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K-1 South Korea ratings report

By Zach Arnold | September 28, 2008

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Report by Yeo Jong-Hoon

K-1 aired live at XTM & TVN this past weekend.
PM 4:00 ~ 9:40. almost 5 hours.
XTM & TVN are popular cable tv channels. CJ Media owns both channels.

XTM rating = 3.39% (share 14.79%) No.1 at that time on cable.
Peak: Choi Hong-Man vs Badr Hari 3 round’s last 1 minute = 7.40% (rating 29.35%)
XTM + TVN = 5% (share 22%)

Men & women ratings both no.1 on cable.

People were disappointed in Choi Hong-Man’s surrender, but Choi is still make money & ratings.
K-1 ratings without Choi (such as the Hawaii GP) was a nightmare for CJ Media.
So, Tanigawa will never give Choi up.

DREAM 6 GP rating : 2.29% (share 11.05) no.1 cable rating at that time.
Peak rating: Choo Sung-Hoon (Yoshihiro Akiyama) match 3.42% (17.25%)

All UFC, K-1, Dream, Affiction, and Sengoku events air in South Korea.

Rating power:

K-1 with Choi Hong Man > DREAM with Choo Sung-Hoon > UFC with Kim Dong-Hyun > Affliction > Sengoku > M-1 Challenge.

CJ Media paid 30 billion won for FEG’s content rights, but the ratings are going down.

Choi Hong-Man’s debut match in March of 2005: 5.08
K-1 World GP Osaka in September of 2005: 6.483
K-1 World GP Tokyo in November of 2005: 10.392 (peak 22.8% which cable ratings record)

Now 3.x.

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