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BJ Penn: “I just read the Yahoo article from today”

By Zach Arnold | August 6, 2009

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From his greatest hits collection: BJ Penn found himself on the defensive after he told Kevin Iole that he thought Georges St. Pierre was a steroids user. Now, Penn is firing back (or tried to) on YouTube:

“I just read Yahoo’s interview with me today and during the interview Kevin Iole asked me “Do I have to have bad blood with all of my opponents?” and I said no, uh that’s just that’s just what it looks like to the new fans. The only reason why I had the bad blood, bad blood with Sherk & GSP is because it was my opinion that they were doing steroids and I never thought it would, uh Kevin Iole would do such a big investigation to call Greg Jackson, to call Sheri Spencer and all these people and every little, (I didn’t) like how article came out. You know I’m fighting Kenny Florian and there shouldn’t have been an article out with one-third of the article talking about me saying GSP does steroids, so you know I did want to apologize to all parties involved.”

Penn can be hard to transcribe sometimes, but this is the transcription of his comments on YouTube.

Quick thoughts: The video had a weird vibe to it. It was bizarrely like viewing a partial legal statement and partial hostage tape with the person looking off camera and back on camera several times. Penn’s response was a beauty because anyone worth their salt in the media, j-school or not, knows that when someone you are interview makes an explosive charge (like Penn did against GSP), you immediately try to contact the person or a representative of the person being accused of something in order to get a response. That’s not just covering one’s ass legally, but also standard protocol for journalism.

The more Penn speaks, the worse he comes off.

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12 Responses to “BJ Penn: “I just read the Yahoo article from today””

  1. spacedog says:

    Things a train wresck Time to put some $$$ on Ken Flo.

  2. Jason Bennett says:

    Well, his name is ‘Baby J’ for a reason.

  3. Grape Knee High says:

    The more BJ says, the less I care to pay money to see him fight.

  4. jr says:

    BJ’s constant conspiracies are making him a worse fighter. He’s not looking for his own offensive and defensive flaws.

  5. Vox says:

    I agree with Grape Knee on this…the more CryBaby J opens his mouth, the less I care about watching him fight.

    To think I used to be a fan of this guy.

  6. 45 Huddle says:

    Dana White Q&A just got over with. Of the around 100 questions asked (maybe more), there was exactly one question about Fedor.

    Amazing how little knowledge most fans have. Some know about Fedor, but most don’t even care.

    If I was Scott Coker and I saw this Q&A, I woulde be very worried. Even when asked if he would get Overeem or Alvarez, moat people didn’t have a clue.

    People treat White like a rock star. And White knows how to play to an audience.

  7. 45 Huddle says:

    And the three big reactions are for Tito, Brock, and Kimbo. And try weren’t even around. Just the mention of them. Decent reactions for Penn, Quinton, both Silva’s, and a few others.

    Interesting perspective compared to the blog world. I honestly can’t see anybody competing with this.

    This my 6th UFC event… But the fanbase is at least half new. It’s very strange….

  8. Fluyid says:

    45 Huddle speaks the truth on this, I think.

    The UFC has this on lockdown.

  9. The Citizen says:

    You know when I used to like watching BJ Penn fight?

    When he would run to the Octagon, beat the shit out of his opponent, then run to the back.

    He should not open his mouth anymore, or learn how to come off better.

    BJ Penn is pure talent, but sometimes that doesn’t come off in camera land.

    Go Ken Flo

  10. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Don Frye is a precious American resource, a relic of a former era. A total lunatic.

  11. spacedog says:

    Sorry for lowering the tone.

    [You should have e-mailed me with the contact form to let me know of someone trolling you and I would have dealt with it on your behalf.]

  12. Dave2 says:

    Pretty surprising that a large chunk of the people there don’t know about these guys outside the UFC. Dana White is pretty smart for creating an illusion that there are no “major league-level” fighters outside the UFC. Right out of the Vince McMahon play book. In fact I’m surprised that Dana even lets Joe Rogan talk about non-UFC fighters. In fact in one broadcast over a year ago, Rogan said that there were lots of great lightweights around the world not just in UFC and he name dropped K-1 HERO’s (I think this was before DREAM) and a bunch of lightweights fighting in Japan. I’m surprised Rogan didn’t get punished for that. Or did he?


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