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If Versus loses distribution outlets, what will the health of WEC be?

By Zach Arnold | August 25, 2009

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The WEC 9/2 Youngstown, Ohio show has been canceled. It is rescheduled for October 10th in another city. Between this development and the fact that Versus may be off DirecTV and things are not looking positive right now for WEC. In regards to the show cancellation and the reason given (fighter injury), Dave Meltzer said, “There’s something fishy going on.”

Dave Meltzer: “I think that what happened is is that um they that they don’t want to do that show on September 2nd if DirecTV pulls them on September 1st. So, they’re giving them so they’re pulling the show so they have, because it makes no sense for WEC, you know, I … it’s how I read it. I mean maybe Ben Henderson really is hurt, but the thing that’s really strange me to is um it’s like if he really was hurt, they would just put, why don’t they just do the match on the next show? I mean, they’ve never postponed an actual show over someone being injured, they always have a replacement.”

Bryan Alvarez: “They didn’t cancel Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir after Frank got hurt, so they’re not… canceling a show because they have a Ben Henderson injury? I don’t buy it.”

Dave Meltzer: “No, I don’t either. Plus, it’s September 2nd and September 1st is when at this point they may go off DirecTV so you know that seems to add up and plus the other one is is that there, the show isn’t going to be in Youngstown when they do the remake of the show on October the 10th, so to me that also seems to indicate that they sold no tickets in Youngstown plus the Versus thing, so I’m thinking there’s both of those things, I mean I don’t know what the advance was in Youngstown, no one ever told me. And the fact that no one ever told me, probably means it was poor or wasn’t great, if it was great I would have heard.”

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51 Responses to “If Versus loses distribution outlets, what will the health of WEC be?”

  1. […] could it be the possibility of DirecTV dropping VERSUS the day before the event have something to do with it. Dave Meltzer: “I think that what happened is is that um they that they don’t want to […]


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