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Report: K-1 interested in Kimbo/Petruzelli re-match on NYE

By Zach Arnold | November 30, 2008

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Original posting date: October 29th

Sharon Robb in The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has a report featuring comments from Richie Guerriero of the American Top Team in regards to Elite XC closing up shop. However, the biggest note from Robb’s article is this:

Slice, who spent Thursday at one of his children’s school career day, is weighing his options with his agent Mike Imber. He may fight on the DREAM K-1 New Year’s Eve show in Japan, possibly a rematch with Petruzelli.

If you recall, Petruzelli was telling Orlando media after his fight with Kimbo Slice that he had received an offer to fight in Japan.

As far as Kimbo Slice vs. Seth Petruzelli having any drawing power in Japan… you could dip Seth Petruzelli in glue, drag him through Fort Knox, and he wouldn’t draw a single dollar. Kimbo, on the other hand, could draw very well in Japan. However, putting him in a re-match against Petruzelli is a stupid idea… unless, of course, K-1 paid off Petruzelli to take a dive in the fight. Why not.

Update: Omasuki Fight has a note from a Tokyo Sports mobile news update, which claims that Kimbo Slice could appear at K-1’s 12/6 Yokohama Arena event to announce his future participation for the organization (starting in March of 2009). The name of Slice’s first opponent being floated? Badr Hari.

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33 Responses to “Report: K-1 interested in Kimbo/Petruzelli re-match on NYE”

  1. jdavis says:

    I figured they’d try to book him against Bob Sapp, Akebono or maybe even Bobby Ologun for a NYE show but I don’t see where a rematch with the smoothie king is going to be much of a draw.

  2. […] this quote out from the South Florida Sun Sentinel via FightOpinion. Slice, who spent Thursday at one of his children’s school career day, is weighing his options […]

  3. Big Bill Bob says:

    Seth simply couldnt be trusted to take a paid dive, first he supposedly wasnt allowed to use thai kicks and the first thing he throws is a teep, and then he goes on to blabber about it. Fuck paying Seth, I want to see Kimbo as ferocious as his street fighting videos and whatever drugs he was on to achieve that, another thing that would be accepted in ole Japano.

  4. Pontus says:

    Let me guess: Kimbo vs Minowaman!

  5. […] a stupid idea? unless, of course, K-1 paid off Petruzelli to take a dive in the fight. Why not. Report: K-1 interested in Kimbo/Petruzelli re-match on NYE | – Your Global Connecti… […]

  6. […] has this story about how EliteXC’s collapse affects South Floridians (thanks for the tip, Fight Opinion), and it contains this rather amazing quote: Rookie MMA fighter Kimbo Slice is already back in a […]

  7. karat3 says:

    Kimbo vs Ishii could be huge. Build them up side by side, kimbo as the freakshow he is and Ishii like the japanese hero persona.

  8. klown says:

    I’m with BBB.

    Petruzelli can’t be trusted to either take the dive, or to keep his mouth shut afterwards.

  9. IceMuncher says:

    It’ll be hard to find a can bad enough for Kimbo to beat. Even a guy like Min Soo Kim has a pretty good shot of winning of that fight.

  10. Safari Punch says:

    I would shit myself if Seth was scheduled to face Kimbo and at the last minute they subbed in Bas for him lolz

  11. Rohan says:

    The possibilities of a freakshow fight are endless. Don Fyre, Ken Shamrock, Kimo, Sapp, Royce Gracie etc. Some of those might even draw a TV rating. As said above Ishii could be a smart one if Kimbo would agree (for the right price).

    The fact is he can get a good pay day it is worth it because it won’t impact his American drawing power one bit if he loses. If he’s worried about that do a K-1 rules match that won’t be on his record with one of the brawlers.

  12. The Gaijin says:

    LOL at Ice.

    A month or so ago you’d be chirping that Kimbo wasn’t fighting “tough enough guys” and was being fed fodder like Bo Cantrell (in his MMA debut I should note), Tank and Megapunk and now, “you’d have trouble finding a can bad enough…”

    Funny how your tune changes, but it’s always with the same slant.

  13. IceMuncher says:

    Nothing is as slanted as your representation of my position.

    I believe Kimbo is a really bad fighter and should not be the most heavily promoted MMA fighter of all time while fighting headline fights on CBS against 1-7 fighters to make him seem good. There are no mutually exclusive concepts in that belief, and that opinion has remained consistent over the past half a year.

    There’s no changing of the tune, and my “slant” as far as I can tell is that I believe Kimbo is joke to the sport of MMA.

  14. skwirrl says:

    There are faster ways to put Kimbo down than feeding him to Badr. Its much more humane to take him out to the ring, give him a blindfold and a cigerette and shoot him in the head.

  15. jim allcorn says:

    skwirrl is spot on. Badr Hari?!!!

    If Kimbo’s peeps didn’t want anything to do with Petruzelli’s Muay Thai skills, why in the green hell would they even consider taking on Hari, who’s five times the striker that Seth is? That’s like going from the chopping block straight into the meat grinder.

    Of course, money talks & with his credibility shot in this hemisphere, ol’ kimbo’s probably got to take whatever he can get.
    But, I’d have thought that the powers that be in Japan would build him up a bit in squash matches & freak show bouts before exposing him to an elite fighter like Badr Hari.

  16. David says:

    Badr Hari would literally damage Kimbo Slice as a human being, physically and mentally. Kimbo may not speak or walk properly after a fight with the Morrocan Assasin

  17. […] passes along word from the Japanese media that Kimbo could appear at the K-1 World Grand Prix Finals on Saturday at the Yokohama Arena to announce that he will start fighting for the organization in March of 2009. His first opponent could be K-1 heavyweight champion Badr Hari. […]

  18. Chuck says:

    Too bad Antonio Inoki has no pull in New Japan wrestling anymore so that he can pull one of their wrestlers and get one of them against Kimbo. I’m sure Yuji Nagata or Manabu Nakanishi would be willing to fight Kimbo. Hell, they might have a shot at WINNING that fight.

    Hye, maybe they can also get Tadao Yasuda to go against Kimbo Slice. I’m sure he would take more gambling money if he got the chance!

  19. Danny says:

    Wait a minute – we are talkin about Kimbo vs Hari under K-1 or MMA rules?
    In a MMA fight, Kimbo got a chance – Hari is 0-1 in MMA (lost via Forearm Choke in 2002)…

  20. Michaelthebox says:

    It says a lot that The Gaijin apparently doesn’t understand the influences of context. The context for Kimbo’s career is a LOT different now than before he fought Petruzelli, and that must be taken into account when forming an opinion on who he should be fighting.

  21. brashleyholland says:

    I really don’t like Kimbo as a fighter, but as an attraction I will tune in to watch him because I want to see him lose…hence I would LOVE to see him fight Hari and get his head knocked off.

    Japan-wise though, Ken Shamrock would be a better bet I’m guessing?

  22. The Gaijin says:

    Please, they could easily put him in there against some pro wrestler fodder or Giant Silva or Min Soo Kim (who would get absolutely crushed).

    He’s already proven that he can take out scrubs, journeymen or someone like James Thompson and most likely freakshow guys they can put him against in Japan, so to start saying “OMG! What are they going to do? They’ll never find someone he can beat” is beyond ridiculous.

  23. ilostmydog says:

    Don’t hate on Mr. Shark. He will just throw Kimbo on his back and choke him out. Then Joe Rogan wil yell something about judo but no one will hear it because he doesn’t do commentary on FEG shows.

    And Giant Silva will use his ‘sumo killer’ kimura on Kimbo. There is, however, a chance that it may not work because Kimbo is not a sumo.

  24. The Gaijin says:

    Kim has no heart for mma…he tapped over nothing against Lesnar basically because he was scared.

    He doesn’t pose a threat standing to Ferguson and the second he eats a punch he’ll be looking for a way out.

  25. ilostmydog says:

    Mr. Shark had the excuse that he took that fight on like three days notice and was totally unprepared. I would also tap if a man with a penis sword on his chest wore a speedo and mounted me . He will use his extreme judo skills to crumple Kimbo into a ball. Then he will uncrumple him and choke him or perhaps perform a straight armbar.

  26. The Gaijin says:

    LOL, it’s hard to argue with that logic! 🙂

    I highly doubt Kimbo’s handlers will be letting him go in there to face someone like Hari for his first match in Japan. He can be a seriously marketable guy against freakshows or undersized native fighters. He’s still very new to the sport, and while I get that everyone hated on him because of the games EXC played with him as their face – I still find it very hard to hate the man himself, who from all accounts is very humble and willing to learn about the sport. The hatred against the man himself is actually very unfair imo.

  27. […] Rumors are flying that Kimbo “14 Seconds” Slice will be appearing at K-1! Dynamite on New Year’s Eve to announce that he’ll be fighting for the organization in March of 2009. […]

  28. GassedOut says:

    I’m with Gaijin. I don’t get the hate for Kimbo as a person. By all accounts or interviews I’ve seen with him away from fight hype, he’s described himself as being on a journey, and willing to learn what he has to about Mixed Martial Arts.

    Though in terms of any kind of elite MMA skills, I think the second round versus James Thompson exposed him as really inexperienced and lacking ground skills (say it with me…getting beat on for nearly two minutes with no real defence or response), which Kevin Ferguson freely admits when he’s not hyping an upcoming fight (which we should all know is mere marketing).

  29. Wait… wait..

    The first opponent being rumored is potentially Badr Hari? Wow, setting up Kimbo to be brutally kicked in the noggin.

  30. Solo says:

    I actually think that Kimbo HAS a chance against Badr Hari. If I had money to risk, I’d bet on Kimbo a few bucks!!!

    I’d love to see Slice against Bob Sapp or that Korean giant, Ming-Ho Lo or whatever his name is.
    I agree, they should give Kimbo a chance to catch his breath and learn from some fights.

    People, pleez stop beating on him. Go Kimbo!!!

    I meant to say that there is nothing wrong in setting Kimbo up against some weaker opponents to let him learn, gain confidence and make some money (hey, he has to eat too)

  31. K1-official says:

    BADR HARI would eat him alive. The Morrocan assasin fighter is to strong for streetfighter Kimbo. But it would be a BLOCK buster form America to Europe where Badr lives (Amsterdam). Nothing said about the audience in arabic country’s and offcource the Asian mue thai lovers. Bring it on! I can’t wait to watch it.

  32. […] heavyweight Kimbo Slice will likely make an appearance at a K-1 event on December 6th in Japan and is expected to announce that he’ll begin […]

  33. […] as his newest boxing sensation… which begs the question, why didn’t Kimbo Slice take K-1’s big money offer for New Year’s Eve last year? It’s not as if losing there would have damaged his stock […]

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