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Odds and ends for the start of UFC 97 weekend

By Zach Arnold | April 16, 2009

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Big John McCarthy will be in Hawaii this weekend to referee Mayhem Miller vs. Kala Kolohe Hose in Hawaii. UFC sure could use BJM as a referee sooner rather than later if referee issues continue to creep up…

UFC’s Undisputed: 2009 video game will have a demo version available on April 23rd. IGN has a preview of coming attractions here.

There will be a state meeting in Massachusetts this afternoon to discuss MMA legislation.

The Las Vegas Sun has a profile article on Steve Cantwell, who is fighting in Montreal this weekend. Steve’s been spending some time in the gym:

Master kickboxer Nick Blumgren of One Kick’s Gym on East Flamingo needed to add a makeshift bedroom to his gym. So he cleared out his 10-foot-by-10-foot storage closet, threw in a futon and television set and called it good.

Welcome home, Steve.

“Everything I tell him not to do, he does anyway,” Blumgren said. “When he got here I told him to stay away from my secretary and he turned her into his girlfriend. It’s just like any time you spend that much time with someone, we’ve got a father-son thing going where I’ll tell him, ‘Don’t touch the oven, it’s hot,’ and he touches it.”

I was going to do another UFC 97 heat-up post. Problem: Not much media coverage for the show. Less coverage, less links.

And finally, The Charleston Gazette in West Virginia says that Bully Beatdown on MTV is an all-time reality show low:

When I went to MTV’s Web site to learn more about the show for this column, I was even more appalled. Here’s an excerpt: “With the fight set, Mayhem [the host] makes sure the victims and the bullies get what they deserve. The bully gets the real experience of what it’s like to fight someone who is more than capable of fighting back, along with the nervous fear that comes from waiting for the big fight. For the victims, it’s the satisfaction of seeing their bully face someone who can make him suffer for his past actions.”

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2 Responses to “Odds and ends for the start of UFC 97 weekend”

  1. Steve4192 says:

    Regarding Big John, you can’t knock the UFC for not using him. According to BJM himself, he is no longer licensed in Nevada and hasn’t bothered to apply for reinstatement yet.

  2. Ivan Trembow says:

    It’s not that McCarthy “hasn’t bothered” to apply for a license in Nevada. It’s that it has been made perfectly clear both privately and in public interviews that McCarthy is on the NSAC’s crap-list. And what horrible, unforgivable thing did he do to get on the NSAC’s crap list, you may ask? He… wait for it… dared to say that some MMA judges and referees aren’t as good at their jobs as they could be (gasp)! The nerve of that guy! Plenty of other people have said the same thing, including other referees, but when McCarthy says it, that somehow gets him on the NSAC’s crap list.


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