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Bill O’Reilly discusses Mrs. Cyborg on Fox News Channel

By Zach Arnold | June 22, 2009

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“What are they, in Lithuania or something?”

Is this what Mike Straka has to put up with at Fox News?

A clip of Cyborg choking out a reporter in a cage was shown during O’Reilly’s “reality check” segment on Monday. She told the reporter it would take 3 seconds to put him to sleep. She lived up to her promise. Afterwards, you can see others from Chute Boxe wake the reporter up and he says, “What happened?”

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34 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly discusses Mrs. Cyborg on Fox News Channel”

  1. ZzFDKzZ says:


  2. klown says:

    For the O’Reilly segment, try going to, and search under ‘videos’.

  3. Chuck says:

    Ah, getting choked out. It happened to me on Super Bowl Sunday during a Judo tournament I competed in. Those collar chokes are a son of a bitch. And I had a rib injury going in too! Good times, good times…

  4. Ivan Trembow says:

    That whole incident with Cyborg choking out the reporter was worked, and she came right out and said so during the Cyborg/Carano conference call last week.

  5. robthom says:


  6. Just another mark like you says:

    They speak Portuguese in Lithuania, didn’t you know? LOL

  7. Jonathan says:

    Even with make-up, that woman looks like a sadistic, psychotic pitbull.

    Honestly, I could NOT think of a better husband for her than Cyborg.

    Two of a kind.

    P.S. Anyone remember Pride pushing Cyborg as “Lil Wanderlei”?

  8. The Gaijin says:

    “P.S. Anyone remember Pride pushing Cyborg as “Lil Wanderlei”?”

    I thought that was Jadson Costa?

  9. 45 Huddle says:

    Female Cyborg is actually freaker looking when she is trying to look like a woman. Make-up and earings make her look like a Tranny.

    And who watches O’Reilly anyways? That’s not a Conservative/Liberal thing…. His show is trash. It’s more like how E! covers celeb news…. Only they cover “news”.

  10. Ultimo Santa says:

    Fox “News” isn’t actually a news channel at all – it’s a Republican commentary station. O’Reilly feels he needs to ‘protect us’ from things like the FAR LEFT loons (ie. people who want Americans to have things like heath care, personal rights and freedom, etc.) and of course, MMA.

    There was a segment a couple years back when Bill O interviews Dana White and Rich Franklin, where he compares the UFC to people fighting lions.

    No kidding.

  11. Jonathan says:

    I don’t want to talk about it….

    *takes blazer off and throws it to the floor*

    I’ll talk about it anyways! god-dammit!

    Anywho, a TON of people watch his show. I do not agree with his viewpoints, and I am a Republican, all I am saying is that there is a very LARGE segment of the American populace who does.

  12. samscaff says:

    Thats the scary part.

  13. Zadius says:

    Go to “Reality Check” on the playlist and choose the “Tough on Obama?” segment. It’s at the end of the segment.

  14. 45 Huddle says:

    If Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity posted online on message boards, people would call them trolls. Hannity is actually much worse. It’s sad when The Daily Show on Comedy Central becomes a better source of News then Fox News or MSNBC.

    O’Reilly does get very good ratings, between 3 & 4 Million viewers. However the majority of his viewers are over 55, like 66% of his audience. Same with a guy like Rush. My Grandmother loves O’Reilly. She also didn’t want to vote for Obama because he was a “Muslim”.

    Typically the people I find who enjoy O’Reilly are highly uneducated and highly opinated people. Doesn’t mean they didn’t go to college or don’t have a good career. But they seem to be a misinformed bunch.

    There are crazy liberals on the other end of the sprectrum too. Lot’s of dumb people in this world.

  15. Dannyd75 says:

    “It’s sad when The Daily Show on Comedy Central becomes a better source of News then Fox News or MSNBC.” That is what is actually sad that anyone thinks The Daily show is news. I’m a Libertarian so I basicly dislike everyone lol but you can find credible news, don’t resort to that crap as a news source.

  16. 45 Huddle says:

    I don’t think The Daily Show is really news. I was just making the comparison.

    I go to CNN or The Huffington Post. And actually, The Huffington Post did a 100 times better job at covering the Iraq Election then any of the major news channels.

  17. Dannyd75 says:

    Also news magazine/opinion shows are not the place to find hard news. They are opinion based discussion of the information, not the news it’s self.

  18. Dannyd75 says:

    Yeah I know what you mean, you were making a point wich I do agree with in it’s spirit. I’m seeing way too much opinion come up on standard news broadcasts latley seems everyone wants to be a Bill O’Riley or a Oberman

  19. robthom says:

    I think some of the social news sites are a pretty good source for getting a little bit of everything. Although they do each tend to have a particular bent that you can suss out after awhile.

    Digg was pretty good for tech, but its way too whiny and fruity for me politically.
    Personally I found newsvine to be the fairest and most even keeled out of all of them.

    I mostly get my little news fix from Colbert report and topix these days.

  20. robthom says:

    Newsvine is owned by msnbc, but the readers make either most or all of the story submissions.

  21. capital L says:

    Oddly enough, the “Fight Game” segments (with the aforementioned Mike Straka) are good, albeit by the admittedly generous standards of mainstream coverage of MMA.

  22. I saw that, and I was very surprised that he didn’t take a moment to knock the sport as brutal like he has in the past. Now that’s a sign of MMA getting popular when a blowhard like him forgets he was once against it.

  23. Mr. Roadblock says:


    Why is it that you assume or think that medical coverage is a birthright? Why does the government owe you health care?

    People make choices in life. If you don’t make enough money to afford something you don’t deserve it. Why should doctors and nurses who sacrifie years of their time learning medicine be punished by having to work for less money because you don’t work hard or smart enough to afford their services?

    Have you looked at the single payer medical systems out there? Or talked to people who live in those countries? In the UK they stop giving you costly procedures after you hit 60 years of age.

    A prime example of government healthcare in the sport we love is Martin Kampmann. When he injured his knee training for Franklin he would have been out of action for a fee months if he had his knee done here. Instead he went home to Denmark where he got his knee taken care if for free. His surgery was mangled, he needed a second operation to fix it and he was out of action over a year. So he lost about 9 months of earning opportunity.

    My cousins in Canada tell me horror stories of going to the doctor at 9am for an appointment and getting seen by a doctor at 4pm. And you get seen by a different doctor almost everytime you go in. Personal physicians don’t exist in State run medicine.

    There are big flaws with our medical system. Bit government healthcare isn’t the answer. The first problem is malpractice insurance. Half the money you pay for medicine goes to insurance. Cap malpractice payouts and lower insurance premiums for doctors. There will be no such thing a malpractice suits if the government takes over so don’t make the argument you can’t put a cap on malpractice under a free market system. Secondly healthy people should be able to buy insurance for catastrophic events. For example you pay $500 per year or something. I’m healthy as an ox and never go to the doctor. I had a couple visits for staph infections and needed a tetanus shot ice and thought I broke my ankle but it was a deep bone bruise. That’s 4 trips tithe doctor in the past 15 years. I’ve had insurance from employers the whole time and gave paid for that. But I don’t need much healthcare (knock on wood).

    Lastly doctors should post their prices for procedures so customers can shop. The medical profession is the only place where you go in get something done and then fund out what the bill is. Imagine if car dealerships or restaurants operated like that?

    Government healthcare is just a tool to take total control of the population. When the government provides healthcare it can regulate every aspect of your life because everything you do from eating to sleeping to exercising to driving to where and how you work affects your health. Our ancestors who built Amarrica who conquered the West who won two World Wars didn’t have government healthcare and they were better off for it even if they had shorter life spans bwacause at least they were free.

  24. The Gaijin says:

    I don’t even know where to begin with how uninformed, anecdotally biased and plain ridiculous your comment is buddy.

    The comment on the Canadian healthcare system is insanely inaccurate and just plain incorrect.

  25. The Gaijin says:

    And the fear mongering over doctors and nurses being forced to “work for less money” or “government taking controlling the population” is outright hilarity.

  26. Ultimo Santa says:

    I’m Canadian. We have heath care.

    There are flaws I’m sure, but here are my experiences:

    Wife needs an operation for a ectopic pregnancy: immediate care, free surgery, full recovery. Her life was saved.

    Birth of our child: free midwife, free delivery, free hospital stay.

    If you go to the ER and need immediate care (ie. you have chest pain, head trauma, etc.) you get in IMMEDIATELY. If not (stitches, for example), yeah, you’ll wait a couple hours.

    “If you don’t make enough money to afford something you don’t deserve it.”

    That’s an unbelievably cruel thing to say.

    If a poor person has a disease they should pay $250k for an operation? That’s disgusting.

    People’s health should not be a for-profit business – period.

  27. Ultimo Santa says:

    And YES, we have our ‘own doctors’. We see our family doctor whenever we want, and we chose her.

    We had a doctor we didn’t like and we changed doctors.

    Don’t listen to the Republican fear machine – it’s a system that the US NEEDS, and deserves. For everyone.

  28. klown says:


    I have the honor of being the third Canadian to knock down your false claim about our health care system. Canadians complaining about their health care system is mostly a lie disseminated by Bill O’Reilly types and their fans.

    Canadians are proud to have one of the best systems in the world. We actually pay less for health care (per capita) than Americans, and get more and better care.

    Sadly there is a small movement of conservative Canadians who would like our society to go in the American direction. There’s also rich Canadians who believe that because they are rich, they deserve better and faster health care than other people. Thankfully, we live in a society that doesn’t share their values – or yours.

  29. karate says:

    I like the healthcaresystem we have in Finland, i have experienced none of the problems 23. mentioned.

    On topic:

    i like billO – a fresh perspective in a socialist nightmare 😉

  30. Mr. Roadblock says:

    If you are a poor person you get free healthcare in the US.

    I may be incorrect about Canada. What I know of Canada is what I hear from family and friends up there. Preventitive medicine is hard to come by and that if you need a surgery that is non-life threatening you get put on a waiting list. My uncle recently went to New York and had shoulder surgery because he had to wait for a 8 months to get a rotator cuff operation. If you remove the US healthcare system then where are we going to go? My cousin who few up and went to University in Canada moved down here to the States to practice medicine because she makes significantly more.

    I like hearing your experience Ultimo. Free essential surgery and child birth is a very good thing. Under my suggestion of having catastrophic plans that are affordable you’d have the same thing.

  31. robthom says:

    I dont believe in forcing a quality of life, for better or worse!

    But I do believe in loose measures to make sure everyone is an equal member of our society.

    That every able bodied person can earn their own keep.

    And that the disabled are cared for through the compassion of our system.

  32. Chuck says:

    “If you are a poor person you get free healthcare in the US.”

    Yeah, that’s Medicaid, and you only get it if you are DIRT poor, and live on Welfare. Hell, being on Welfare alone isn’t even the only qualification to being on Medicaid. The people who are screwed are the middle class who don’t have employer insurance.

    Oh, and did you know that if the USA got the option for universal health care most small business would save money? Yup, true story. Because if people decided for universal health care instead of employer health care then the business owners would spend less money of health care. And many small businesses get fucked on taxes, so this is to their benefit as well.

    And do you really think the government would be in our lives if health care is free? The government pays for cops, firemen, corrections officers, construction workers, the military, park rangers, FBI agents, CIA agents, contracts to paramilitary (like Black Water), NASA, etc. Does government paying for medical care really going to make a difference in that respect?

  33. The Gaijin says:

    It’s too bad all of these business men and women, insurance companies, hospital administrators, etc. don’t have to take the hippocratic oath like doctors do.

    Maybe you’d see a little more fairness, sympathy and understanding for the plight of those who cannot afford to keep a roof over their heads – let alone pay for the most basic of healtcare needs.

    Monetizing something like a person’s health and right to be healthy, especially in a country as prosperous as the U.S. is disgusting.

  34. The Gaijin says:

    I must say that I echo completely the sentiments from Ultimo and klown re CDN healthcare.

    Don’t let the Reagan-ites fool you…Canadians can easily choose their own family doctor, get great care and I’ve experienced none of this b.s. I hear constantly echoed by the right-wing cronies.

    From my own experience – I spent a few hours in the ER in a hospital in the U.S. to the tune of US$2000 out-of-pocket before they’d even let me leave(which was thankfully fully re-paid for by my health insurance). In Canada, I had diagnosis, specialists (ultrasound) and surgery for a groin tear/hernia and paid ZERO dollars.


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