me the lady that may be able to help me was out and would be for several hours. I figured I’d call again, but in the meantime I’d solicit the opinion of the knowledgeable people who visit this site to see if the info was online somewhere that I was unaware of.

    Turns out I just now got in touch with the right person at NSAC, and they will fax me the info directly. So I’m all set.

    Thanks again,

    Brendan Maher

  4. Fluyid says:

    You teach Civ Pro? That brings back ugly memories.

    I missed an Erie issue on the final and it still haunts me. šŸ™

  5. Jonathan says:

    I live in Oklahoma City…hell, I work about three blocks from OCU…I will give him a phone call.

    Oklahoma Christian University is one of the three law schools in Oklahoma, and every lawyer I know from attorney to a judge went there.


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