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Down the viral drain goes Dana White’s YouTube video on Loretta Hunt…

By Zach Arnold | April 2, 2009

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… unless you’re like some MMA fans who downloaded the YouTube video clip. Someone put the YouTube clip of Dana White’s YouTube rant of Loretta Hunt on Sendspace for download right here. It’s an 11MB Windows Media Video file. I do not use Sendspace, but someone who captured the video from YouTube did upload it to that file service site. I’ll be fascinated to see if Zuffa’s legal team tries to get Sendspace to take it down by arguing that they own the copyrights to the footage and that even though the video was on YouTube, they still are the sole owners to the rights of the video. In other words, if someone makes a video public domain for everyone to see on YouTube, then yanks it down and others have already downloaded it, is it fair game for it to stay online as long as it’s not sold or modified?

Here is what MMA Payout readers saw last night:

And now here is what they saw early this morning:

I thought Dana White using slurs was cool? Hey, that was what I’ve been told all night long online…

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67 Responses to “Down the viral drain goes Dana White’s YouTube video on Loretta Hunt…”

  1. Zack says:

    Wow…that is hilarious that Zuffa yanked the original video.

  2. Fluyid says:

    MMA Payout was encouraging people to contact sponsors and mentioned GLAAD and NOW.

    If those organizations were contacted and the video is now down, they’ll probably assume what he said was worse than what was on the video.

  3. Dr J says:

    I’ve uploaded the video to MMA HQ to keep it out there in the public.

  4. Ultimo Santa says:

    Strikeforce World Lightweight Champion Josh “The Punk” Thomson has withdraw from his scheduled title defense against Gilbert “El Nino” Melendez because of a broken leg sustained during a sparring session.

  5. Fluyid says:

    Someone on Sherdog just posted a thread that linked to a GLAAD demand that Dana and the UFC apologize.

    Here we go!

  6. Fred says:

    We don’t need MMA to be politically correct. There is a wide cross-section of fighters in MMA, and their success speaks for itself. I hope Dana and the UFC don’t even acknowledge GLAAD and NOW.

  7. klown says:

    Some idiot in a previous thread tried making a typical knucklehead argument, “Don’t like Dana White’s misogyny/homophobia? Don’t watch UFC!”.

    MMA Payout’s alternative is much smarter: Target UFC’s sponsors so they pressure Zuffa.

  8. I’ll be fascinated to see if Zuffa’s legal team tries to get Sendspace to take it down by arguing that they own the copyrights to the footage and that even though the video was on YouTube, they still are the sole owners to the rights of the video. In other words, if someone makes a video public domain for everyone to see on YouTube, then yanks it down and others have already downloaded it, is it fair game for it to stay online as long as it’s not sold or modified?

    Actually, it is not fair game for it to stay online.

    According to Youtube’s terms of service, every uploader gives Youtube a non-exclusive license to copy and distribute the video when it uploads it, but it can terminate that license by removing the video. A video does not go into the public domain simply because the owner of the copyright gave someone a license.

    Section 106 of the copyright code gives the owner of a copyright the exclusive right to distribute copies of the copyrighted work, to perform the copyrighted work publicly, to display the copyrighted work publicly, and to perform the copyrighted work publicly by means of a digital audio transmission.

    That is subject to exemptions like fair use, of course.

    Also, there are exceptions from liability under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for ISPs so they cannot be sued for simply hosting files, as long as they follow certain procedures regarding taking down the content when there’s a copyright complaint.

    Famously, Youtube says it’s an ISP whenever a media company complains about a song/movie/show being uploaded – and generally removes the content after a complaint.

    My bet is that Sendspace also takes the position that it is an ISP under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and will remove the file if Zuffa makes a complaint.

  9. frankp316 says:

    To answer your question, Youtube has to pull the clip if the UFC asks them to do so. However, if you have the raw clip, there are other viral video sites that will leave it alone. In fact, if you have the URL of the clip, you can use Free Video Coding to make your own player.

  10. Alan Conceicao says:

    I’m sorry, is there something I’m missing here? Contact the sponsors to do what? “I’m fed up, and I’m gonna keep on watching! Just you wait and see!”

  11. EJ says:

    I have a petition for MMA fans my self if your tired of biased and idiotic online MMA journalist hating on Zuffa because White and company could give a damn about them. Why not e-mail MMAPAYOUT and let them know that no one cares about them or their opinions their act is tired and they need to go away. Seriously these idiots are worse than Sherdog, Dana didn’t slur anybody he told the truth I know it hurts but too damn bad.

  12. David says:

    Thank you so much Zach for the extremely powerful and truthful reportage!

    GREAT great work! Please keep it up.


  13. Chuck says:

    “Dana didn’t slur anybody he told the truth I know it hurts but too damn bad.”

    Are you fucking crazy?! Did you see the video? He called Hunt a “stupid Bitch” and her anonymous source a “fucking faggot”. How is that not slurring anyone? You need to get your head checked.

  14. 45 Huddle says:

    This is too funny. Don’t you have to be gay to offended by the term “faggot”?

    It’s a sad culture we live in when people get offended by things that have nothing to do with them.

    I hear blacks and hispanics throw around slurs all the time. So do gays about themselves. If it’s good for them, it’s good for everybody else.

    MMA Fans just like controvery. They do this every month. Find a new topic that in the scope of life (or heck, in the scope of sports) is so stupid and insignifigant… Yet they make it seem like a National Security issue.

    I have no problem with a guy sucking a d#ck or taking one up his behind. Nor do I have a problem with being friends with these people. However, I don’t find it offensive. Neither do I find it offensive when a “minority” calls me a cracker or some other white joke.

    People need thicker skin.

  15. 45 Huddle says:

    As for the source…. Since we don’t know who the person is…. Because Loretta Hunt didn’t have much of a story…

    How do we know that the source isn’t actually gay? Who are you to bash Dana White, when you don’t know all the facts?

    This is half joking, but it kind of shows how little information Hunt provided, and for people to jump on this is funny.

  16. Chris says:

    Dana White is homophobic? Probably not the best idea to run an organisation which consists of muscular topless sweaty men rolling around on the ground then…

  17. Chuck says:


    It’s not about being offended. I wasn’t personally offended. It was just retarded of Dana to just blurt out discriminatory shit like he did. Jokes are one thing, a hate speech is another. Look through my eyes here; me being a Middle-Eastern American I hear anti-Arab shit all the time. And you know how it makes me feel? It depends. Jokes are cool, but when I hear something like “They should all be shot” or “They should all be deported” I freak out. A person I know that I was hanging out with said shit like this, I got in his face about it, and he said “I didn’t mean you, I meant, you know, those ones. Oh, and it’s cool, you aren’t full Muslim” What the fuck do you mean those ones? How am I not “Those ones”? I wanted to pop him in his face. And Islam is a religion, not an ethnicity (I am not a Muslim. Yes, he put the group of people as “Muslim”). Most people don’t know how it is to be in a minority group of any sorts (this is including religious, gay, females, etc.) and that’s fine. But don’t pretend and think that all of us should just be fine with prejudice and discrimination. I tolerate it because it is part of out 1st Amendment rights, and I will defend those rights to the grave, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

  18. jr says:

    Dana’s Bischoffian hubris knows no bounds

  19. 45 Huddle says:


    You are talking apples and oranges here. He wasn’t bashing homosexuals.

    He was calling her a faggot. The term faggot in today’s society goes way beyond just homosexuals. There are gay people who say “That’s gay” when talking about something that is stupid. It happens all the time. The word faggot transcends an individuals sexual preference.

    He wasn’t bashing her based on her sexual orientation. He was bashing her on her journalism skills. He just happened to use to term faggot to describe her.

    That is completely different then somebody saying an entire religion or race should be blown up. That is bashing somebody based on their religion or nationality.

    Now, if she was gay, and he was attacking her for it…. Then this would be a REAL ISSUE.

  20. Alan Conceicao says:

    I honestly don’t care about what Dana said and think if it gets big enough for real media to jump on, all will be forgiven after a public statement is drawn together and put out there. What I do care about and laugh at are MMA fans exposing themselves as neanderthals. That is the real comedy here.

  21. Chuck says:

    That’s true 45, but remember, he didn’t call Loretta a faggot, he called her source a faggot. I know he wasn’t bashing homosexuals per say, but many can misconstrue what he said. But let’s put this in perspective; let’s say he didn’t call her source a faggot. Let’s say he called a the source a “nigger”. He said “This source of hers is being a fucking n*gger for not having the balls…” how would the outcome be? Would his statement still be okay? By my (and I am only saying of myself) standards, it should be either totally okay for him to say that. Or not okay at all. All or nothing. So why should it be okay for him to use the term “faggot” so casually? I’m just making an argument here.

  22. 45 Huddle says:

    Society dictates what is okay. The word n#gger is now only spoken to mean the meanest of names towards black people. The word faggot does not.

    And the only reason why people can’t say n#gger anymore is because people like Jesse Jackson and the other racist idiots out there demand it not be used against blacks. I call Jackson a racist, because all he does is call for equality amongst all races, but then only cares about the blacks getting equality. It’s comical.

    Bill Cosby talks about this the best. He basically says that if a black person doesn’t want people to use the word n#gger against them, they can’t be using it themselves in a so-called “positive” way.

    Many gay’s use the word faggot to describe other’s. And if they do it, it’s a non issue when straight people call somebody a faggot.

    Let’s put it this way. If something is so offensive, it shouldn’t matter what my skin color or sexual orientation is for me to say it.

    If I say the word n#gger, it shouldn’t matter the color of my skin to determine if it is okay to use it. Same with the word faggot. Gay’s use the word, and therefor straight people should be able to use the word.

    Dana White should not be bashed for this. This is typical 21st Century PC garbage.

    And don’t get me wrong. There is blatant racism out there. Just look at the John McCain rallies from 6 months ago. It was like a KKK rally. People yelling out “Muslim” and such.

    But this example with Dana White is different.

  23. Mr. Roadblock says:

    45 is correct. I too am tired of peoe having phony outrage over the smallest things. Only hardcore internet fans who will watch any UFC show regardless even saw the video. Why on earth would a sponsor care ifthey are upset. News flash sponsors don’t care about hardcore Internet fans. Hats why there were no sponsors in the early Zuffa days. Sponsors care about the millions of fans Spike brought in.

    Secondly Dana uses coarse language but he is right about Loretta and Sherdog. None of those guys would have real journalism jobs ever. They can’t write. They alap together one sided stories that are unsourced and nobody cares that it is hit and run reporting. But UFC should be boycotted because it’s President who built the sport that these makebelieve journalists cover gets peeved? Give me a break.
    ESPN uses Sherdog as an easy solution. So don’t tell me that to we Sherdog credence. MMAPayout is used as a mouthpiece by the Wasserman Group which reps fighters. It is a smear campaign against Zuffa because Zuffa is getting in the sponsorship game. It’s like the Dems using Acorn then saying we aren’t affiliated with them. Don’t believe the hype.

  24. Oops! says:

    The way Dana White talked on the video made me sick.

    45 huddle- The way your defending his speach on Loretta Hunt is not right. That type of language would get me in hot water or worse fired from my job. I’m sorry you just are coming of as a prick.

  25. Ultimo Santa says:

    “I have no problem with a guy sucking a d#ck or taking one up his behind.”

    I’m sure the gay community appreciates your support.


  26. Michaelthebox says:

    I think Dana should be condemned for losing his head in an interview to the degree of using various slurs.

    But the whining about the slurs themselves is somewhat overblown, and in a few cases downright pathetic. Take Maggie Hendricks’ response: “But after seeing the president of the corporation that I spend much of my days writing about call another female member of the MMA media a ‘dumb b—-,’ I instantly become unwelcome in this world.”

    Grow some balls Maggie, or in your case some ovaries.

  27. Big Bill Bob says:

    Anyone willing to speculate who the anonymous source was? My bet is Ken Pavia.

  28. 45 Huddle says:


    And that is what is great about it. He isn’t going to get fired.

    I’m not going to try and turn this into too much of a political debate, but why do we get creepo’s like Nancy Pelosi voted into office? It’s because these people have to be so fake and unreal all the time, that no normal person would run for office. Basically, we get what we asked for.

    Anytime somebody says anything remotely different or does anything remotely different, it is torn apart in the main stream news. And then everybody complains about why we have such fake politicians!! HELLO!!! It’s because we have created this!!!

    I refuse to be one of those people. Like I said, I know the difference between pure hate (like a McCain rally), and what somebody like Dana White said. He talks like everybody I know does behind closed doors. Maybe they swear a little less, but it’s the same stuff. And these are white collar folks.

    It’s a breath of fresh air to see some authenticity out there in the public. Is it corse, rude, and obnoxious sometimes? ABSOLUTELY!! But it’s much better then the alternative.

  29. spacedog says:

    This is too funny. Don’t you have to be gay to offended by the term “faggot”?
    It’s a sad culture we live in when people get offended by things that have nothing to do with them.

    45, you have got to be kidding me. So if Dana had said “yeah and her source is some fucking nigger” we should not care unless we happen to be black?

    Don’t say more than you mean trying to defend your beloved Zuffa.

    I don’t think Dana is a serious homophobe, but
    it does not matter, he is a public figure and he should act a little better. That is all.
    Homosexuals do have to deal with discrimination and violence and Dana should realize that he can’t use his video blog to further that.
    Don’t like it? Well go back to being a back yard underground sport and nobody will pay attention to what you say.

  30. Jesse says:

    45 – I’ve seen you attacked by stuff and felt that it was unfair, but you are so wrong on this that it isn’t even funny. YOU do not get to decide who is offended by what or who shouldn’t be offended by something. Your Jesse Jackson comparison is a joke — since when does what he says outweigh the contrary opinion of millions of others? The n-word can’t be used because of Jesse Jackson? Go read a book about American history.

    If sponsors pull out or reduce UFC’s income over this, then don’t blame political correctness or GLAAD or anyone by Dana White. If millions of people are offended by Dana and threaten to boycott sponsors, then the sponsors bolt, which would be the right thing to do in our capitalist society.

  31. 45 Huddle says:

    I said people like Jesse Jackson.

    Most blacks asking for 100% equality (which they deserve), overwhelmingly are against gay marriage. It is stuff like that why I say PEOPLE LIKE Jesse Jackson are comical. They want equality, but then go out and discriminate when they vote.

    I have a very simple policy. Never feel bad for people who ask for equality who aren’t willing to give it themselves. That’s not a black or white or gay issue. That’s a general principle.

    Like I said before…. Homosexuals use the word faggot. They can’t be getting mad when other’s use it as well.

    Go YouTube Bill Cosby talking about the word n#gger. The same concept applies to the word f#ggot.

    What’s next? Ms. Magazine asking for Dana White to not call a woman a “Stupid B#tch?”?? When is this fake outrage going to stop.

    This is not racism or discrimination.

  32. 45 Huddle says:

    And let me clarify myself…

    If black people said using the N Word was bad under no context, and they didn’t use it themselves. Then I would say it shouldn’t be used.

    If gay people said using the words “gay” or “faggot” would always mean something negative. Then I would say they shouldn’t be used.

    As it stands right now…. Both sub groups of the American Culture havs allowed these words to be used with acceptance.

    They can’t then cry foul when somebody outside of their subgroup then uses the word. That’s just stupid.

  33. Alan Conceicao says:

    45 is just going all out now looking for heat. Its actually pretty hilarious.

  34. The Gaijin says:

    45 has officially sealed it for me as the biggest fucking idiot I have ever encountered. So many biased, uninformed and unintelligent statements. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but it appears there is ZERO level of blatant and blindly led defenses you won’t make for you lord and saviour Dana and/or Zuffa.

    He was completely out of line and absolutely carried himself in a horrible manner. You’re spineless nuthugging aside, this is sad when even you can’t admit he was wrong.

  35. 45 Huddle says:

    The irony of somebody calling me unintelligent and doing so while throwing out insults. Not to mention you saying I am blindly defending Dana White… And yet the actions I am defending him on (being crude), is EXACTLY what you are doing to me in your post.

    Pure comedy.

    Look…. I understand society says we are suppose to be offended and appauled everytime somebody says something out of line. I just don’t buy into that. Obviously you don’t either, with your post being proof.

  36. The Gaijin says:

    It would be an insult if it weren’t true. I’m just stating the facts ya’know – calling a spade a spade. I don’t purport to negate the points you made by flatly calling you a “fucking bitch” or a “fucking faggot”. I call you a fucking idiot because you are and then I state my evidence for why you are, in fact, a fucking idiot.

    Not to mention my “derogatory remarks” (which in your particular case, I hestitate to call them that) were neither misogynistic nor homophobic.

  37. The Gaijin says:

    Not to mention that if after Dana called this source a “fucking faggot” and then proceeded to threaten, intimidate or assault said source, he’d be charged with committing a hate crime.

    So seeing as how the law would tend to think that slurring or denigrating a particularly “vulnerable” portion of the population could be part of a crime, I’d say that “society” and its right thinking members would also think that it’s probably inappropriate and pathetic.

  38. The Gaijin says:

    Again I love that you constantly are after people for “name-calling” in their arguments, when you yourself use crude remarks and/or defend your loverboy Dana for doing the exact same thing.

    Difference being one person has an international audience and platform and influence and the other is on a message board.

    Stick to mega-fellating your dream promotion and stop trying to make ridiculous sociological arguments.

  39. Internets says:

    Instead of worrying about what someone says in a youtube video maybe people should worry about more important issues. If you get offended so easily by what someone says you should probably just disconnect your internet and live the rest of your life in a tiny box so no one else can offend you.

  40. 45 Huddle says:

    I don’t bash people I’m discussing a topic with. You do. You haven’t really disected what I have said. Just a rant and bashing.

    I don’t know anybody who hasn’t used a racial slur once in their life. I don’t know anybody who hasn’t sworn. I don’t know anybody who hasn’t said something that many others would find offensive. Why must we hold up other’s to a different standard?

    Not saying pure racism and ignorance is correct. But their needs to be some leeway. Yet people don’t allow for it at all. Not even an ounce of it. Especially on the internet.

  41. Alan Conceicao says:

    I really hope Gaijin is a sockpuppet of 45 and not someone being worked by a dude who is giving blanket justification for anyone to use blatant racism as part of rational discussion.

  42. Ivan Trembow says:

    lol at 45 Huddle, who wrote, “This is too funny. Don’t you have to be gay to offended by the term “faggot”?” And yes, calling a female reporter whom you don’t like a “fucking dumb bitch” is also inappropriate and would never be tolerated in any major sport. Your trolling is really over the top these days.

    Also, to you and everyone else who assumed that just because Dana White said that Loretta Hunt’s story wasn’t true, that of course that meant her story wasn’t true, Dave Meltzer from UFC content partner Yahoo wrote in an e-mail to me, “Just got back and haven’t seen the story but do know there were agents banned from backstage at the show.”

  43. spacedog says:

    Wow, 45, does the phrase “stop digging” mean anything to you?

    It was coined for just these types of moments.

  44. Harry Seaward says:

    GLADD demands an apology!? Who the fuck are they, the thought police? You call someone a Faggot and the Homo-nazis start making demands? Jesus Christ, there so sensitive. Since when do we have to cower to the demands of people who put there dicks in other mens hairy assholes. What makes them so superior that there above ridicule.

  45. Fluyid says:

    I don’t think that anyone HAS to comply with their demands. I think that they feel that they can exercise their right to be as much of a thorn in the UFC’s ass if they don’t get their apology, though.

    Who knows if they can actually damage the UFC, though? Maybe they can ruin sponsorships or something.

  46. Robert Poole says:

    Some of the people in this thread apparently missed their local Klan meeting. The level of ignorance, intolerance and just plain hatred towards others is pretty eye opening. I wonder how many of you can look in the mirror knowing you support bigotry.


  47. The Gaijin says:

    Welcome to 2009 45 Huddle, where it is inappropriate and unacceptable for anyone to use bigoted slurs and words to insult or deride another person, especially when you’re the president of a company with an international platform and media presence and a public figure who is for better or for worse the “face of the sport”. What part of that is not sinking in for you yet? What’s refreshing about him insulting someone with a word that has been used to insult/humiliate an entire group who has been subject to decades of unfair hate and ridicule??

    People like you make me sick and ashamed to be a fan of mma with your ridiculous defences of White in this instance. There’s nothiny you won’t stoop to, nothing.

  48. The Citizen says:

    If I was a millionaire, the last thing I’d be doing is calling out reporters on the world wide web. I’d be playing Street Fighter 4, or better yet, calling the reporter to have an interview with them face to face. That way, at least you can have a say and do some good PR.
    I love blowing up and yelling and cursing, but when it is in public and directed at someone, it really isn’t cool.


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