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Demian Maia gets verbally slapped around by Anderson Silva & Nathan Marquardt

By Zach Arnold | August 26, 2009

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He’s not a happy camper about what Anderson Silva has had to say about him and he won’t be happy with Marquardt’s comments about their upcoming fight this weekend as not a bout in a random jiu-jitsu tournament. Maybe Maia can call the BJJ Police.

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3 Responses to “Demian Maia gets verbally slapped around by Anderson Silva & Nathan Marquardt”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    Personally, I think Marquardt is a tougher opponent for Maia then Silva is, just by their styles.

    If Maia beats Marquardt (which I’m not sure he will), I think he will beat Silva.

  2. Anderson Silva could fight for the title in his second UFC bout and now he is telling Maia not to ask for a title shot xD

    If Maia can get past Marquardt in a decisive fashion he is definitely the biggest danger to Silvas title.

    Wanderlei said in the countdown show that Maia plays with him on the ground though he is heavier and a black belt too. How big of a compliment do you guys think that really is?

  3. Mr_Mike says:

    I hope Damien wins. He seems like a class act and, a total pro, not buying in to the usually fake trash talk that the promoters and, fans seem to enjoy.


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