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King Mo and his umbrella

By Zach Arnold | September 28, 2008

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The pro-wrestling gimmick assigned to him by Sengoku involves him having a ‘beautiful Japanese queen’ at his side at all times. (a King must have a queen. See? See?)

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10 Responses to “King Mo and his umbrella”

  1. Pontus says:


  2. Samscaff says:

    Here comes the next Bob Sapp…ready to save the Japanese fight industry!!

    I dont know why the the japanese promotions dont just sign tons of black guys who are willing to act like fools and can fight a little.

    Bob Sapp single-handedly helped the industry blow up. Maybe this guy can do the same. Probably not.

  3. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Worked for Rampage.

  4. Skwirrl says:

    The guy actually looks very talented. I’d put my money on him against Rashad right now.

    Also – I’d tear his queen UP!

  5. liger05 says:

    crazy Japanese but u gotta love it.

  6. Chris says:

    I think Lawal has a bright future. The King gimmick is goofy, but is pretty dignfied compared to some of the other gimmicks we have seen with Black fighters in Japan.

    Damn you Bob Sapp!

  7. Tobin Shea says:

    He has always been King Mo for his international wrestling career. The only thing the Japanese did was give him a cape and a crown.

    The win is especially amazing considering he is a natural middleweight. Must have some dy-no-mite in them hands.

  8. Skwirrl says:

    Damn straight, he knocked the Yamma champ loopy with that punch then did the smart thing and went right for the takedown and into GnP. Lot of potential there. And a natural finisher

  9. Samscaff says:

    Hahahha, the Yamma champ.


  10. mo says:

    I actually came up with all this myself…It aint a race matter…..Great Kings come from many races….The fact is, when it comes to balck people havin fun, yall….meanin a lot of the american fans, mistake it for stupid antics….If you have a personality….why not show it….Thats why the IFL didnt work, as well as Real Pro wrestling…


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