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Bob Sapp, Bobby Lashley, and Satoshi Ishii

By Zach Arnold | June 21, 2009

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Lot of star power there, right? Well, Sapp and Lashley square off next weekend and I haven’t much heard much discussion at all. If all things are equal, Lashley should win that fight and relatively easily.

As for Mr. Ishii, Sengoku recently held a fan poll to gauge interest on who Ishii’s debut opponent should be on August 2nd at Saitama Super Arena. If you guessed that Hidehiko Yoshida won the poll, you’re wrong. The winner? Kazuyuki Fujita, which would be a horrible first-match opponent for Ishii.

Ishii held a press photo-op today at Takada Dojo. This is fascinating on many levels. Notice the Hustle logo on the backdrop there? Plus, Takada and the “Takada dojo” which was once aligned in the PRIDE world? Funny how many people are associated or trying to get themselves associated with Ishii. Ishii, of course, has been affiliated with the Inoki side of things for a while A match against Fujita would make sense on that level, but that’s about it. Sengoku, Hustle, lots of bizarreness these days in Japan.

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10 Responses to “Bob Sapp, Bobby Lashley, and Satoshi Ishii”

  1. Chuck says:

    A match against Fujita would be a HORRIBLE idea. Yoshida would make sense, considering that he was a Judoka gold medalist just like Ishii, but now he is washed up. I’m sure they will just get someone like Nakao or Yoshihisa Yamamota for his pro debut.

  2. Peter H. says:

    Watch them save Ishii Vs. Yoshida for the New Year.

  3. doem says:

    I don’t see Fujita having much left in him either. Heck, a Yoshida V Fujita would be a pretty even, if boring match up.

  4. liger05 says:

    When Inoki looks sidelined he always manages to work his way back into the business.

  5. Coyote says:

    Hey Zach, but Fujita is gonna fight BLAGOY ALEXANDRE IVANOV (The guy who defeat fedor on Sambo) in august 2.

    ┬┐Where you find that info?

    Or ivanov dont wanna fight Fujita.

  6. Chuck says:


    I don’t think the news here is that Fujita will fight Ishii. It was for a fan poll on who the fans want Ishii to fight in his pro debut, and they chose Fujita. It doesn’t mean that Ishii WILL fight Fujita in his pro debut. Obviously they will lock horns someday soon, but who knows when.

  7. Mark says:

    Hooray, Sapp will take another dive in his never ending quest to be the black Shannon Ritch.

    I haven’t followed HUSTLE in quite some time. Is Akebono still doing the giant baby gimmick? Is Takada still dressing like M. Bison? Is the Erotic Terrorism threat level still low?

  8. Dave2 says:

    Putting Fujita against Ishii is cruel. Fujita managed to rock Fedor. Imagine what he’d do to Ishii.

  9. The Gaijin says:

    I hope they learned from K-1’s past mistake of absolutely killing of a great potential prospect like Karam Ibrahim by putting him against someone like Fujita. Thought Ibrahim is equally to blame for trying to stand and trade with old Ironhead, rather than use his strengths.

  10. The Gaijin says:



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